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Capital Punishment on the Road

Updated On: December 10, 2019, 11:27 am ET

Washington and Boston switched positions this week with the Capitals back at number one. The top-five are still the same, albeit in a different order while Arizona, Pittsburgh and Vancouver climbed the standings and San Jose dropped downwards. 

1. Washington

Record: 22-4-5 (3-0-0)

(Last Week -2)

The Capitals defeated San Jose, Los Angeles and Anaheim on the road this week as they have won six in a row. Washington takes on Columbus, Boston and Tampa Bay this week. Washington is 8-2-4 at home and an amazing 14-2-1 on the road.

2. Boston 

Record: 20-4-6 (1-1-1)

(Last Week -1)

The Bruins beat Carolina, lost in overtime to Chicago and lost outright to Colorado. This week Boston plays Ottawa, Washington, Tampa Bay and Florida. Boston is 12-1-5 at home and 8-3-1 on the road.

3. Colorado

Record: 19-8-2 (3-0-0)

(Last Week -5)

The Avalanche were perfect for the second week in a row, defeating Toronto, Montreal and Boston on the road. This week they take on Calgary, Philadelphia and New Jersey. The Avalanche are 8-3-1 at home and have an 11-5-1 mark on the road.

4. New York Islanders

Record: 19-7-2 (2-2-0)

(Last Week -3)

New York split the week, defeating Detroit and Vegas but losing to Montreal and Dallas. The Islanders face Tampa Bay, Florida and Buffalo. New York has a 12-2-1 home record and a 7-5-1 record on away from the Island.

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5. St. Louis

Record: 18-7-6 (1-2-0)

(Last Week -4)

The Blues beat Chicago and dropped decisions to Pittsburgh and Toronto. The are on the road this week against Buffalo and return home to face Vegas and Chicago. St. Louis is 8-4-3 at home and 10-3-3 on the road.

6. Philadelphia 

Record: 17-8-5 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -7)

The Flyers were winners over Toronto and Ottawa this week while dropping a decision to Arizona. The Flyers take on Colorado, Minnesota and Winnipeg on the road. The Flyers are 10-2-4 at home and 7-6-1 on the road.

7. Winnipeg

Record: 18-10-2 (2-0-1)

(Last Week -9)

The Jets defeated Dallas and Anaheim and lost in overtime to Dallas as well as they are 10-3-1 over the last five weeks. This week they hope to stay as hot as the Jets face Detroit twice and the Flyers once. The Jets are 8-5-1 in Winnipeg and 10-5-1 away from home.

8. Edmonton

Record: 18-10-4 (1-1-1)

(Last Week -6)

The Oilers were victorious over Los Angeles, lost to Ottawa and lost in extra time to Buffalo. This week Edmonton plays Carolina, Minnesota and Toronto. The Oilers are 8-4-3 at home and 10-6-1 on the road.

9. Arizona

Record: 18-10-4 (3-1-0)    

(Last Week -11)

The Coyotes Columbus, Philadelphia and Chicago while losing to Pittsburgh in a big week for Arizona. They are facing Calgary, Chicago and New Jersey this week. Arizona is 7-6-1 at home and a sparkling 11-4-3 away from Glendale.

10. Pittsburgh

Record: 17-9-4 (3-0-0)

(Last Week -12)

The Penguins won all three games this week, defeating St. Louis, Arizona and Detroit. They ware home for all three as Montreal, Columbus and Los Angeles are in town. The Penguins like home cooking as they are 12-3-2 in Pittsburgh but only 5-6-2 away from the Igloo.

11. Carolina

Record:18-11-1 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -8)

The Hurricanes lost to Boston but knocked off San Jose and Minnesota to end the week. They are on the road to face Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary on their annual trip to Western Canada. The Hurricanes are 10-5-0 in front of their home crowd but only 8-6-1 in away games.

12. Dallas

Record: 17-11-3 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -10)

The Stars split with Winnipeg this past week and defeated the Islanders. Dallas plays New Jersey, Vegas and Nashville this week. They are 11-4-1 at home and 6-7-2 on the road.

13. Florida

Record: 15-9-5 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -13)

The Panthers lost to Minnesota but were victorious over Columbus and San Jose. They are home to Tampa Bay, the New York Islanders and Boston in a tough week. Florida is 9-4-2 at home and 6-5-3 on the road.

14. Vancouver

Record:15-11-4 (2-0-0)

(Last Week -19)

The Canucks defeated Ottawa and Buffalo this past week and face Toronto, Carolina, San Jose and Vegas in a much busier week ahead. The Canucks are 7-3-3 in home games and 8-8-1 on the road.

15. New York Rangers

Record: 15-11-3 (2-2-0)

(Last Week -15)

The Rangers split the four games with wins over Columbus and Vegas and losses to Vegas and Montreal. They play Vegas only twice in a year and both were this past week. New York takes on Los Angeles, San Jose and Anaheim as they are in California all week. The Rangers are 8-6-2 at Madison Square Garden and 7-5-1 on the road.

16. Tampa Bay

Record: 14-10-3 (2-1-0)

(Last Week – 16)

The Lightning beat Nashville and San Jose and lost to Minnesota. They stay in their home state this week with a road game against Florida and home contests versus the New York Islanders, Boston and Washington. The Lightning are 7-5-1 in home games and 7-5-2 on the road.

17. Calgary

Record: 15-12-4 (2-0-0)

(Last Week -23)

It was another good week for Calgary as they won both, beating Buffalo and Los Angeles. This week the Flames play Colorado, Arizona, Toronto and Carolina. Calgary is 9-3-2 at home and 6-9-2 on the road.

18. Vegas

Record: 15-12-5 (2-1-1)

(Last Week -17)

The Golden Knights split with Vegas this week, defeated New Jersey and lost in overtime to the Islanders. The Golden Knights take on Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas and Vancouver this week.  The Golden Knights are 7-6-3 at home where they used to be warriors and rarely lose, and 8-6-2 on the road.

19. Nashville

Record: 13-10-5 (1-0-1)

(Last Week -20)

The Predators split the week, beating New Jersey and losing to Tampa Bay. This week the Predators take on San Jose, Buffalo and Dallas. The Predators are 8-5-4 at home and 5-5-1 on the road.

20. Buffalo 

Record: 14-11-6 (2-1-1)

(Last Week -21)

The Sabres beat New Jersey and Edmonton, lost in overtime to Vancouver and lost outright to Calgary. Buffalo plays St. Louis, Nashville and the New York Islanders this week. The Sabres are 8-3-3 in home games and 6-8-3 when they are the visiting team.

21. Minnesota

Record:14-12-4 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -22)

The Wild finally lost after going 8-0-3 in their previous 11 games as Carolina defeated them. They beat Florida and Tampa Bay earlier in the week and face Anaheim, Edmonton and Philadelphia at home this week. The Wild love it at home as they are 7-1-2 while they struggle on the road with a 7-11-2 record. The good news is that 31 of their 52 remaining games are at home.

22. Toronto

Record: 14-13-4 (1-2-0)

(Last Week -18) 

The Maple Leafs lost to Philadelphia and Colorado to start the week but redeemed themselves somewhat with a road win over St. Louis. They make their annual trip to Western Canada with games against Vancouve, Calgary and Edmonton. Toronto is 7-4-4 at home and 7-9-0 on the road.

23. Montreal

Record: 13-11-6 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -24)

The Habs won two-of-three this past week, defeating the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers and losing to Colorado. Montreal plays Pittsburgh, Ottawa and Detroit this week. Montreal is 7-7-3 at the Bell Centre and 6-4-3 on the road.

24. San Jose

Record: 15-15-2 (0-3-1)

(Last Week -14)

It was not a good time on the road this week for the Sharks as they lost to Washington (at home), Tampa Bay and Florida and lost in a shootout to Carolina. They play Nashville, the New York Rangers and Vancouver this week. San Jose is 9-7-0 at home and 6-8-2 on the road.

25. Chicago

Record: 12-12-6 (2-1-1)

(Last Week -26)

The Blackhawks beat Boston and New Jersey, lost in a shootout to Arizona and lost to St. Louis. They face Vegas, Arizona and St. Louis on the road and are home to Minnesota. Chicago is 7-7-3 at home and 5-5-3 on the road.

26. Anaheim 

Record:12-14-4 (1-2-0)

(Last Week -27)

The Ducks beat Los Angeles to begin the week and lost to Washington and Winnipeg to end it. The Ducks are in Minnesota and at home to play Los Angeles and the New York Rangers. The Ducks are respectable at home with an 8-6-2 mark and are 4-8-2 away from the Pond.

27. Columbus

Record:11-14-4 (0-3-0)

(Last Week -25)

The Blue Jackets lost to Arizona, the New York Rangers and Florida. This week they play on the road versus Washington, Pittsburgh and Ottawa. The Blue Jackets are 8-8-1 at home and 3-6-3 on the road.

28. Ottawa 

Record:12-17-1 (1-2-0)

(Last Week -29)

The Senators defeated the Oilers and lost to Vancouver and Philadelphia. They take on Boston, Montreal and Columbus this week. Ottawa is 7-5-0 at home and 5-12-1 on the road.

29. New Jersey 

Record: 9-15-5 (0-3-1)

(Last Week -28)

The Devils in a shootout to Chicago and lost to Buffalo, Vegas and Nashville in regulation time, They are on the road this week to play Dallas, Colorado and Arizona. New Jersey is 4-7-5 at home and 5-8-0 on the road.

30. Los Angeles 

Record:11-18-2 (0-4-0)

(Last Week -30)

It was not a good week for the Kings who managed to lose all four as Anaheim, Washington, Edmonton and Calgary beat them. This week they will try and snap out of their losing ways, facing the New York Rangers, Anaheim, Pittsburgh and Detroit. Los Angeles is good at home with a 9-6-1 mark but atrocious on the road at 2-12-1.

31. Detroit

Record: 7-21-3 (0-2-0)

(Last Week -31) 

The Red Wings lost both games this week as the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh were victorious. They play Winnipeg twice as well as Montreal and Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter where the Red Wings play as they are bad at home (4-11-1) as well as on the road (3-10-2).

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