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Week 16 Fantasy Blog

Updated On: December 23, 2019, 1:09 am ET

It's likely your championship week, and I'm back to highlight the biggest news of the week! I'll cover the biggest plays, scores and injury news to keep you updated through your fantasy football championship.

The NFL is buzzing with playoff possibilities today, as the Titans, Browns and Raiders remain in the playoff hunt for the AFC. The NFC East remains wide open, as the Cowboys lead the division at 7-7 and could easily take a bump with an Eagles win.

(8:09 PM) The Seattle Seahawks have already stated that RBs Chris Carson and C.J. Prosise are out in the flexed game vs. the 49ers.

(7:28 PM) Kenyan Drake is back, and he rushes for a three-yard touchdown. It’s his second of the game.

Final Scores, 4 PM EST 

Eagles 17, Cowboys 9

Raiders 24, Chargers 17

Cardinals 27, Seahawks 13

Broncos 27, Lions 17

(6:40 PM) Miles Sanders rushes for the one-yard touchdown! Eagles continue to lead, 17-6.

(6:05 PM) Melvin Gordon pulls through yet again. He rushes for the one-yard touchdown set up by a Keenan Allen reception for 18 yards.

(6:00 PM) Larry Fitzgerald continues to ball. He manages his second touchdown of the game.

(5:56 PM) INJURY NEWS: Kenyan Drake is down after a two-yard rush attempt. David Johnson slides in at running back. 

Final Scores, 4 PM EST Slate

Raiders 24, Chargers 17

(5:38 PM) TOUCHDOWN: Kyler Murray hits veteran Larry Fitzgerald for a 21-yard score.

(5:29 PM) SCORE! Derek Carr don't need nobody! He rushes for the touchdown. 

(5:24 PM) SCORE! Melvin Gordon hasn't done much today, but he did take a carry into the end zone for one yard. Chargers tie it up with the Raiders, 7-7.

(5:04 PM) The Broncos make a move to inch closer to a tie. Royce Freeman rushes for a one-yard score, to bring the Broncos to 7 with the extra point, against the Lions.

(4:53 PM) ANOTHER punt return touchdown on the day. Jamal Agnew, of the Detroit Lions, returns the punt for 61 yards and the score.

(4:47 PM) Carson Wentz finds Dallas Goedert for the touchdown. The Eagles lead 10-0 early versus the Dallas Cowboys, who currently lead the NFC East, and have the game on the line to lose it.

(4:44 PM) On his second carry of the game, Kenyan Drake ran for an 80-yard touchdown for his sixth touchdown of the season with his new team, the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have come out publicly to support their mid-season acquisition, leaving many to question what will become of their paid-running back, David Johnson.

(4:35 PM) Russell Wilson scores his first touchdown of the game to ... Nick Bellore? A three-yard score brings the Seahawks an early lead vs. the Cardinals.

(4:33 PM) Andy Dalton comes up BIG! A touchdown to TE Tyler Eifert puts the Bengals within two points of sending their matchup against the Bengals into overtime.

(4:24 PM) Derek Carr puts up the first score of the game, with a 56-yard touchdown to Hunter Renfrow!

Final Scores, 1 PM EST Slate:

Jets 15, Steelers 10

Falcons 24, Jaguars 12

Ravens 31, Browns 15

Falcons 24, Jaguars 12

Colts 38, Panthers 6

Saints 38, Titans 28

Giants 41, Redskins 35

Dolphins 38, Bengals 35

(4:11 PM) Congratulations are in order. With Michael Thomas' 144th catch of the season, he's officially broken the NFL record for most receptions in an NFL season. He then managed his 10th touchdown of the season and has now made history.

(3:56 PM) Jordan Wilkins rushes for a one-yard touchdown. The Colts lead the Panthers 38-6. 

(3:49 PM) Another score for the Titans: Ryan Tannehill hits Tajae Sharpe for his second touchdown of the day. Ryan Tannehill has managed 215 yards and three touchdowns in your fantasy championships.

(3:45 PM) Nyheim Hines just managed his SECOND punt return touchdown of the day. He's completed three returns for 195 yards and two touchdowns. Did anyone start Hines? Pics or it didn't happen.

(3:25 PM) INJURY UPDATE: Mark Ingram is out of the game, being evaluated in the blue medical tent, being evaluated for a calf injury.

QB ALERT!: Devlin Hodges is back in the game, as the Jets lead versus the Steelers, 13-10.

(3:16 PM) The Atlanta run game can't stop. Qadree Ollison rushes for the score.

(3:12 PM) His second touchdown of the game, after a long drought. Alvin Kamara manages a four-yard rushing touchdown.

BIG PLAY!: Saquon Barkley is back. I've told you this. He and his quads have led him to a 51-yard rush, bringing him to a total of 214 yards from scrimmage so far with 3:40 left in the third quarter.

(3:08 PM) Steven Sims just managed his SECOND touchdown of the game - this time, from Case Keenum. He's managed 32 yards and two scores, just over halfway through the third quarter.

(2:58 PM) Lamar Jackson finds Mark Ingram for his 15th touchdown of the season.

(2:51 PM) Alvin Kamara finds the end zone for the first time since Week 3. It's about time! A 40-yard touchdown, Saints score.

(2:47 PM) QB ALERT! Dwayne Haskins has been carted off the field with an ankle injury. Case Keenum is in at quarterback for the Redskins.

INJURY UPDATE: James Conner has been ruled OUT for the game.

(2:34 PM) The Browns punt it away after going three-and-out, to set up ANOTHER Mark Andrews touchdown. Andrews has managed five receptions for 86 yards and two scores in the first half.

(2:27 PM) The Ravens show something! Lamar Jackson finds Mark Andrews after a slow first half for a 39-yard touchdown. The Ravens take the lead over the Browns, 7-6.

In a play of desperation, Mason Rudolph chucks the ball deep left to the end-zone for a Diontae Johnson touchdown. After a dreadful first half, the Steelers tie it up at halftime to make the game 10-10. 

(2:15 PM) Ryan Fitzpatrick is hot! Fitzmagic has managed three touchdowns in the first half, this time, to tight end Mike Gesicki

Drew Brees finds TE Jared Cook for a 61-yard touchdown. It's his seventh touchdown in the last nine outings. 

(2:05 PM) Marlon Mack lives! He rushes for a two-yard touchdown. The Colts now lead 21-3.

(1:53 PM) TOUCHDOWN! Hope your opponent didn't believe in Saquon Barkley for your fantasy football championship. Barkley just managed his second touchdown on the game with 149 scrimmage yards. 

INJURY ALERT: Panthers' D.J. Moore is currently being evaluated for a concussion.

(1:49 PM) QB ALERT! Devlin Hodges has thrown his second interception of the day. Mason Rudolph looks to be warming up with center Maurkice Pouncey.

(1:38 PM) Dwayne Haskins is slinging the rock today, throwing his second touchdown of the day in the first quarter. It's his second consecutive week with two touchdowns.

(1:28 PM) BIG PLAY & SCORE! Ryan Fitzpatrick and DeVante Parker just can't quit. The pair manage a 51-yard connection to set up a seven-yard touchdown. Parker is the WR15 in half-PPR formats in 2019, despite the Dolphins ranking 32nd in offensive team grade per

TRICK PLAY! Rookie A.J. Brown is unstoppable. The Titans pull a trick play to get him the carry, and he takes it for a 49-yard rushing touchdown. Brown 

(1:24 PM) Saquon Barkley is looking like Saquon Barkley, and he's doing Saquon Barkley things. In the first quarter, he's tallied over 100 rushing yards and managed a 65-yard touchdown. He's back!

(1:6 PM) TOUCHDOWN: Dwayne Haskins finds rookie Steven Sims for the score. Sims has lead the Redskins in air yards over their last two outings.

Ryan Tannehill fids speedster tight end Jonnu Smith for a 41-yard touchdown. The extra point is good. 

Nyheim Hines returns the punt for a score! 

(1:13 PM) TOUCHDOWN: The Jets come up big in their first drive at home against the Steelers. Sam Darnold found Robby Anderson for a 23-yard touchdown after being set up by the defensive penalty.

TOUCHDOWN: Jacoby Brissett snipes the goal-line touchdown! One-yard rush for the score.

(1:07) TOUCHDOWN: First score of the day. Daniel Jones, returning from ankle injury, found Sterling Shepard for a 23-yard touchdown. He's racked up 66 years on the Giants first drive, after averaging 33 yards per game in his last four starts with Jones under center.

TOUCHDOWN: Devonta Freeman rushed for a 17-yard score, set up by a nice 25-yard catch by Austin Hooper.

(12:48 PM) Notable inactives: Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, David Njoku (healthy scratch), Jordan Howard

Notable actives: Dak Prescott, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Joe Mixon, D.J. Chark, Kerryon Johnson, Curtis Samuel

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