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Lakers nail the under when playing at home

Updated On: January 20, 2021, 2:50 pm ET

The NBA season is only in Week 5, but we've already been treated to thrilling matchups, a blockbuster trade, and impressive individual performances. All of this means bettors have followed the pulse of the NBA's daily trends, lineup changes, and noteworthy stat lines. That's where we come in, because at Rotoworld we're here to make sure each wager you place has the best chance of being a winning one.

We offer premium features for the four major sports, as well as college football and basketball, and today we look at our NBA Betting Tools, which are packed with content aimed at providing the knowledge you need to find specific trends, personalize filters to get more information about the team you are researching, and projections for individual performances during a game.

This week, we highlight the Social Trends tool, which curates and suggests a list of top trends from the Edge Finder that other users of the Betting Tools have found so useful that they've shared it with the EDGE+ Bet and EDGE+ Max masses.

Have a look:

This preview highlights the Los Angeles Lakers' trend in nailing the under when playing at home over their last 72 games.

lakers chart no.2
lakers chart


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