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By The Numbers Week 21

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Draws, don’t you hate them? They’re the scourge of fantasy football managers and football bettors alike. Why? Because everyone likes to plan for a specific eventuality, one team being superior to another and draws always feel a little like unfinished business.  You’ll be more than aware then that last week we managed to get 60% of the premier league games all finishing as draws and that includes for United and Liverpool. On the plus side, some of you may well have downloaded my Christmas time six-fold draw betting guide in the past should be very happy (I kid you not, you could have been doing very well!).


Last week was a bust with Alnwick proving a numpty – then again what can you expect from a £1m keeper? This week is equally taxing because one of the selections, a certain my Courtois, has become extremely cost effective after the mauling he received at the hands of Spurs. Here’s the graph:

There’s only two players who are worthy of selection; Szczesny and Courtois but it’s the latter who really stands out. It doesn’t help that Szczesny will be facing Manchester City next week so he doesn’t really have any long term viability.


The predictions table looks a far more balanced affair than normal with only Chelsea managing a prediction over 50% and let’s be honest, they should absolutely smash Newcastle. You won’t be surprised that the other names that are in the frame are Utd, Arsenal, Spurs and City. Personally, it’ll be really interesting to see how Spurs go on from their performance last week.


The Poisson scares the crap out of me this week as it predicts that the most likely to keep clean sheets are Leicester, Burnley and QPR. REALLY? Well, Leicester face the relatively toothless Aston Villa and the other two are actually playing each other! It screams 0-0 and I think that the 8.5-1 on offer at Sky is a great price as an aside.

So that’s this week, enjoy!

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