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Toews is dangerous on the draw

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET



The Edmonton Oilers had two major contributors in this category last week in Iiro Pakarinen and Jeff Petry.  Pakarinen led the league with 21 hits in four games, giving the rookie forward 39 in 11 contests in 2014-15.  Jeff Petry was the league's top defenseman with 18 hits in four contests.  That brings him up to 74 hits in 56 games.  The Islanders' Colin McDonald recorded 17 hits in three games last week.  He had 217 hits in 2013-14, but he's spent the better part of this campaign  in the minors.  Shane Doan dished out 14 hits in four games last week.  He ranks 48th in the NHL with 128 in 55 games this season.




Brent Seabrook blocked six shots on Feb. 9 and another five on Friday.  He now has gotten in front of 96 shots in 56 contests, compared to 142 in 82 games last season.  San Jose Sharks defenseman Scott Hannan had 11 blocks in four games last week.  That's a rare stretch for him as he has 50 blocks in 45 contests in 2014-15.  Kris Russell is far more prolific when it comes to blocking shots and he continued that trend last week by stopping a league-leading 13 in three contests.  He's first in the NHL with 177 blocks in 53 games.  Nate Prosser blocked nine shots in four contests last week and has gotten in front of at least one shot in each of his last eight contests.  He has 71 blocks in 46 games in 2014-15.




Jonathan Toews had another strong week on the draw, winning 48 of 82 faceoffs.  He has a 56.2 winning percentage this season, but that's actually slightly down from his career average of 56.8%.  Nashville's Paul Gaustad won 36 of 52 draws, including 14 of 19 against Tampa Bay on Feb. 10.  He ranks fourth in the NHL this season with a 57.8% success rate.  Joe Pavelski claimed 35 of 60 draws in four contests in 2014-15.  He has won 55.2% of his faceoffs overall this season, which is pretty much par for the course for him compared to his previous campaigns.  Ryan Kesler was victorious in 38 of 63 of his faceoffs last week.  He has a 55.7 winning percentage on the draw in 56 contests this season.

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