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Buy Low/Sell High

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

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We had a good past couple weeks with Paul George as a buy-low (top-five value in nine-cat since) and Paul Pierce (not good up until Sunday), so let’s keep it going:

Also, after Monday’s chat I should just add that I’m probably the president of the Markieff Morris Fantasy Fan Club. He does have third-round value over the past two weeks. I feel confident he’ll keep it up. He has better numbers with Eric Bledsoe too.

Buy Low
Nicolas Batum - His shot totals have dipped a little lately, but they’re back on the rise. The Blazers are going to be without LaMarcus Aldridge for a couple weeks and they’ll certainly need a team effort to replace his shots. 
In the last two games, Batum only shot the ball a combined 12 times, making just 25.0 percent in each outing. He was shooting the ball well before that and his steals and blocks have also been on the rise. If you can get him for a top-50 player, you could make out.
Kawhi Leonard - The word on the street is Leonard owners are really worried. I have to admit every time I get a question about him it always seems like he’s the better option. For example, someone asked Kawhi for Gerald Green in the chat today and that one is not close. 
Kawhi’s game is tailor made for fantasy. He shoots, threes, gets steals, has terrific percentages and fills up everything. I would not be shocked if he puts up to-15 value down the stretch.
Monta Ellis - I had him all set to write up on Monday, but he went off against the Knicks, as expected. Last time we talked about Monta as a buy-low guy, we focused on his free throw shooting. He’s fixed that part of his game and is at 81.8 percent in February while going to the line 4.4 times per game. Monta could have another big game on Wednesday and his usage should go up as Dirk Nowitzki’s minutes go down. The flashy guard is also extremely durable.
Eric Bledsoe - Well, the time to get Bledsoe was about two weeks ago, but if you can try and acquire him for a top-40 guy, it should work out.
Wes Matthews - His 2-pointers have cooled off quite a bit and he’s actually shooting worse on his twos than his treys in February. Matthews is going to put up some big numbers for the Blazers down the stretch and he’s just in a slump right now. His owner might wanna cash out since they probably got him somewhat cheap.
Sell High
Nate Wolters - This one is probably a day late, but Wolters looks like he’s toast. Ramon Sessions is a much better fit that Wolters is and that was apparent on Monday. 
Gerald Green - Last week we talked about Green as a sell-high player and now the secret’s out. I actually struck up a deal in the 30-team league with Doctor A. I sent him Kent Bazemore and Green for Jimmy Butler. My 30-deep team actually has depth. Waiver-wire hawk 4 life, yo.
Dirk Nowitzki - This one isn’t hard and it’s all about his age. Dirk’s minutes dropped to 30.7 this month, which is down from 33.7 in December and 31.8 in January. It’s not an accident him minutes are trending down and the word on the street back in the preseason is they wanted him around 30 per game. His numbers are off the charts in February in that limited time, averaging 20.9 points, 5.3 boards, 0.7 steals and 2.1 triples on 54.4 percent from the field and 93.0 percent from the line. You can probably swing him for top-15 value still.
Patrick Beverley - His 3-pointer is carrying him right now and it’s launched him to early-round value. Beverley has not really been a big-time shooter from deep, so this has fluke written all over it. That said, he’s still a must-own player just in case I’m wrong.
Brian Roberts - There is no word on Jrue Holiday, but he’s seeing doctors and it sounds like he’s coming back. If you’re in an H2H league, you might want to try and deal him to a team that needs some help right now.

Tobias Harris - He’s not going to be this good. The Magic will put the ball in Victor Oladipo’s hands a lot and Arron Afflalo shouldn’t miss too much time.
Deron Williams - His value can’t get much higher than it is right now. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before his ankles go south.
Kyle Singler - I was surprised to see Singler has third-round value over the last two weeks. He’s an obvious sell-high player.

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