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DFS Injury Zone: Week 7

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Sports Injury Predictor has partnered with Rotoworld in 2015 to give you an even greater chance winning your weekly DFS games this coming season. As a quick introduction we have an algorithm that figures out which players are more likely to get injured in the coming season. Follow us on Twitter @injurypredictor and check out our injury search engine here for the complete injury history and probability for every player in the NFL.


Full disclosure from week 6


Let’s take a quick look at the players we called out last week to see how they performed to keep us honest. In week 6, while we got three out of three correct they underwhelmed in the box score but not necessarily as a result of injury. However if you listened to us you faded them and you should be thanking us for that so we’ll count these as a hit on our end J. So with that in mind we are now at 22 out of 25 on the year so far.



Justin Forsett ($7,600) – 13.6 FDP


It looks like we were over concerned about the state of Forsett’s ankle. If you watched the video of the injury it did look like the mechanism for a high ankle sprain but clearly it wasn’t. I think his point total here was underwhelming but not of the bust category.



Julio Jones ($9,200) – 12.3 FDP


Jones played on just about every snap and was not inhibited by the hamstring injury that had him questionable the previous week. He also underwhelmed but it looks like he is over any injury that caused him any trouble



Tyrod Taylor ($7,400) - DNP




Overvalued players in week 7


Players who are questionable:



Carlos Hyde - $6,800


Hyde has been nursing a foot injury the last 3 weeks and is clearly uncomfortable when planting on it. He exited the games in week 5 and week 6 to have it seen to only to return. There have been no details as to what the nature of the injury is but one can only guess that he is a play away from being taken out of the game completely. On a short week against the Legion of Boom avoid.


Other options at his price point include J-Stew ($6,700), Joseph Randle ($6,800) and Blount ($6,800). None of which are perfect but are not carrying an injury in the way Hyde is.



Keenan Allen ($8,100)


Allen exited week 6 with what is being described as a hip sprain by the Chargers. From the looks of it when it happened it sure did look like a groin muscle pull as opposed to a hip strain but we cannot know for sure. Allen has been a target monster in a team that is clearly not shy to throw the ball – however if he suits up you do not want to trust him at less than 100% at the premier price you are paying for him this week.



Tyrod Taylor ($7,400)


Taylor made the trip to London with the Bills and is reportedly taking first team reps. Coming off an MCL sprain he should be approached with extreme caution. Any time a QB injures a knee there is a huge concern as the body mechanics for throwing rely heavily on the lower body. Not only that but as he is a mobile QB the likelihood of injury only escalates the more he tries to run on a bad knee and risks taking shots from the defense.


It’s unlikely he plays, but if he does avoid.



TJ Yeldon ($6,500)


He exited the game in week 5 in the fourth quarter and did not return with a groin injury and missed week 6. His injury history and workload are considerations to take into account when factoring just how effective he will be playing injured. Any “limited” reports later in the week should make you walk away and look for alternatives at his price point.



Matt Jones ($5,600)


You probably weren’t going here anyways but just in case you were thinking of using Jones as a low cost high upside play against a putrid Tampa defense you may want to look elsewhere. All signs point to Jones having Turf Toe. He started the year with a bang but has not made an impact since blowing up in week 2 and there is a good chance it’s because he’s hurt.

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