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Abusing the Default Rankings 2

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Welcome back for the second edition! In case you missed the first one about the ESPN rankings, go ahead and bang it here. There is also some introduction stuff to think about during your draft, as well.


Moving on, I did several mock drafts in the past few days with the public and really noticed a couple things. For some reason, the industry/competitive leagues tend to target the point guards a little heavier. I was able to pick up a number of guards sliding like getting Jeff Teague at 45 in one public, which would never ever happen in any of my real leagues. I also noticed it was a little easier to get big men later in those, too. Gorgui Dieng slips a lot and perhaps the untrained eye gets caught up in him coming off the bench. Minutes are minutes no matter if you're starting or coming off the bench. Plus, bench players could have higher usage rates and/or assist percentages, too.


In this second edition, it's for standard nine-category leagues on Yahoo! Sports. Yahoo! made a number of changes to their rankings recently, which include bumping up a number of my favorite targets. That means a lot of the guys you could steal aren't under the radar nearly as much. Still, there are some similarities on ESPN and Y!, so you also might want to check out that first edition to contrast and compare.


Generally, I do like to go with a big over a small when it comes to a coin-flip decision. Although, Yahoo! didn't bump up the bigs quite as much in the 60-100 range, so I don't think it is as important as it is on ESPN. That said, I have never done a draft and said "I wish I had more smalls."


Here we go!


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Ranked higher than expected
LeBron James (6) - You just can’t draft him in H2H.
Russell Westbrook (7) - This is nine-cat and Westy has never been top 15 with a healthy KD. Give me Kawhi or Boogie.
Carmelo Anthony (10) - Melo looks terrific, but first round is overpaying for points — the easiest cat to get off the wire.
LaMarcus Aldridge (17) - The injury concerns scare me along with Pop lowering his minutes a bit too. Not worried about usage, though.
Kevin Love (21) - Health risk and Cavs will be resting guys.
Nerlens Noel (23) - Will play further on O and made just 30 percent outside of restricted area last year. Could be the PF MCW.
Brook Lopez (29) - I don’t mind Bro-Lo here, but he always falls.
Hassan Whiteside (30) - You have to punt at this price. Do NOT draft him with Harden, KD, Westy or Curry. You'd zap a lot of value.
Al Jefferson (35) - In a contract year, but signs of his body wearing down are growing.
DeAndre Jordan (37) - Another punt guy, which I don’t like.
Marcin Gortat (44) - I LOVE Gortat and have been sneaking him later than this. I think he is worth this price, but it’s higher than I thought.
Tim Duncan (46) - He was truly awesome last year, but his minutes have to come down. Right? RIGHT???
Chandler Parsons (57) - ESPN had him much higher, but 57 is still lofty for a guy coming off a knee injury. I’d like a lot more 10 picks later.
DeMar DeRozan (63) - He just isn’t meant for nine-cat leagues. 
Andrew Wiggins (67) - A younger version of DeRozan.
Robert Covington (77) - He was in a perfect situation last year, but more help should lower usage.
Jrue Holiday (81) - This price is a little high, but I do like him around 100. You also can probably trade for him in a very active league, too.
Joakim Noah (86) - Minutes are coming down and he’s hurt too much.
Jabari Parker (89) - Even when he was humming last year, he still wasn’t top 100.
Al-Farouq Aminu (100) - I actually like him here, but this is higher than I thought. You won’t be able to steal him.
Luol Deng (108) - Heat have too much depth. Deng too low of an upside here.
Rajon Rondo (104) - Not a bad pick in H2H, but hands-off in Roto.
Ed Davis (116) - He has to lock down 24 minutes, which might not happen.
Andrew Bogut (119) - Misses too many games to draft.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Stanley Johnson comin'.
Timofey Mozgov (126) - Knees are hurting and Tristan Thompson is signed.
Andre Iguodala (127) - Obviously can’t take him here as a bench guy.
Lower than expected
DeMarcus Cousins (9) - Getting Boogie or AD in the first round helps you a lot later in the draft.
Damian Lillard (15) - Durability, elite usage, treys, dimes, and I think more steals, too. Has to go in first round.
Draymond Green (26) - Should be 4-5 spots higher in a nine-cat.
Marc Gasol (28) - Could easily be a first-round guy even in the slow system.
Eric Bledsoe (33) - I've never seen him go after 27 and he goes in the teens a lot.
Victor Oladipo (34) - Not a bad price at all. This is more about my personal taste.
Rudy Gay (38) - He should not go in the fourth round. He’s basically a less risky Paul George.
Jeff Teague (42) - Really like how he could put up numbers with DeMarre Carroll out.
Danny Green - He should not go outside of the fourth round in nine-cat.
Goran Dragic (60) I’m not a big Dragic guy, but this is pretty low. If Wade goes down, big-time output comin’.
Nicolas Batum (62) - He should be 30 spots higher.
Karl-Anthony Towns (64) - He should be just a tad higher. KAT has second-round upside right out of the gate, but obviously expect him to struggle early.
Monta Ellis (65) - He was a stud without Rajon Rondo and the Pacers will use him a lot in PNR.
Khris Middleton (69) - Plenty of value here. Ignore his awful preseason.
Isaiah Thomas (76) - The Pizza Guy should be supreme at this price. Not worried about new knee tendinitis issue.
Thaddeus Young (82) - If he can fix his FT% back to what it was in 2011-12, Young could easily be a top-40 player on a thin roster. He won’t be traded.
Bradley Beal (87) - If he stays healthy, he will smash this ADP and could be top 25. Wizards O looks terrific in up-tempo style.
C.J. McCollum (91) - My guy.
Gorgui Dieng (94) - Don’t get caught up in bench role. Dieng will get his run and has a high fantasy floor.
J.R. Smith (101) - A couple weeks ago, you could steal him. He’s still worth a pick in the 75-90 range.
Marcus Smart (109) - This is about right, but his preseason has been impressive.
Jordan Clarkson (115) - He is worth a look before 100, but you’ll have to wait for Kobe to miss time.
Otto Porter Jr.(128) - Having a killer preseason. So much so that he’s worth a late pick. Around 100 works.
Aaron Gordon (130) - Love AG. You have to pounce around 100 in a tough league. Probably about 115 in casual league.
Scroll Down Gang for players after 130 worth drafting in standard leagues
Marcus Morris (138) - I’m not a big Morris guy, but I’d give him a look. There are eight others I like more than him.
Julius Randle (141) - He always goes too high, but he’s worth it after 130 for sure.
Rodney Hood (142) - I’ve taken in almost every draft. Love Hood around 110-120 (you might be able to get him later because all my drafts have been industry leagues).
Frank Kaminsky (143) - Won’t start fast, but should get it going in January. I haven’t drafted yet, though.
Lou Williams (145) - If you want a safe guard, he’s your guy.
Alex Len (149) - He should be the most valuable bench big man in fantasy basketball. Love taking Len late.
Tony Parker (150) - 150 for Parker? Sure.
Myles Turner (156) - A fine pick around 125 even with him coming off the bench. Might have to go 110 if you want blocks badly.
Kristaps Porzingis (157) - I wouldn't drop more than a last pick on him in a standard.
Nik Stauskas (166) - Sauce!! Needs to get healthy.
Jerian Grant (170) - If you miss out on PGs, Grant is a nice guy to finish with.
Kyle O’Quinn (195) - He’s looked terrific and the Knicks need a bench big man in the worst way.
Tyler Zeller (208) - Having a nice preseason. 
Watch list guys down in the rankings
T.J. Warren (148) - I LOVE Warren, but his upside isn’t high in nine-cat. You have to draft in points leagues, though.
Jeremy Lin (151) - Very nice preseason for Lin and he’s very Lou Williams-like.
Ian Mahinmi (162) - Not a bad pick to take at the end of a standard. He's hurt a lot.
Patty Mills (183) - Same thing as Lin/Williams. If Parker is out, Mills should get some nice run.
Jared Dudley (211) - John Wall will hit him for a lot of 3-pointers.
Mario Hezonja (212) - As they say on The Starters, HEZONJA! A really fun player.
Marco Belinelli (215) - This is Doctor A's guy.
Greivis Vasquez (223) - Curious to see how he fits with the Bucks.
J.J. Barea (260) - Very sneaky late pick with nice, multi-cat upside.
Dennis Schroder (266) - He wants to be traded, but it probably won’t happen.
Will Barton (299) - Been very good and could step up if Gary Harris flops.
Deep diggin' for guys after 300

Moe Harkless (328) - I won't draft, but someone will step up for the Blazers.
Kendall Marshall (340) - If you want to use an IR spot. It'll be a while though.
Allen Crabbe (350) - Outstanding in Vegas and very good this month, too.
Nate Robinson (354) - He’s looking at 24 minutes per game right now.
Chris Copeland (376) - Could start if Jabari isn't ready.
John Jenkins (383) - If Wes Matthews is out, JJ is worth a look (I like Barea more).
Gary Harris (395) - Expected to start for the Nuggets.
Joffrey Lauvergne (428) - Could start opening night.
Joseph Young (431) - Backup to an oft-injured George Hill.
Doug McDermott (433) - Worth a look in 16-team leagues.
Nemanja Bjelica (489) - More of a deep stash, but his upside is like Mirotic.
Nikola Jokic (512) - One of my favorites and on my 30-deep team. Massive upside for per-minute value.
Raul Neto (533) - Starter?
Bobby Portis (548) - FREE BOBBY PORTIS!
T.J. McConnell (620) - Starter?
Richaun Holmes (626) - Could be in rotation.
Christian Wood (628) - Could be in rotation.
Clint Capela (641) - Nice run in preseason and should start the opener. If Dwight goes down, Clint could be nice for FT% punt guys.

Also, Steve Alexander and I were in the Yahoo! Friends and Family Draft. Steve will write it up, but if you like podcasts, check it out right here!



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