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By The Numbers Week 11

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Well that was a slightly weird week wasn’t it? There’s always a few weeks in a season where the expected logic appears to change; the Manchester Derby went from full of promise to a boring draw; Harry Kane turned the magic back on finally; Rooney proved that his time is finally up; Chelsea show no signs of bringing things back and Stoke are actually quite poor. Well maybe that’s not really all news!


Even though the week threw a number of curveballs my performance was ok with just small drops in all games – guess a lot of people had the similar performance.  





Well as you can see – and as you had already probably guessed, Manchester City are miles ahead of the pack with poor old Norwich having just an 11% chance of success. That’s an important concept to get your head around though, whilst that may seem hopeless it’s important to realise that if this game was played 10 times then Norwich would win one of them. It’s just more likely that it’ll be Manchester City. There are three more teams that appear to have a good case for selection; Southampton, Spurs and Everton. I’m sure many of you would chose them anyway but I just wanted to make a quick comment on a certain Harry Kane. Last week he appeared to finally hit form again and this week he’s at home to a manager-less Villa side who can’t appear to score for toffees. Is he a good selection? Undoubtedly. Do you need to have him in your team? YES. The problem you see if that he could quickly become such a staple of peoples teams that he could be the difference between keeping up this season and falling behind. The funny bit is that so many people will have him in their team that it really won’t matter how he performs.





This week brings a rather strange set of circumstances where the team most likely to keep a clean sheet is West Ham who are away – that’s very rare indeed. The second most likely is Everton who face Sunderland who are off the back of a 3-0 win but are generally poor and especially away from home. Third most likely are Leicester but that’s where I start to lose faith, will they win? Probably. Can they keep a clean sheet? Ever? I’m not convinced.


The teams to avoid defensively are Norwich (vs City), Watford (vs. West Ham) and Swansea (vs Arsenal). It would take a very brave manager to look anywhere near these teams even though two of them are based at home.


See you next week but as a final word from me, get on Kane…


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