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DFS Injury Zone Week 8

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Sports Injury Predictor has partnered with Rotoworld in 2015 to give you an even greater chance winning your weekly DFS games this coming season. As a quick introduction we have an algorithm that figures out which players are more likely to get injured in the coming season. Follow us on Twitter @injurypredictor and check out our injury search engine here for the complete injury history and probability for every player in the NFL.




Let’s take a quick look at the players we called out last week to see how they performed to keep us honest. In week 7, we got three out of five correct as they underwhelmed in the box score. We are now at 25 out of 30 on the year so far.



Carlos Hyde - $6,800 – 4.0 FDP


Hyde’s foot injury clearly has the 49ers concerned as they had him on the field for only 22 snaps. Although they’re saying it’s the kind of injury that cannot be aggravated avoid using him until he has a clean bill of health.



Keenan Allen ($8,100) -12.4 FDP


Allen was showing no signs of being injured on a day he secured 9 of 13 pass for 89 yards. He also had a 20 yard touchdown negated y a penalty. He is fine and ready to roll for week 8.



Tyrod Taylor ($7,400)


Taylor did not play. He should be good to go after the Buffalo bye in week 8



TJ Yeldon ($6,500) – 18.9 FDP


We whiffed badly on Yeldon last week as he beasted his way to 115 yards on 20 carries and a touchdown. What groin injury?



Matt Jones ($5,600)


Jones was expected to do well against a Tampa Bay unit getting gashed by the run. There was a lot of talk about him getting more work as well pregame by the coaching staff as Chris Thompson was declared inactive due to injury. Jones was clearly not himself turning 9 carries into 27 scoreless yards on a day when Washington could not get anything going on the ground.






Players who are questionable

Ben Roethlisberger - $8,200 (MCL Sprain)


All signs point to Big Ben suiting up against a fierce Geno Atkins led Bengals Defense that is 9th in the league for total sacks (even with the bye) and averaging close to 3 sacks a game. While the Steelers offense is in clear need of their leader there is a chance this is too stiff a test for his reconditioned knee.  At his current price, if he makes it back on to the field this week it’s best to hold off and see if he has any limitations.


There are higher floor options at the position this week with Andy Dalton (@ PIT) and Carson Palmer (@ CLE) both going for $8,100.



Dion Lewis - $7,000 (Undisclosed abdominal injury)


Lewis did not play this last week after trying to play through an undisclosed abdominal injury. While we don’t expect any clarity from the Patriots, murky “abdominal injuries” usually refer to hernia type injuries. Adrian Peterson was able to play through his for two consecutive seasons getting surgery in the offseason and so it may be something he is able to cope with, however Lewis is a player with a long injury history and wouldn’t be a surprise if this limited him for a big chunk of the season.


Avoid until he improves.



Vincent Jackson - $6,200 (Undisclosed knee injury)


We don’t know much about his knee injury coming into week 8 but keep an eye on what his practice reps look like. While older players do get injured less than their younger counterparts they do take longer to heal. V-Jax is 32 years old and if this injury is causes him to be limited in practice this week it should be a huge red flag.



Carlos Hyde - $6,200 (Undisclosed foot injury)


We have flagged him as someone to avoid the last two weeks due to his foot injury. Continue to avoid him in an awful matchup against the Rams.



Chris Ivory - $7,700 (Quad injury)


The only thing that is going to stop Ivory from guiding your team to fantasy glory is his body shutting down. He has suffered a plethora of injuries over his career and you cannot disregard reports of him playing through a hamstring injury in week 7. Monitor this closely throughout the week. In week 3 Ivory burnt a hole in everyone’s roster by being declared active but not playing a single snap due to a quad injury. At this price why even take the risk?


Other players available Doug Martin ($7,500), Lamar Miller ($7,400) and a resurgent CJ2K ($7,300).

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