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Weather: Week 13 Forecasts

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

The elements will be kind to the Week 13 NFL schedule, as very little precipitation will be found around the United States this weekend. Just three spots around the country will see rain on Sunday, with little impact on the Week 13 slate. The Pacific Northwest will see some rain on Sunday, in addition to small parts of the Midwest and Florida, leaving very little cause for concern when setting fantasy rosters this week. Let’s dive right in and check out the Week 13 forecasts in hosting NFL cities, as Mother Nature delivers an early holiday gift to the fantasy world with pleasant weather this weekend.



Thunderstorm Watch



Baltimore at Miami (1:00 PM): Miami will see thunderstorms and rain for the majority of the weekend, creating some interesting conditions for the Dolphins as they host the visiting Baltimore Ravens. Temperatures will be warm at 81 degrees, but there is currently a 50 percent chance of showers forecasted for the Miami area on Sunday, with thunderstorms moving through the area. Wind won’t be too rough at 12 mph, so a soggy field is the primary concern for this game. Matt Schaub is far from a reliable fantasy option in his second start of the season, so the Baltimore offense likely won’t need much adjusting in fantasy lineups. Ryan Tannehill can be slightly downgraded, but the “scattered” nature of the rain showers in the forecast make any drastic changes unnecessary. Give a small bump to both running games in this matchup and move on to more pressing lineup decisions.



Worry-Free Weather



The following 12 games will see pleasant conditions this weekend as December weather smiles upon the Week 13 NFL schedule.


NY Jets at NY Giants (1:00 PM): The Giants and Jets will face off at MetLife Stadium under sunny skies with 55 degree temperatures in the forecast. Wind will not be a factor in this game at just five mph, so all fantasy options in this game can be trusted as normal.


Atlanta at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM): The Tampa area of Florida will escape the thunderstorms that will impact Miami on Sunday, leaving partly cloudy skies and 82 degree temperatures to welcome the Atlanta Falcons to Raymond James Stadium. Winds of 12 mph will be manageable in this contest, so Jameis Winston, Matt Ryan, and all other relevant fantasy players can be started this week as planned in this NFC South battle.


Seattle at Minnesota (1:00 PM): Temperatures will be chilly in Minnesota on Sunday for this matchup between two potential NFC playoff teams. Temperatures of 40 degrees will welcome the visiting Seattle Seahawks to TCF Bank Stadium, but cloudy skies and relatively mild wind will make the low temperatures tolerable for Russell Wilson and Teddy Bridgewater. No major lineup adjustments required in this game.


Houston at Buffalo (1:00 PM): The Houston Texans get lucky this week as they travel to Buffalo where they will find uncharacteristic 52 degree temperatures in a December game. Sunshine will be found over Ralph Wilson Stadium as this game kicks off, with clouds moving in as the game progresses. Winds at seven mph won’t be a cause for alarm, as the Texans look to slow LeSean McCoy and keep their stellar defensive play rolling.


Cincinnati at Cleveland (1:00 PM): Austin Davis will get the start for Cleveland on Sunday in place of the injured Josh McCown as the Cincinnati Bengals visit FirstEnergy Stadium. Conditions will be pleasant on Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati, with partly cloudy skies and 52 degree temperatures in the forecast. No wind worries in this game, so feel free to trot out all Browns and Bengals fantasy options as normal.


Jacksonville at Tennessee (1:00 PM): Cloudy skies will roll into Nashville as this game between the Titans and Jaguars kicks off. Temperatures are expected to sit at a comfortable 56 degrees on Sunday at Nissan Stadium, to go with very mild winds of just five mph. No drastic fantasy lineup changes are required for this matchup between Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota.


San Francisco at Chicago (1:00 PM): Solider Field will welcome Blaine Gabbert and the visiting San Francisco 49ers on Sunday with 44 degree temperatures and partly cloudy skies. Jay Cutler and the Bears will go to work in this game with very little wind interference, so all recommended fantasy options in this game should be trusted like any other week.


Denver at San Diego (4:05 PM): The finest Week 13 weather will unsurprisingly be found in San Diego, where 73 degree temperatures and partly cloudy skies await the visiting Denver Broncos. Winds of only eight mph won’t impact Brock Osweiler or Philip Rivers in this game, so all passing and kicking game options in this game can be started without worry.


Kansas City at Oakland (4:25 PM): Oakland will see a few rain showers on Sunday morning, which are expected to move through the area before this afternoon kickoff between the Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. Temperatures of 66 degree are in the forecast along with cloudy skies, with winds expected to hover around 10 mph. No major cause for concern here, but the playing field may be a bit wet as the game begins.


Philadelphia at New England (4:25 PM): Foxboro will be very pleasant on Sunday as the New England Patriots begin life without Rob Gronkowski. Sunshine will be found at Gillette Stadium to go with 56 degree temperatures, as the Philadelphia Eagles hit the road to take on Tom Brady and company. No wind interference is in the forecast for this game, so all Eagles and Patriots fantasy options can be started normally.


Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (8:30 PM): Temperatures at Heinz Field will drop as night falls in Pittsburgh, with thermometers dipping to 32 degrees at kickoff between the Steelers and Indianapolis Colts. Partly cloudy skies will hover over this game, and winds will be nearly non-existent as the Steelers look to rebound from a Week 12 loss at Seattle. No weather worries in this game, but fans in attendance will need to bundle up.


Dallas at Washington (8:30 PM, Mon): Monday night delivers an NFC East matchup between the Cowboys and Redskins, and weather at FedEx Field will be very similar to the conditions found in Pittsburgh on Sunday night. Partly cloudy skies are expected with 33 degree temperatures anticipated as the sun sets in Washington. No wind impact is expected during this game, so all fantasy options can be trusted in this battle between Matt Cassel and Kirk Cousins.



Home Teams Are Dome Teams



Two Week 13 games will be played in domes, including the undefeated Carolina Panthers facing the New Orleans Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


Arizona at St. Louis (1:00 PM)

Carolina at New Orleans (4:25 PM)


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