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Dose: Sneaky Streaks

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Public Service Announcement: this could be a weird week for the Dose.

I won’t bore you with the details, but hey, sometimes weird is good. Right?

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-- So, Patrick Kane got an assist on Sunday, extending his interminable/great/unforgettable/uncomfortable/harmlessbutawkward (did I cover every adjective?) streak to 26 games. In that span, he has 16 goals and 24 assists for 40 points, pushing his overall point total to 46 points in 31 GP.

In case you're wondering, his shooting percentage is a little high at 17.6 percent, but not necessarily "he's just lucky to break a franchise record" lucky. I'd say that would be in the mid-20's.


I don't know.

Not sure how many people are at the "Uncertain what to say anymore point" with this, but that's where I am at.

-- Corey Crawford has now enjoyed two straight shutouts, stopping 30 shots in this one. He's at 15-7-2 with a nice .924 save percentage and four shutouts, tying the league lead.

-- Can we call Dennis Rasmussen "The Ragamuffin" or is that already taken? Asking ... for a friend.

-- In his 36th career NHL game and 13th contest of 2015-16, Brandon Mashinter scored his first point (a goal). If that doesn't tell you to stay away, I'm not sure we're going to be on the same page for some time.


-- It's looking more and more like the Islanders will face the Rangers in a Metro 2 vs. 3 series, even if it's obviously too early to actually count on that. Still, if it happens, it should be called "The Series That Would Have Been Cooler Last Season, with the End of the Islanders in Nassau and Whatnot."

Hey, I didn't say it would be a GOOD title.

-- All joking aside, the Islanders might be the one team (8-0-2 in their last 10) that's hotter than Metro-leader Washington (8-1-1 in last 10). I'm sure someone will "Um, actually ..." me on that, because it's the Internet'n'stuff.

Memo to actually-er: you will continue to live without my validation.

-- Marek Zidlicky is almost maddeningly inconsistent right now. He scored two goals on Sunday, but I wonder how many people even had him on their roster considering his quiet work.

He went the previous four games without a point. Before that (Nov. 27 - 30), he had three assists in as many games. Unfortunately, that was preceded by a seven-game pointless streak.

-- Thomas Greiss is now on a four-game winning streak, improving his record to 9-3-2 with a splendid .933 save percentage. The German-born goalie nabbed his first shutout of 2015-16 by turning aside all 27 Devils shots.

-- Is Adam Henrique's injury the thing that forces the Devils' surprising (and extremely imbalanced) attack to go off the rails? I've mentioned this before, but it likely remains in the team's best interest to be as terrible as many expected.


-- Vladimir Tarasenko celebrated his 24th birthday with his 18th goal of the season, giving him 29 points in 30 games. I'd say his 15.9 shooting percentage is a little high, yet his career mark isn't far off at 14.3 percent, so he might be one of those rare guys whose shooting talent is just head and shoulders above everyone else's.

Pretty remarkable that St. Louis got Jaden Schwartz with the 14th pick and Tarasenko with the 16th pick of the 2010 NHL Draft, edging luminaries like Dylan McIlrath and Jack Campbell.

If the Blues ever make good on impressive regular season work, those relative steals will be noted by more than just a few sweaty people like myself.

-- Semyon Varlamov really deserves the gold star for this one, stopping 42 out of 43 wins to go above .500 (9-8-1).

He's now 4-1-0 with an outstanding .958 save percentage in December.

-- It's almost like Jake Allen switched costumes with Varlamov, then. In October and November, Allen seemed like the star the Blues have been waiting for. He's stumbling now, going 2-3-0 with a vulnerable .909 save percentage in December.

-- Colorado truly is an oddball team. They're currently 4-7-1 at home and 10-9-0 on the road. Eh?

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