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Saturday's Pickups of the Day

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Taj Gibson - He should be owned in all leagues now.


D'Angelo Russell - He's a great stash and hopefully can get consistent minutes.


Terrence Jones - He's playing a lot better and could help his trade value.


Bobby Portis - Freed! He should play 20-24 minutes in the next month, which is enough to draft him in standard leagues.


Clint Capela - He can't make free throws, but his minutes are safe in the starting lineup.


Enes Kanter - He played really well on offense, but was really bad on defense. Don't expect Steven Adams to play 13-15 minutes often, though.


Gerald Green - He played down the stretch, but he's not really a big pickup because Tyler Johnson will be back soon.


Ty Lawson - He has to do it again.


Larry Nance - He might be bumped rom the starting lineup soon, but it's not like Julius Randle has played well.


Shaun Livingston - A great game with 16 points, but he doesn't do much on the stat sheet.


Norris Cole- He is horrible, but he is the No. 4 guard on the Pelicans.


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