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FanDuel NBA Plays: Tuesday

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Trying to build a better lineup for Tuesday’s NBA daily fantasy contests on FanDuel? Here are some options I have picked out to consider for this slate tonight.




Point Guard


Rajon Rondo, Sacramento Kings, $9,200


The price tag is rising on Rondo, but he’s averaging nearly 48 FanDuel points per game over the last five games. He has a friendly matchup tonight against Denver in what is projecting to be an extremely high-scoring game when we look over the NBA odds. He’s come out of the All-Star break on fire, having gone for 55.5 and 52.8 points the last two games. Rondo has also had a full three days of rest since the last game, so I think he’s one of the higher upside players playing tonight.



Jrue Holiday, New Orleans Pelicans, $7,800


Jrue Holiday has been absolutely spectacular since the injuries to Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon. He’s averaged almost 45 FanDuel points per game in his last five games and has massive upside to go along with solid consistency; all this from a player coming off the bench. There will come a time when his FanDuel salary catches up to his production, but at $7,800 I just don’t think we’re there yet. I’m going to keep playing him until that price tag creeps up around $8,400.



Others to Consider: Damian Lillard, Brandon Jennings




Shooting Guard


Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic, $6,800


This is a very fair price for a player taking on a terrible Philadelphia defense and one that’s coming off of a 46 point fantasy game. Philadelphia has also been better at keeping games extremely competitive, lately which means that players like Oladipo get to play into the fourth quarter now against them. I’m just not sure I’m going to roster James Harden tonight at his price tag, and that’s going to leave a massive gap at shooting guard. I think I’m willing to fill that gap with Victor and this next guy.



Will Barton, Denver Nuggets, $6,100


My next option at shooting guard tonight is going to be the $6,100-priced Will Barton. I love the matchup against a Sacramento team that just doesn’t play very good defense. I think he has shown us that he has massive upside this year, and he drops these monster games every once in a while. I’m willing to take a chance on his inconsistency just for the opportunity to have one of those 40 point games at a cheap price.



Others to Consider: Bradley Beal, Rodney Hood


Small Forward


Robert Covington, Philadelphia 76ers, $5,000


So, now we’re going to get into a position that I just don’t feel comfortable spending up on tonight: small forward. There are no high dollar studs that you can lock in tonight, and there are very few mid-level salary players that I want to roster at this position also. I think one possible philosophy will be to completely punt both of these positions. Let’s start off with Robert Covington taking on the Orlando Magic. Over his last three games, Covington has averaged over 28 FanDuel points per game. If you can get into that range tonight at his $5000 salary, I think you’re extremely satisfied.



Maurice Harkless, Portland Trail Blazers, $4,400


The next guy I’m looking at is Maurice Harkless of the Portland Trail Blazers. He has a solid matchup taking on Brooklyn. This is typically not a player that I will look to roster, but on a night when there are only five games, and when considering it’s a weak position, I think it makes sense to have some exposure to Maurice. He’s averaged 28 FanDuel points per game over his last five games, and this price tag opens up the rest of your roster to do whatever you please. I’m not positive that I believe he is going to keep repeating the solid fantasy performances, and if this were a larger slate I would definitely fade this guy, but the fact is there’s just so many limited options at small forward tonight, so I’m willing to roster him and hope he can do it one more time.



Others to Consider: Gordon Hayward, Danilo Gallinari




Power Forward


Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz, $7,400


When Derrick Favors is healthy, he’s typically a very solid option for Utah. He gets a good matchup tonight against Houston and should be able to replicate his 34 point per game average over the last 10 games. There are two extreme ends of the spectrum that Favors could fall on tonight. He is a high upside player and taking on a team that has struggled at times against the power forward position, so the monster game could be coming. On the other end of the spectrum is the fact that Houston has also shown an ability to play extremely small basketball and run the big guys off the court. If this happens, the first guy coming off the court for Utah is going to be Derrick Favors, as he is the most unathletic of the starting five. I’m willing to take the chance on Favors on a number of teams, but I won’t go all in on him tonight.



Thaddeus Young, Brooklyn Nets, $6,900


If you’re playing on FanDuel, it is extremely advisable that you find a way to lock in Anthony Davis as one of your two power forwards. But, it would be rather redundant of me to sit here and tell you to play Davis after he just went for nearly 100 fantasy points last game. So, instead I’ll give you another option who may go underowned tonight but has some semblance of consistency. That is Thaddeus Young of Brooklyn. Young has averaged almost 33 points per game in the last five games and sits at a $6,900 salary. I think he makes for a decent player to pair with Anthony Davis in cash games.



Others to Consider: Anthony Davis, Aaron Gordon






Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz, $7,300


I believe a couple of the more higher-priced centers will be the most owned at this position tonight. However, I am going to have my fair share of exposure to Rudy Gobert of Utah. I think the pace at which Houston is going to push the tempo is going to suit his style of play. He’s been a very solid contributor since returning from his injury and has averaged almost 34 FanDuel points per game over the last 10 games.



Others to Consider: DeMarcus Cousins, Brook Lopez


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