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FanDuel NBA Plays: Friday

Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

Trying to build a better lineup for Tuesday’s NBA daily fantasy contests on FanDuel? Here are some options I have picked out to consider for this slate tonight.  There’s already some value opening up, so be sure to check the NBA Starting Lineups Page prior to lock.

Point Guard

Rajon Rondo, Sacramento Kings, $8200 - I like this price tag for Rondo because he’s demonstrated this year that when he is on his game he has massive upside. You save quite a bit of money from the elite options and I’m just not a fan of punting one of your point guard positions. With DeMarcus Cousins being suspended for tonight’s game, perhaps that means a few more shot attempts for Rondo.

Ricky Rubio, Minnesota Timberwolves, $6300 - As far as salary goes, Ricky Rubio is about the lowest guy down on the list that I’m willing to go tonight at point guard. He’s not terribly consistent, but he does have decent upside. The $6300 salary opens the door if you want to spend up at other positions. This matchup against Russell Westbrook is very favorable, as sometimes Westbrook cares a lot more about his offense and neglects his defensive duties.

Others to Consider: Russell Westbrook, Kemba Walker

Shooting Guard

Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat, $7600 - Just like any other night when the Houston Rockets play, James Harden is your premier option at shooting guard and it’s not even close. So if you didn’t already know that the best guy on this slate at this position is James Harden, now you do. However, not everyone is willing to spend that kind of money on one player, so let’s run through some other options. First option is Dwayne Wade. The Chicago Bulls will be without their best defensive player, shooting guard Jimmy Butler. That will make Dwayne Wade’s job tonight much easier. Since the All-Star break, Wade has averaged over 35 FanDuel points per game. I think he offers the most upside at shooting guard other than James Harden.

Avery Bradley, Boston Celtics, $5200 - There are a few other middle-priced options at this position that you could pair with Wade or Harden, but I tend to not want to spend up at both shooting guard spots. So as I look down the list of options tonight, Avery Bradley stands out to me. It’s a very good matchup against the Houston Rockets. The Rockets love to play at a much higher pace than most teams in the NBA, and combined with the style of play that Boston runs, this could be a very high-tempo game; that bodes well for a guy like Bradley. Also, he should see a lot of time tonight on the court guarding James Harden, so he could be in line for a few extra minutes and rack up some extra defensive stats because the guy he is guarding will have the ball in his hands so much tonight.

Others to Consider: James Harden, Klay Thompson

Small Forward

Luol Deng, Miami Heat, $6300 - There’s nothing like a good old revenge game to get the juices flowing. Luol Deng spent nine seasons with the Bulls. Aside from the desire to perform well back in the city where he played for so long, Luol Deng has just been an extremely valuable commodity since the Chris Bosh injury. Over the last 10 games his lowest FanDuel output has been 24.8 points. For a $6300 price tag that is an exceptional floor. We’ve also seen that he has monster upside right now and he is averaging 34.5 points since the All-Star break.

Robert Covington, Philadelphia 76ers, $6200 - The absence of Jahlil Okafor has meant extremely good things for the fantasy outlook of Robert Covington. He’s coming off of a 39.4 point performance last game and now has averaged over 32 points per game in the last five games. He gets a major boost when Okafor doesn’t play. Tonight, he not only gets that boost, but also gets to play a terrible Brooklyn team. Covington is just a very solid way of saving money and filling out a thin position and getting some upside on your team all at the same time.

Others to Consider: Gordon Hayward, Jae Crowder

Power Forward

Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia 76ers, $6300 - Some of the same factors that apply to Robert Covington also apply to Nerlens Noel. The absence of the big Philadelphia center opens up more opportunities for guys like Covington and Noel. Going into the last game we thought he was on a minutes restriction, but he ended up blowing that out the water and scoring 39 FanDuel points in the process. He’s very cheap tonight and gets this fantastic matchup against Brooklyn. It may come back to bite me, but I’m not falling for the minutes restriction routine again.

Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic, $6600 - Aaron Gordon is a very interesting player tonight. After being very consistent for a couple of weeks straight, we’ve seen his recent performances dip down a bit. It’s not that he’s any worse of a player than he was, it has more to do with his minutes being jerked around. His salary sits at a point where if it were any higher I probably wouldn’t play this guy, but he’s still right there in the range of the average cost of a roster spot on FanDuel, and with this kind of matchup, I’m willing to take a chance on them tonight.

Others to Consider: Anthony Davis, Thaddeus Young


Hassan Whiteside, Miami Heat, $8700 - Hassan Whiteside has been an absolute beast since the All-Star break. It doesn’t matter that he has been coming off the bench this whole time; he has been the best center in the game the last few weeks. Since the All-Star break he has averaged 45.2 FanDuel points per game. His lowest output in the last 10 games has been 32.7 FanDuel points. That is an extremely high floor to go along with 50+ point upside. Also to his benefit tonight is this matchup against the Chicago Bulls. They have been terrible against opposing centers for a while now, and on paper Hassan Whiteside is my number one center tonight.

Others to Consider: Brook Lopez, Dwight Howard

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