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Fanduel Partners Lineup

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Wednesday’s slate provides for some tasty matchups with most of the league’s fantasy studs in action. As usual, I’m posting this column pretty early and I will have all day to get cold feet on guys, monitor key injuries, as well as learn who is playing and who is sitting that might influence my decision making. Here’s what I know so far. And if I’m around later today, I’ll update this column with my new lineups if I change it. But honestly, I’d prefer Elfrid Payton and Derrick Rose sit tonight, so I can just leave Brandon Jennings and E’Twaun Moore in there. Follow me on Twitter by clicking here.


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My Early Lineup


PG Kemba Walker v. ORL $8.900

PG Brandon Jennings vs. CHA $3,500

SG Zach LaVine vs. MEM $5,700

SG E’Twaun Moore vs. WAS $4,600

SF Andrew Wiggins vs. MEM $6,600

SF Michael Beasley vs. LAC $3,900 (Evan Fournier $5,600)

PF Anthony Davis vs. SAC $10,100

PF Paul Millsap vs. DET $8,000 (Gorgui Dieng $6,300)

C Karl-Anthony Towns vs. MEM $8,600


Lineup Breakdown For Wednesday


Point Guard


While it’s always hard for me to pass on Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry, Kemba Walker’s matchup looks too good to ignore. Plus he’s about $1,500 cheaper than those two. Over the last five games the Magic have been the worst team defensively against opposing point guards. Add in the fact that Walker has hit at least 44 Fanduel points in six of his previous eight games, and he looks like nearly a sure thing tonight.


The Brandon Jennings play hinges on him starting again over Elfrid Payton. His rock-bottom salary is attractive and the fact he had 33.1 FD points on Tuesday night is enticing. But if Elfrid Payton ends up returning from his elbow injury tonight, I’ll be looking elsewhere for my second point guard. Jennings simply isn’t trustworthy with Payton around.


Shooting Guard


Zach LaVine gets a banged up Memphis team that has been 13th worst against opposing shooting guards recently. LaVine had 32.1 FD points against Phoenix on Monday and the shooting guards available tonight are going to be hit-or-miss if you choose not to spend $10,300 on James Harden. Victor Oladipo is $7,000, Klay Thompson is $6,900, LaVine is next on the list with a big price drop at $5,700, Lance Stephenson is $5,600 (and iffy to play), and it then drops down to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Avery Bradley and banged up Bradley Beal at $5,200. If you want a solid, but not over-the-top SG, LaVine looks like your best option.


E’Twaun Moore is another player I’m not sure will stick in my lineup. He had 29.8 FD points on Monday when Derrick Rose was out, but if both Rose and Jimmy Butler are playing tonight, I’ll probably look elsewhere. Either way, Moore has had at least 27.7 FD points in three of his last four games and his salary is low enough that he should be able to hit value even if his teammates are playing. The Wizards have been pretty good against opposing shooting guards lately, which is another reason Moore won’t likely be in there for me if both Rose and Butler are a go.


Small Forward


Andrew Wiggins gets the nod for me over Kevin Durant simply for monetary reasons. Wiggins gets the depleted Grizzlies, who have been the third-worst team against small forwards over their last five games. He’s also hit at least 31.1 FD points in each of his last five games and I see no reason why he won’t do it again tonight.


Beasley is listed as a small forward but is playing power forward for the Rockets. He had 30.8 FD points in his previous game and has been playing pretty well for the Rockets. He gets a nice matchup with the Clips tonight, who have been sixth-worst against opposing PFs over their last five games. It’s hard to go wrong with Beasley and his $3,900 salary right now. If I go cheaper at power forward later, I’ll likely plug a red-hot Evan Fournier in here with the extra money.


Power Forward


Anthony Davis gets the Kings, who have given up the most FD points to opposing power forwards over their last five games. The Kings are also on the second half of a back-to-back and Davis has scored at least 40 FD points in each of his last seven games. He’s also due for a monster game after failing to score 30 points in three straight games, so I’m hoping for a perfect storm here.


Paul Millsap gets the Pistons, who have been the third-worst team against opposing power forwards of late. Millsap comes in hot too, racking up 46.8 FD points against the Pacers on Sunday. Gorgui Dieng is a cheaper option here with a good match up and I may use him and Evan Fournier instead of Millsap and Beasley.




I was initially set on using DeMarcus Cousins here with his great matchup against the Pelicans, who have given up the most FD points to opposing centers over their last five games. But Karl-Anthony Towns is much cheaper, puts up similar numbers to Boogie, and has a nice matchup against the depleted Grizzlies. He’s also not coming off a late Tuesday night game against the Lakers, like Cousins is. Memphis has given up the seventh-most FD points to opposing centers over their last five games and I used the money I saved for more reliable shooting guards. If you’re looking for cheap SGs, plan on really rolling the dice on guys like Courtney Lee, Kyle Korver and Jeremy Lin

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