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FanDuel NBA Plays: Monday

Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

It has been tough to make FanDuel lineups in daily fantasy basketball over the course of the last week. There have been a number of late scratches that basically change the entire landscape of the slate. Hopefully, that won’t be the case tonight, as we seem to have a good idea of the players that could potentially be out. The main injury to monitor is Kevin Love, who is listed as questionable. If he is unable to suit up, give a major boost to both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.




Point Guard


Stephen Curry vs. Minnesota Timberwolves                                                                      


Salary    $10,200                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                27.9        |              Last Five Games:              28.0

Min/Game --     Season:                33.8        |              Last Five Games:              33.3

FP/Game --        Season:                47.6        |              Last Five Games:              45.5


Curry is coming off of a rough outing against the Spurs in which he was only able to muster up 14 points. He should bounce back nicely tonight against the Wolves, as the Warriors have the highest team total on the board. Curry has as much upside as any player on the board tonight and he should be considered right up there with DeMarcus Cousins as the top overall play at any position.



Isaiah Thomas vs. Orlando Magic                                                                             


Salary    $7,700                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                26.0        |              Last Five Games:              26.3

Min/Game --     Season:                32.5        |              Last Five Games:              33.8

FP/Game --        Season:                35.2        |              Last Five Games:              35.6


It’s nice to see Thomas priced below $8,000 again on FanDuel. He comes into tonight’s game in solid form, averaging 35.6 fantasy points in just under 34 minutes in his last five outings. He draws a favorable matchup against the Magic and he sees a major usage boost (33) when Jae Crowder is off of the floor.



Value Option: George Hill: $5,500




Shooting Guard


Jimmy Butler vs. Sacramento Kings                                                                         


Salary    $8,300                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                22.2        |              Last Five Games:              23.2

Min/Game --     Season:                37.3        |              Last Five Games:              31.8

FP/Game --        Season:                37.5        |              Last Five Games:              32.5


The Bulls have been limiting Butler to 33-34 minutes since returning from his injury, but that is more than enough time for him to reach value against the Kings. Butler’s price has come down a bit and Sacramento is one of the worst teams at defending shooting guards this season.



Zach LaVine vs. Golden State Warriors                                                                  


Salary    $6,100                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                20.6        |              Last Five Games:              16.7

Min/Game --     Season:                26.9        |              Last Five Games:              35.8

FP/Game --        Season:                22.1        |              Last Five Games:              26.4


LaVine is a strong play in all league formats tonight against the Warriors. This should be a pace-up game for Minnesota, which suits his style of play. The Timberwolves are sizable underdogs on the NBA odds board here, but we have seen them give LaVine major minutes even in games that are well out of hand.                             



Value Option: Avery Bradley: $5,000




Small Forward


Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Detroit Pistons                                                                       


Salary    $10,200                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                18.6        |              Last Five Games:              22.1

Min/Game --     Season:                35.2        |              Last Five Games:              34.4

FP/Game --        Season:                34.3        |              Last Five Games:              45.6


Giannis has been on an absolute tear over his last ten games, averaging 47.7 fantasy points per game. During that stretch, he is averaging more fantasy points than LeBron James. He has been a walking triple-double and even though he is expensive, he is the top small forward option on the board tonight.



Kawhi Leonard vs. Charlotte Hornets                                                                     


Salary    $8,700                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                21.9        |              Last Five Games:              21.2

Min/Game --     Season:                33.0        |              Last Five Games:              35.9

FP/Game --        Season:                36.7        |              Last Five Games:              40.0


The Spurs don’t have the highest team total, but the spread for the game is set at six points. Anytime it is under ten, we should give Leonard a hard look in all league formats. He has been in great form recently, averaging 40 fantasy points over his last five games. He also draws a slightly favorable matchup against Nicolas Batum and the Hornets.


Value Option: Evan Turner: $5,500




Power Forward


Draymond Green vs. Minnesota Timberwolves                                                                


Salary    $8,100                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                16.0        |              Last Five Games:              15.0

Min/Game --     Season:                34.4        |              Last Five Games:              34.5

FP/Game --        Season:                38.4        |              Last Five Games:              35.2


Dollar for dollar, Green is one of the top plays on the board tonight. Andrew Bogut has already been ruled out of tonight’s game, which means we could see another 38 minute outing from Green. Even though the Warriors only scored 79 points against the Spurs the other night, Green finished with 35 fantasy points. He draws a much better matchup tonight against the Wolves.



Zach Randolph vs. Phoenix Suns                                                                              


Salary    $6,900                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                20.3        |              Last Five Games:              29.6

Min/Game --     Season:                29.5        |              Last Five Games:              35.8

FP/Game --        Season:                27.3        |              Last Five Games:              54.2


Randolph had a monster game in his first outing back from injury. He posted a triple-double against the Clippers en route to a 54.2 fantasy point outing. He draws a favorable matchup tonight against the Suns and with all of the injuries to the Grizzlies, he should continue to have a very high usage rate in this offense.



Value Option: Taj Gibson: $5,400



DeMarcus Cousins vs. Chicago Bulls                                                                        


Salary    $11,100                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                29.1        |              Last Five Games:              26.8

Min/Game --     Season:                34.8        |              Last Five Games:              35.4

FP/Game --        Season:                47.9        |              Last Five Games:              52.2


I am going to do everything I can to find a way to get Cousins into my lineup tonight. He has been on fire over his last five games, averaging 52.2 fantasy points per contest. He also draws an elite matchup against the Bulls, whose frontcourt is both undersized and undermanned. Cousins should be able to dominate the paint on both ends of the floor.



Value Option: Marcin Gortat: $6,200



Note: This is not meant to be a full lineup. The picks are my favorite targets at each position. 

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