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FanDuel Bargain Bin Tuesday

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

FanDuel Bargain Bin


The onset of the NBA playoffs is like a new season for DFS. Rotations become much more predictable relative to the first couple weeks of April, and everything is on the line for every team still playing. That helps in some ways, but it makes finding good value a bit more of a challenge. In a slight deviation from my normal format, I’m going to list the players under $6000 on FanDuel that I’d consider for the slate, and then give my opinion on how to approach each position/player.





Shaun Livingston $4600


Don’t let 100% ownership deter you. Livingston is running the most potent offense in the league for dirt cheap. As consistent as he is, he’s a must play.





Josh Richardson $3900


Norman Powell $3600


Golden State Warriors $3500


There are plenty of options for near minimum salary, none very appealing. Richardson has produced consistently low end numbers making him a pretty safe bet for around 15-18 fantasy points, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Powell was used heavily in Game 7 and things went well for Toronto. Whether that usage continues is anyone’s guess. Powell is a risk/reward play, but at his salary, the risk is fairly low. I like him in tournaments (and really, what else are you playing at this point?).


Even with Steph Curry out and a huge lead over the Trail Blazers, the Warriors didn’t turn the game over to any of Leandro Barbosa, Ian Clark, or Brandon Rush on Sunday afternoon. One of the three could get to 20 FanDuel points tonight, but I’m hard pressed to recommend using any of them. Clark, who was supposed to be a key beneficiary of Curry’s injury, would still be my pick if you want to go this way.




Harrison Barnes $4400


Al-Farouq Aminu $5600


Moe Harkless $5100


Joe Johnson $4700


DeMarre Carroll $4400


All the small forwards are in the bargain bin tonight, woo-hoo! Since you’re forced to save here, expect this to be a position that will determine the cash line tonight.


Barnes can get hot anytime, but easily has the lowest floor of the bunch. He’s my least preferred option.


The other four players have a really similar range of outcomes, in the 15-25 fantasy point range, so your smartest bet is to save the most. I like Carroll and Harkless best for their combination of decent floor and the potential that we haven’t seen the best of either yet in these playoffs.




Patrick Patterson $3600


As has been the case, PF is once again a tough place to save in this small playoff slate. Patterson has earned the most playing time there for the Raptors and has been fairly effective, particularly in terms of scoring. The matchup is far from desirable as the Heat shut down opposing bigs all season long, not to mention the fact that Jonas Valanciunas has been a far more effective rebounder.




Andrew Bogut $4500


 Bogut represents decent value if you think you can achieve your high ceiling plays elsewhere. Again, it’s the highest scoring game, Bogut is great at home, and Portland has some frontcourt defense woes dating back to the regular season. 

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