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FanDuel NBA Plays: Tuesday

Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

We had a wild night of hoops last night with the Thunder pulling out a victory on a ridiculous final play, and hopefully we have another exciting night in store tonight. It’s a small two-game FanDuel slate with Miami at Toronto (-4.5, 191 total on the NBA odds board) and Portland at Golden State (-10, 213.5).




Point Guard

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers, $8,400 - This series sets up much better for Lillard than the opening series against the Clippers. He likes this pace and loves to play against his hometown team. The Warriors didn't send as many defenders at him like the Clippers did, so he attempted 26 FGA in Game 1, which is more than any game in the opening round. He put up 44 FD points, despite shooting 8-for-26, and there is solid upside at this price point.



Shaun Livingston, Golden State Warriors, $4,600 – The problem I’m running into on FanDuel is that I want roster all five of the Warriors starters (you can only roster four from a team), considering they have, by far, the highest team total on this small slate. For a tournament I’d consider fading Livingston and rolling with the other four starters, as he’s going to continue just playing his 29 minutes. However, for cash games, he is just too cheap and his price isn’t moving. He doesn’t have huge upside, but he’s basically been a lock for 25 FD points, and Damian Lillard is someone that can be attacked defensively.




Shooting Guard


Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors, $8,000 – Klay was once again outstanding with Curry out, and poured in 38 points and 52 FD points in Game 1. He’s the focal point of the offense with Curry out, and the Blazers are going to have to make significant adjustments or Klay will continue to shred them. He torched them in the regular season and is an elite option on a two-game slate.



DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors, $7,400 - The Toronto players and fans were relieved to get by the Pacers, but DeRozan was probably the happiest because he won’t have to deal with Paul George anymore. George gave him fits, and while Miami is solid defensively, they don’t have anyone with the individual defensive talent of George to stick on DeRozan. He averaged 29 PPG against Miami in the regular season and he should be in store for a bounce-back series in Round 2.




Small Forward


Harrison Barnes, Golden State Warriors, $4,400 – Like I said, I think all of the Warriors starters are great options on this short slate. Barnes really struggled in the opening series, but he finally broke loose in Game 1 against Portland. Portland starts two athletic forwards in Aminu and Harkless, and Steve Kerr turned to Barnes for a game high 38 minutes, which is a very encouraging sign going forward. The SF position is very thin and those minutes really jump out at a weak position.



Al-Farouq Aminu, Portland Trail Blazers, $5,600 – He wasn’t great in the series opener, but SF is thin today. His minutes did drop down 25, but he still produced 22 FD points. If his minutes climb back into the 30 range that he saw in the first round, he’s a solid option and should be able to pick up some extra peripheral stats due to the pace of this game.




Power Forward


Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors, $9,300 - There are a few no brainers on this slate, and Draymond is definitely one of them. He's going to be 95% owned, but there's just no reason to fade him -- his matchup is too good and the PF position is too weak. He's really stepped up with Curry out, and Portland has been vulnerable on the interior this year. Draymond took advantage during the regular season, averaging a near triple double against them, and he then put up a monster triple double in Game 1. 



Luol Deng, Miami Heat, $6,600 - Outside of Draymond, there's not much else to like at PF today. The salary cap is not really an issue, so I don't see a need to drop down to a guy like Patrick Patterson. Deng isn't exciting and doesn't offer huge upside, but he's been very steady in the playoffs. He's locked into quality minutes and has been producing between 25 and 30 FD points on a nightly basis.






Andrew Bogut, Golden State Warriors, $4,500 – I’m looking to play four Warriors tonight, and I would base the decision on which two of Bogut, Livingston, and Barnes to play based on your roster construction. Mason Plumlee and Hassan Whiteside are fine options if you have the cap room, but the matchup isn’t great, so this isn’t a position I feel the need to spend on. Bogut gets a much better matchup this series than in Round 1, and he took advantage in the opener with a double double. He played 25 minutes, and if he continues to see that type of run then he’s going to be a solid value this series.           

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