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Season-Long League Live Draft

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Mock drafts are one thing. Actually playing it out is another. There's no hiding who you really like. We assembled 12 of the industry’s finest for a season-long PPR league, with the starting positions as follows: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (RB, WR, TE), K and DEF. There are six bench spots. Come for the 11 receivers in the first round, stay for the “Davis, you know you want to take Theo Riddick here” jokes. It’s going to be fun the first time I’m #exposed as going against my own rankings.  

Round 1

1. Adam Levitan — Antonio Brown, WR1

2. Davis Mattek — David Johnson, RB1

3. Patrick Daugherty — Odell Beckham, WR2

4. Raymond Summerlin — Julio Jones, WR3

5. Matt Harmon — A.J. Green, WR4

6. Nick Mensio — Allen Robinson, WR5

7. Fantasy Mansion — Dez Bryant, WR6

8. Evan Silva — DeAndre Hopkins, WR7

9. Lord Reebs - Keenan Allen WR8

10. Josh Norris — Mike Evans, WR9

11. JJ Zachariason — Brandon Marshall, WR10

12. Mike Clay — Alshon Jeffery, WR11

Comments: The wide receiver takeover of government is complete, with Mattek’s “Brand United Workers Party” scoring the lone opposition seat. With receiver deeper than ever, running back as muddled as ever and this being a PPR league, it’s understandable, but it’s starting to feel like we’re near the end of something. Tom Osborne's final national championship, the sunset of EDM, Nixon’s crushing re-election victory, etc. No feeling, good or bad, lasts forever. Maybe next year the first round will be 10 tight ends and two kickers.  

Round 2

13. Mike Clay — Todd Gurley, RB2

14. JJ Zachariason — Jordy Nelson, WR12

15. Josh Norris — Ezekiel Elliott, RB3

16. Lord Reebs — Lamar Miller, RB4

17. Evan Silva — Rob Gronkowski, TE1

18. Fantasy Mansion — Brandin Cooks, WR13

19. Nick Mensio — T.Y. Hilton, WR14

20. Matt Harmon — Adrian Peterson, RB5

21. Raymond Summerlin — Le’Veon Bell, RB6

22. Patrick Daugherty — Mark Ingram, RB7

23. Davis Mattek — Jamaal Charles, RB8

24. Adam Levitan — Devonta Freeman, RB9

Comments: Clay pulled the plug on the dam. The word is out. The resistance has been put into motion. *Takes slow drag off cigarette, adjusts fedora* “The eagle has given the signal. We can draft running backs now.” Todd Gurley in the second round. This is the way we live now. ... It’s a bit surreal to see Brandin Cooks and T.Y. Hilton go before living approximation of Zeus Adrian Peterson, especially since AD was the RB2 even in PPR last season. It’s complicated times in divided America. … Bell is probably this summer’s most fascinating decision. Going by ADP, he’s the No. 13 overall player on both FantasyPros and MyFantasyLeague. No. 21 is not a bad discount for Ray.    

Round 3

25. Adam Levitan — Jarvis Landry, WR15

26. Davis Mattek — Donte Moncrief, WR16

27. Patrick Daugherty — Sammy Watkins, WR17

28. Raymond Summerlin — Eddie Lacy, RB10

29. Matt Harmon — Randall Cobb, WR18

30. Nick Mensio — LeSean McCoy, RB11

31. Fantasy Mansion — Golden Tate, WR19

32. Evan Silva — Jeremy Maclin, WR20

33. Lord Reebs — Amari Cooper, WR21

34. Josh Norris — Eric Decker, WR22

35. JJ Zachariason — Demaryius Thomas, WR23

36. Mike Clay — Jordan Reed, TE2


Comments: This is becoming like one of those movie trailers where three beautiful college-aged kids are mysteriously locked in a box. “What’s going on? Get us out of here! Noooooooo!” *Pounds on glass as demonic music swells* I understand the cost of doing PPR business, but we are into the Jarvis Landry part of the board before even 10 running backs have been taken. Fantasy football is no longer the game passed down to us by generations of hard-working immigrants. Now we’re all just showboats desperate to be “friends.” Back when I played, you didn’t even talk to the opposition. … (I was going to take Landry if Sammy Watkins and Amari Cooper were off the board.) … I feel like maybe we are all overthinking Amari Cooper, but I get it. The Raiders want to run more, and we’ve all seen Cooper get overdrafted elsewhere. … Evan has noticed DT’s bubble screens seem to be a thing of the past. WR23 … harsh but fair.    

Round 4

37. Mike Clay — Julian Edelman, WR24 

38. JJ Zachariason — Michael Floyd, WR25

39. Josh Norris — Doug Baldwin, WR26

40. Lord Reebs — Kelvin Benjamin, WR27

41. Evan Silva — Jordan Matthews, WR28

42. Fantasy Mansion — Larry Fitzgerald, WR29

43. Nick Mensio — C.J. Anderson, RB12

44. Matt Harmon — Marvin Jones, WR30

45. Raymond Summerlin — Doug Martin, RB13

46. Patrick Daugherty — John Brown, WR31

47. Davis Mattek — Jeremy Langford, RB14

48. Adam Levitan — Latavius Murray, RB15


Comments: The internal chat for this round was mostly people making comments about their #brand. At one point Harmon told someone to delete their account over a failed “Stranger Things” reference. The struggle is getting real. We are taking Marvin Jones in the fourth rounds of fantasy drafts. Three-WR, full PPR seemed like such a good idea at the time. Now it has the world spinning and the ground moving beneath my feet. I might never come home again. Already working on my sixth-round rationalization for Kamar Aiken.

Round 5

49. Adam Levitan — DeSean Jackson, WR32

50. Davis Mattek — Allen Hurns, WR33

51. Patrick Daugherty — Carlos Hyde, RB16

52. Raymond Summerlin — Emmanuel Sanders, WR34

53. Matt Harmon — Jeremy Hill, RB17

54. Nick Mensio — Michael Crabtree, WR35

55. Fantasy Mansion — Tyler Lockett, WR36

56. Evan Silva — Matt Forte, RB18

57. Lord Reebs — Ryan Mathews, RB19

58. Josh Norris — Frank Gore, RB20

59. JJ Zachariason — Giovani Bernard, RB21

60. Mike Clay — Danny Woodhead, RB22

Comments: Pretty excited about nabbing Carlos Hyde in this 49ers-only league. … Emmanuel Sanders is one of the forgotten men of fantasy football. Obviously the Broncos are headed back to the Flintstones age after spending four years in a gilded near future, but this is a full PPR league. Ray is right to take his chances with a dual compiler/big-play threat over the likes of Michael Crabtree. … Tyler Lockett has come from the future to save us, but might also be the No. 3 receiver in a run-first offense? And now Paul Richardson is a thing? And now all I hold near and dear is being torn from my hands red from holding on for dear life? … Ryan Mathews, Frank Gore, Danny Woodhead the “this is fine” portion of the running back run.  

Round 6

61. Mike Clay — Cam Newton, QB1

62. JJ Zachariason — Melvin Gordon, RB23

63. Josh Norris — Greg Olsen, TE3

64. Lord Reebs — Willie Snead, WR37

65. Evan Silva — Thomas Rawls, RB24

66. Fantasy Mansion — Stefon Diggs, WR38

67. Nick Mensio — Charles Sims, RB25

68. Matt Harmon — Sterling Shepard, WR39

69. Raymond Summerlin — DeAngelo Williams, RB26

70. Patrick Daugherty — DeVante Parker, WR40 

71. Davis Mattek — Corey Coleman, WR41

72. Adam Levitan — Josh Gordon, WR42

Comments: *Draft gang studies mysterious glowing orb dropped off by alien craft* Us: “Does it speak English?” Cam Newton: “Huh, you guys know I can understand you?” Us: “Wow, he looks and sounds just like all these receivers and running backs. What do you call yourself mysterious being?” Cam: “Uhh, I’m a quarterback.” Us: “Quarter — back. Very interesting. We’ll have to send you off to the lab for immediate study.” Cam: “Uhh K.” … JJ picked Gordon before 11 Vikings made a business decision on his preseason touchdown, but Gordon still looked like maybe he had something in the tank, after all. … It’s a verifiable miracle Sterling Shepard lasted as long as he did. I’m jealous of Harmon, and not just because of the hair. … I know we all decided DeVante Parker was Bad on Thursday, but I love adding a playmaker as my WR4 at a WR40 cost.  

Round 7

73. Adam Levitan — Coby Fleener, TE4 

74. Davis Mattek — Travis Kelce, TE5

75. Patrick Daugherty — Arian Foster, RB27

76. Raymond Summerlin — Kevin White, WR43

77. Matt Harmon — Aaron Rodgers, QB2

78. Nick Mensio — Tavon Austin, WR44

79. Fantasy Mansion — Duke Johnson, RB28

80. Evan Silva — Jonathan Stewart, RB29

81. Lord Reebs — DeMarco Murray, RB30

82. Josh Norris — Kamar Aiken, WR45

83. JJ Zachariason — Matt Jones, RB31

84. Mike Clay — Torrey Smith, WR46

Comments: This round included a weekend retreat to the Swiss Alps for Mensio and an “Alice in Wonderland”-style barbeque for Clay. It took two years, eight months, 41 days and 16 hours, and half the original draft picks are dead. But we made it through, and I’ll tell you what, we’ve got some mighty fine footballin’ picks! … The group continues to push “expert” drafting stereotypes to parodic proportions. The second quarterback *probably* should have come off the board before No. 77, but so it goes. … Tavon Austin and Torrey Smith were two belles of the summer ball that have been priced back to reality. For all his uniqueness, Austin doesn’t do any one thing well enough to be a legitimate WR3. Smith, uhh, appears to still be on the 49ers? Like he’s at least still listed on the website? Idk.  

Round 8

85. Mike Clay — Ameer Abdullah, RB32

86. JJ Zachariason — Rashad Jennings, RB33

87. Josh Norris — Devin Funchess, WR47

88. Lord Reebs — Tajae Sharpe, WR48

89. Evan Silva — Russell Wilson, QB3

90. Fantasy Mansion — T.J. Yeldon, RB34

91. Nick Mensio — Andrew Luck, QB4

92. Matt Harmon — Travis Benjamin, WR49

93. Raymond Summerlin — Markus Wheaton, WR50

94. Patrick Daugherty — Drew Brees, QB5

95. Davis Mattek — Derrick Henry, RB35

96. Adam Levitan — LeGarrette Blount, RB36

Comments: Heartbreak in the 21st century is not getting Markus Wheaton in the eighth round of a PPR draft. I remain shattered. Someone come and piece my soul back together. … Ameer Abdullah is one of “those guys” this year. I want to like him. I am a moth to the home run hitter flame. But as Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski has pointed out multiple times, what is Abdullah going to do for you? Theoretically he’s the lead back, but he’s neither the pass catcher nor, at least as of yet, the touchdown scorer. Abdullah has to earn that money-making role near the painted area to post-hype his sleeper rookie year. … Listen, we have our religion. We vacuum up receivers early and condemn quarterbacks to the lepers colony. But maybe, just maybe — hear me out here — there are not going to be 88 players better in fantasy than Russell Wilson. Makes you think. … Davis was invited solely for lit picks. Henry definitely qualifies. Davis probably has a countdown clock for DeMarco Murray in the corner of his FIFA screen. (Editor's — and by editor I mean writer — Note: September 29 is way too far away.)  

Round 9

97. Adam Levitan — Michael Thomas, WR51

98. Davis Mattek — Theo Riddick, RB37

99. Patrick Daugherty — Christine Michael, RB38

100. Raymond Summerlin — Vincent Jackson, WR52

101. Matt Harmon — Mohamed Sanu, WR53

102. Nick Mensio — Chris Ivory, RB39

103. Fantasy Mansion — Tevin Coleman, RB40 

104. Evan Silva — Bilal Powell, RB41

105. Lord Reebs — Phillip Dorsett, WR54

106. Josh Norris — James White, RB42

107. JJ Zachariason — Delanie Walker, TE6

108. Mike Clay — Will Fuller, WR55

Comments: Sure, when I started this draft I was hoping to form brotherly bonds with my industry brethren, as well as foment fierce competition amongst 12 people deeply passionate about their jobs, but what I really wanted was for Davis Mattek to draft Theo Riddick. I tried to cancel the rest of the affair after he pulled through, but was vetoed by the other 11. … Christine Michael, what is dead may never die. I am stashing the Drowned God wherever I can get my hands on him. … Mohamed Sanu should not be free, especially in a PPR league. Thought this group of sharps would try to out I’m-not-going-to-let-this-guy-we’re-all-supposed-to-hate-fall-I’m-the-GOAT-contrarian, alas … it still happened. Great pick, Matt. … RB39 is an absurd price for Ivory. Nick’s drafting has been laser-focused since he returned from Switzerland. … Pretty much stunned we let James White fall as far as we did. It’s a PPR, and Pats backs have averaged 87 catches over the past three seasons. … Will Fuller reaved souls this summer. Fantasy players underrate real-life draft position.    

Round 10

109. Mike Clay — Mike Wallace, WR56

110. JJ Zachariason — Tyler Boyd, WR57

111. Josh Norris — Tyrod Taylor, QB6

112. Lord Reebs — Jay Ajayi, RB43

113. Evan Silva — Tyler Eifert, TE7

114. Fantasy Mansion — Jerick McKinnon, RB44

115. Nick Mensio — Rishard Matthews, WR58

116. Matt Harmon — Spencer Ware, RB45

117. Raymond Summerlin — Darren Sproles, RB46

118. Patrick Daugherty — Zach Ertz, TE8

119. Davis Mattek — Kenny Stills, WR59

120. Adam Levitan — Kirk Cousins, QB7

Comments: I wasn’t expecting Norris to pull the Davis of the draft, but this is why you play the games. Tired of other people overdrafting the pillars of his brand, Norris took matters into his own hands and showed us all how it’s done. … The Mansion is hoping Adrian Peterson’s 31-year-old knees are haunted. … The Dolphins have spent all of 2016 pretending Jay Ajayi doesn’t exist, which pretty much guarantees he’ll finish as an RB1. … The Spencer Ware prophecy is coming true. A committee just makes too much sense for the Chiefs. Limit Jamaal Charles’ wear and tear and let Ware bang around in the rough part of the field. … Zach Ertz, coming off a career year with an extension in hand, is going to soak up targets for an offense that recently released its Nos. 3 and 4 receivers to begin camp. … Levitan couldn’t quite outdo Norris’ Taylor pick, but came really close. Kirk Cousins is the T-1,000 to Andy Dalton’s Terminator.

Round 11

121. Adam Levitan — DeAndre Washington, RB47

122. Davis Mattek — Blake Bortles, QB8

123. Patrick Daugherty — Chris Hogan, WR60

124. Raymond Summerlin — Brandon LaFell, WR61 

125. Matt Harmon — Isaiah Crowell, RB48

126. Nick Mensio — Antonio Gates, TE9

127. Fantasy Mansion — Chris Thompson, RB49

128. Evan Silva — Ted Ginn, WR62

129. Lord Reebs — Justin Forsett, RB50

130. Josh Norris — James Starks, RB51

131. JJ Zachariason — Sammie Coates, WR63

132. Mike Clay — Devontae Booker, RB52

Round 12

133. Mike Clay — Dorial Green-Beckham, WR64

134. JJ Zachariason — Breshad Perriman, WR65

135. Josh Norris — Ben Roethlisberger, QB9

136. Lord Reebs — Eli Manning, QB10

137. Evan Silva — Eli Rogers, WR66

138. Fantasy Mansion — Tom Brady, QB11

139. Nick Mensio — Charles Johnson, WR67

140. Matt Harmon — Jared Cook, TE10

141. Raymond Summerlin — Philip Rivers, QB12

142. Patrick Daugherty — Rob Kelley, RB53 

143. Davis Mattek — Pierre Garcon, WR68

144. Adam Levitan — Dwayne Allen, TE11

Round 13

145. Adam Levitan — C.J. Spiller, RB54

146. Davis Mattek — Danny Amendola, WR69

147. Patrick Daugherty — Josh Doctson, WR70

148. Raymond Summerlin — Gary Barnidge, TE12

149. Matt Harmon — Martellus Bennett, TE13

150. Nick Mensio — Shaun Draughn, RB55

151. Fantasy Mansion — Jermaine Kearse, WR71

152. Evan Silva — Julius Thomas, TE14

153. Lord Reebs — Vance McDonald, TE15

154. Josh Norris — Shane Vereen, RB56

155. JJ Zachariason — Jason Witten, TE16

156. Mike Clay — Terrance West, RB57

Round 14

157. Mike Clay — Seahawks DEF, DEF1

158. JJ Zachariason — Carson Palmer, QB13

159. Josh Norris — Broncos DEF, DEF2

160. Lord Reebs — Stephen Gostkowski, K1

161. Evan Silva — Alfred Morris, RB58

162. Fantasy Mansion — Virgil Green, TE17 

163. Nick Mensio — Kendall Wright, WR72

164. Matt Harmon — Buck Allen, RB59

165. Raymond Summerlin — Cardinals DEF, DEF3

166. Patrick Daugherty — Eric Ebron, TE18

167. Davis Mattek — Charcandarick West, RB60

168. Adam Levitan — Steven Hauschka, K2

Round 15

169. Adam Levitan — Panthers DEF, DEF4

170. Davis Mattek — Rams DEF, DEF5 

171. Patrick Daugherty — Texans DEF, DEF6

172. Raymond Summerlin — Chris Conley, WR73

173. Matt Harmon — Jamison Crowder, WR74

174. Nick Mensio — Eagles DEF, DEF7

175. Fantasy Mansion — Patriots DEF, DEF8

176. Evan Silva — Mason Crosby, K3

177. Lord Reebs — Matt Stafford, QB14

178. Josh Norris — Zach Miller, TE19

179. JJ Zachariason — Chiefs DEF, DEF9

180. Mike Clay — Kenneth Dixon, RB61 

Round 16

181. Mike Clay — Dan Bailey, K4

182. JJ Zachariason — Cairo Santos, K5

183. Josh Norris — Chandler Catanzaro, K6

184. Lord Reebs — Vikings, DEF10

185. Evan Silva — Packers, DEF11

186. Fantasy Mansion — Jameis Winston, QB15

187. Nick Mensio — Brandon McManus, K7

188. Matt Harmon — Justin Tucker, K8

189. Raymond Summerlin — Chris Boswell, K9

190. Patrick Daugherty — Adam Vinatieri, K10

191. Davis Mattek — Graham Gano, K11

192. Adam Levitan — DJ Foster, RB62

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