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WK38: Man City at the top

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

And just like that, the Premier League season is over.  Manchester City have won it all for the second time in three years.  Norwich City, Fulham, and Cardiff City have been relegated.  Despite the fact that there were few meaningful games on the last day of the season, there were still a number of entertaining ones.  A lot of big players had to give it their all in a final attempt to impress the coach of their National squad in order to make their nation’s World Cup roster.  After it was all said and done, the celebration was in Manchester.  Let’s take a look at the weekend’s matches one last time this season.


Cardiff City 1 – 2 Chelsea

Chelsea defeated the worst team in the league with two goals in the last 20 minutes by Andre Schurrle and Fernando Torres.  The match highlighted the reason Chelsea didn’t win the Premier League this season – they can’t score against weak teams.  They should have won 4-0.  The man who loves parking the bus can’t defeat a parked bus himself!  The irony.  Mourinho has to fix the problem before next season if they are to challenge for the title.  Diego Costa will help.


Fulham 2 – 2 Crystal Palace

Fulham were relegated so they had nothing to play for and decided to go with a few youngsters.  Cauley Woodrow and Chris David both scored, giving Fulham fans hope for the future.  Fulham won’t be in the Premier League next season but it was all Michael Jackson's fault.  Palace, on the other hand, improved in the second half of the season and will look to improve and fight for a top 10 finish next season.


Hull City 0 – 2 Everton

Everton dominated from start to finish and Romelu Lukaku once again ended the season in style.  I believe he will be more consistent next season and I think he will be a fantasy force in the Premier League for season to come.  His time at Chelsea might be done with the reported acquisition of Diego Costa so it’ll be interesting to see where he lands.


Liverpool 2 – 1 Newcastle United

Steven Gerrard proved once again he is the best fantasy midfielder in the game.  Two assists and 14 points were enough for me and I was happy captaining him.  Newcastle finished with 9 men and in 9th place in the Premier League.  They were arguably the worst team in the Premier League over the last 10 or so weeks and need to improve if they want to avoid relegation next season.  A new manager could be the solution.  Sounds like a perfect spot for David Moyes.


Manchester City 2 – 0 West Ham

There was no doubt since the first whistle that Manchester City were winning this one.  They dominated from start to finish and were up 2-0 just after halftime.  The rest was cruise control.  West Ham finish 13th, which I think is respectable given the squad and the health of Andy Carroll.  Some don’t agree with me and Sam Allardyce’s job is not guaranteed.  If I had a vote, I’d give him another season.


Norwich City 0 – 2 Arsenal

Just like Chelsea’s last match summarized their season, so did Arsenal’s.  The Gunners go as Aaron Ramsey goes.  They have a chance of breaking their title drought in the FA Cup this weekend against Hull City.  If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Ramsey leading them to victory.  Norwich looked like they have all season – horrible.


Southampton 1 – 1 Manchester United

Two mid-table teams squaring off with nothing to play for it just had to end 1-1 didn’t it?  Rickie Lambert scored for the Saints and did enough to get himself on the plane to Brazil.  He could be a very useful substitute if England find themselves in need of goals.  Juan Mata tied things up for Manchester as he continues to try and get accustomed to playing at United.  He should be much better next season.  Manchester United fans are hopeful for next season, but with nothing being changed so far, I don’t see where the excitement is coming from.  A new manager won’t solve this squads’ problems.  They need to go shopping.


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Sunderland 1 – 3 Swansea City

Swansea have played below expectations all season long but ended up finishing 12th and far from the relegation zone.  Sunderland looked emotionally exhausted after pulling off one of the most unlikely escapes from the relegation zone in recent weeks.  Among the scorers in this match was Wilfried Bony – one of the most underrated players in the league.  He is a star in the making and would benefit from playing at a better club.  Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see him at Arsenal?  As a Chelsea fan, I’d love to see him at Stamford Bridge but I’m not sure that’s in the books considering the Blues have acquired Diego Costa.


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Tottenham 3 – 0 Aston Villa

Tim Sherwood finishes the season on a bright note….and then gets fired.  Tottenham dominated Aston Villa but it wasn’t enough as the club released Sherwood days later.  There is a lot of debate going on about how good of a manager Sherwood is but it is really hard to tell from half of a season.  I’d love to see him manage a “low expectations” Premier League team next season.  At least he’s entertaining.


West Brom 1 – 2 Stoke City

West Brom barely make it out alive this season and need major changes this summer.  This match was a nice reminder of that.  Stoke City finish 9th but I’m not sure they can keep it up next season and my prediction is that they are out of the top 10 next year.  Mark Hughes needs to be given credit for doing so much with this squad, but unless they get some major help in the summer, I don’t think the squad is strong enough for another 9th place finish.





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