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DFS Premier League Week 8

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

The international break is over and I hope you had success in daily fantasy international soccer to be ready for this week, as we have some great tournaments on a lot of different daily fantasy sites this weekend. The fall of daily fantasy college football has provided some boost to the soccer tournaments and we’ve seen some nice growth this season. We still have a long way to go, but I think the changes the industry has recently made has improved the game and people are welcoming the soccer product well.


There are also some really good games this weekend that should peak your interest. Unfortunately, a few of them are outside of the big DraftKings slate, but they should provide reason to watch regardless. Chelsea face off against Leicester City in a match that seems vital at this point. Chelsea are at an inflection point, and a win here puts them right into the title race while a negative result probably puts a very big damper on things. Leicester have struggled a bit to start the season and will try to rebound here as well, so this one will be intense.


There is also Liveprool – Manchester United on Monday, which should be a ton of fun, and we could also see a lot of goals from Manchester City – Everton, which is on the slate. Let’s take a look at the charts for the games that do matter, and see who to play.







If we’re looking for upside here, the highest upside play is Claudio Bravo. He has great chances for a win-to-nil, which brings in ten points, but also faces an attacking Everton team. I suspect Everton will get a number of shots on target, and if Bravo can keep a clean sheet, his upside is great. There is also a fair bit of risk here, because a mistake and a goal conceded could lead to a very mediocre performance at a high price. In terms of odds alone, Petr Cech has the best shot at a win-to-nil, and will present a popular cash game choice.


The industry has been slowly moving to playing goalkeepers who are expected to face a lot of shots and hope for saves, but that can often backfire with scores in the negative range. Those goalkeepers usually present great GPP choices, but in cash games there is a balance between finding a mix of expected shots on goal allowed and clean sheet chances. Goalkeeper is a very difficult position to pick, as it’s very reliable on the score and can swing wildly in a matter of minutes. For those of you who enjoy more risk, don’t be afraid to sneak in some cheaper goalkeepers, and remember that goalkeeper performance is generally better at home than on the road.


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The clear top choice this weekend is Sergio Aguero.  He faces Everton in what should be a blowout game and without Kevin de Bruyne, he will be the focus point of the attack. Arsenal face an arguable easier matchup, but they don’t have an option as good as Sergio Aguero. Alexis Sanchez has a similar upside, but isn’t as sure of a thing as Aguero.  Both are great GPP options.  On the cheaper end, there is a good option in Wilfried Bony, who is a bit below the average value but comes at a good price. Callum Wilson is another great option.


In cash games, I would target some combination of Raheem Sterling and Alexis Sanchez, who both provide a good floor combined with a good goal upside. Alex Iwobi is a great pivot off of those in lineups where you are spending up in the midfield. Son Heung-Min is on a great streak and on corner-kick duty, so he is an option in a good matchup.


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Good luck everyone!


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