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AL-Only Mock Draft

by Nathan Grimm
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

On March 10, a mish-mash of industry experts and faithful Rotoworld readers participated in a 12-team, AL-only mock draft.  The league is 5x5, standard 14 active hitters and nine active pitchers with two bench spots. The results are listed below.

Round 1


1.1 Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Mike Trout OF LAA
1.2 Scott Pianowski (Yahoo) - Josh Donaldson 3B TOR
1.3 SamClifford - Carlos Correa SS HOU
1.4 Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld) - Manny Machado 3B BAL
1.5 Paul Sporer (Fangraphs) - Miguel Cabrera 1B DET
1.6 Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus) - Jose Altuve 2B HOU
1.7 mikecala98 - Mookie Betts OF BOS
1.8 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Jose Abreu 1B CHW
1.9 adge - Jose Bautista OF TOR
1.10 Greg Shirron - Edwin Encarnacion DH TOR
1.11 Fabfive75 - Chris Davis 1B BAL
1.12 D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - George Springer OF HOU


Unlike in NL-only leagues, where Clayton Kershaw is a surefire first-rounder, there isn't a starting pitcher guaranteed to go in the first round in AL-only drafts, as evidenced by 12 hitters going in round one. That's not to say there aren't some guys warranting consideration, as Chris Sale and Corey Kluber crack our top 12 in the AL-only rankings. The other interesting note here is Miguel Cabrera being drafted like the Miguel Cabrera of old, a bet that, while certainly not impossible, requires a bit more faith than it did a year ago.


Round 2


2.13 D.J. Short - Chris Sale SP CHW
2.14 Fabfive75 - David Price SP BOS
2.15 Greg Shirron - Xander Bogaerts SS BOS
2.16 adge - Troy Tulowitzki SS TOR
2.17 Ryan Boyer - J.D. Martinez OF DET
2.18 mikecala98 - Todd Frazier 3B CHW
2.19 Mike Gianella - Lorenzo Cain OF KC
2.20 Paul Sporer - Carlos Gomez OF HOU
2.21 Nathan Grimm - Dallas Keuchel SP HOU
2.22 SamClifford - Chris Archer SP TB
2.23 Scott Pianowski - Justin Upton OF DET
2.24 Jesse Pantuosco - Felix Hernandez SP SEA


Pitchers start to fly off the board in the second round, but Kluber isn't among those selected. Perhaps his "down" 2015 season has suppressed his market and made him a value play in spring drafts. Troy Tulowitzki, Lorenzo Cain and Carlos Gomez represent major departures from our rankings but drive home an important point -- when it comes down to it, there is no right or wrong answer when drafting. Having conviction in your valuation of players is part of what makes our game so rewarding.


Round 3


3.25 Jesse Pantuosco - Robinson Cano 2B SEA
3.26 Scott Pianowski - Nelson Cruz OF SEA
3.27 SamClifford - Miguel Sano DH MIN
3.28 Nathan Grimm - Eric Hosmer 1B KC
3.29 Paul Sporer - Corey Kluber SP CLE
3.30 Mike Gianella - Carlos Carrasco SP CLE
3.31 mikecala98 - Adam Jones OF BAL
3.32 Ryan Boyer - Francisco Lindor SS CLE
3.33 adge - Kyle Seager 3B SEA
3.34 Greg Shirron - Sonny Gray SP OAK
3.35 Fabfive75 - Jason Kipnis 2B CLE
3.36 D.J. Short - Rougned Odor 2B TEX


A handful of young stars in the making mark this round, as Miguel Sano, Francisco Lindor and Rougned Odor are all just 22 years old. Sano could hit 30 home runs in Minnesota. Lindor showed impressive pop and speed in 2015, swatting 12 homers and swiping 12 bases while hitting .313/.353/.482 in 99 games. And Odor, after an underwhelming debut in 2014, blasted 16 home runs in a breakout year last season.


Round 4

4.37 D.J. Short - Prince Fielder DH TEX
4.38 Fabfive75 - Danny Salazar SP CLE
4.39 Greg Shirron - Wade Davis RP KC
4.40 adge - Cole Hamels SP TEX
4.41 Ryan Boyer - Brian Dozier 2B MIN
4.42 mikecala98 - Craig Kimbrel RP BOS
4.43 Mike Gianella - Ken Giles RP HOU
4.44 Paul Sporer - Adrian Beltre 3B TEX
4.45 Nathan Grimm - Brian McCann C NYY
4.46 SamClifford - Garrett Richards SP LAA
4.47 Scott Pianowski - Adam Eaton OF CHW
4.48 Jesse Pantuosco - Albert Pujols 1B LAA


The reliever run begins, and notably missing is Aroldis Chapman. The fireballer would arguably have been the first closer off the board, but his suspension has opened the door for Wade Davis and Craig Kimbrel -- no slouches themselves -- to jump to the top of the list. The first catcher to go off the board, Brian McCann, goes in this round as well. He's the clear-cut top catcher in AL-only leagues, especially with Matt Wieters ailing again this spring.


Round 5

5.49 Jesse Pantuosco - Salvador Perez C KC
5.50 Scott Pianowski - Ian Desmond SS TEX
5.51 SamClifford - Aroldis Chapman RP NYY
5.52 Nathan Grimm - Ian Kinsler 2B DET
5.53 Paul Sporer - Hanley Ramirez OF BOS
5.54 Mike Gianella - Jacoby Ellsbury OF NYY
5.55 mikecala98 - Marcus Stroman SP TOR
5.56 Ryan Boyer - Zach Britton RP BAL
5.57 adge - Russell Martin C TOR
5.58 Greg Shirron - Kole Calhoun OF LAA
5.59 Fabfive75 - Corey Dickerson OF TB
5.60 D.J. Short - Yan Gomes C CLE


Ian Desmond's shortstop eligibility, despite the fact that he'll likely play a corner outfield spot for the Rangers, adds to his value, as does the idea that he'll be extra motivated to perform following a cold reception on the open market this past offseason. Hanley Ramirez is another player who should gain added eligibility as he transitions from left field to first base this season. The value of Corey Dickerson is anyone's guess after he moves from batter-friendly Coors Field to less-friendly Tropicana Field, but he's a natural hitter who shouldn't fall off a cliff in Tampa.


Round 6

6.61 D.J. Short - David Robertson RP CHW
6.62 Fabfive75 - Michael Brantley OF CLE
6.63 Greg Shirron - Matt Wieters C BAL
6.64 adge - Jose Quintana SP CHW
6.65 Ryan Boyer - Lance McCullers SP HOU
6.66 mikecala98 - Masahiro Tanaka SP NYY
6.67 Mike Gianella - Shin-Soo Choo OF TEX
6.68 Paul Sporer - Justin Verlander SP DET
6.69 Nathan Grimm - David Ortiz DH BOS
6.70 SamClifford - Jordan Zimmermann SP DET
6.71 Scott Pianowski - Cody Allen RP CLE
6.72 Jesse Pantuosco - Carlos Rodon SP CHW


Another wild card among outfielders is Michael Brantley, whose return date could end up being the difference between this being an overpay or a great value. If he's back to full strength and raking by late April, he could easily outperform this draft position. If he has a setback or doesn't progress as quickly, it's a less attractive pick. Wieters and Lance McCullers also represent gambles as they deal with health issues that could threaten their availability for Opening Day. One player having no issues this spring is Carlos Rodon, who has five strikeouts and a 0.57 WHIP through seven scoreless Cactus League innings thus far.


Round 7

7.73 Jesse Pantuosco - Mike Moustakas 3B KC
7.74 Scott Pianowski - Evan Longoria 3B TB
7.75 SamClifford - Alex Gordon OF KC
7.76 Nathan Grimm - Brett Gardner OF NYY
7.77 Paul Sporer - Khris Davis OF OAK
7.78 Mike Gianella - Hisashi Iwakuma SP SEA
7.79 mikecala98 - Mark Teixeira 1B NYY
7.80 Ryan Boyer - Carlos Santana 1B CLE
7.81 adge - Byron Buxton OF MIN
7.82 Greg Shirron - Billy Burns OF OAK
7.83 Fabfive75 - Jake Odorizzi SP TB
7.84 D.J. Short - Taijuan Walker SP SEA


It will be interesting to see how Khris Davis's numbers react to a move to O.co Coliseum, a notorious pitchers' park, but that kind of power still plays regardless of dimensions. The valuation of Byron Buxton this spring should be fascinating -- a top prospect who struggled mightily in 46 games with the big club last season. And thus far, people seem to be buying the hype, as he's being drafted as the No. 22 outfielder in AL-only leagues despite our projections putting him at a more modest No. 37 ranking.


Round 8

8.85 D.J. Short - Elvis Andrus SS TEX
8.86 Fabfive75 - Francisco Rodriguez RP DET
8.87 Greg Shirron - Michael Pineda SP NYY
8.88 adge - Drew Storen RP TOR
8.89 Ryan Boyer - Kevin Pillar OF TOR
8.90 mikecala98 - Andrew Miller RP NYY
8.91 Mike Gianella - Huston Street RP LAA
8.92 Paul Sporer - Stephen Vogt C OAK
8.93 Nathan Grimm - Starlin Castro 2B NYY
8.94 SamClifford - Dustin Pedroia 2B BOS
8.95 Scott Pianowski - Logan Forsythe 2B TB
8.96 Jesse Pantuosco - Mark Trumbo OF BAL


Drew Storen and Andrew Miller are two suspect choices for different reasons. Storen is battling with Roberto Osuna for the closer job with the Blue Jays, so he's not even guaranteed to open the season in a position to contribute meaningfully to a fantasy team; Miller, meanwhile, will open the year with a sweet gig as the Yankees' closer, but only until the aforementioned Chapman gets back from his suspension in early May. A couple better values come at second base, where Dustin Pedroia and Logan Forsythe can both do a little bit of everything to help a fantasy team at the keystone.


Round 9

9.97 Jesse Pantuosco - Shawn Tolleson RP TEX
9.98 Scott Pianowski - Delino DeShields OF TEX
9.99 SamClifford - Blake Swihart C BOS
9.100 Nathan Grimm - Luis Severino SP NYY
9.101 Paul Sporer - Sean Doolittle RP OAK
9.102 Mike Gianella - Drew Smyly SP TB
9.103 mikecala98 - Jonathan Schoop 2B BAL
9.104 Ryan Boyer - Yordano Ventura SP KC
9.105 adge - Brad Boxberger RP TB
9.106 Greg Shirron - Dellin Betances RP NYY
9.107 Fabfive75 - Glen Perkins RP MIN
9.108 D.J. Short - Yu Darvish SP TEX


Some interesting names among the starting pitching pool go off the board here, with sky-high potential existing in all three of Luis Severino, Drew Smyly and Yordano Ventura. Whether this is the year any of the three put it all together is a different story. The same questions about Miller going last round exist for Dellin Betances, but even more so -- Betances won't even be the closer in Chapman's absence. It's just too early for a reliever who isn't getting saves, regardless of his dominance in other categories. Yu Darvish won't be back until around midseason, but he should be ace-quality upon his return.


Round 10

10.109 D.J. Short - Josh Reddick OF OAK
10.110 Fabfive75 - James McCann C DET
10.111 Greg Shirron - Brett Lawrie 2B CHW
10.112 adge - Byung-Ho Park 1B MIN
10.113 Ryan Boyer - Pedro Alvarez 1B BAL
10.114 mikecala98 - Kevin Kiermaier OF TB
10.115 Mike Gianella - Collin McHugh SP HOU
10.116 Paul Sporer - Roberto Osuna RP TOR
10.117 Nathan Grimm - Steven Souza OF TB
10.118 SamClifford - Yunel Escobar 3B LAA
10.119 Scott Pianowski - Kendrys Morales DH KC
10.120 Jesse Pantuosco - Marcus Semien SS OAK


Byung-Ho Park leads the Twins with three homers this spring and raked for years in the Korean Baseball Organization, so he could be a winning lottery ticket at this stage. Similarly, Pedro Alvarez should enjoy his new confines in Baltimore, where left-handed power plays in a big way -- just ask Chris Davis. This is a great spot for Osuna, who could, as previously mentioned, exit spring with a closing job for what should be one of the best teams in the American League.


Round 11
Round 12

11.121 Jesse Pantuosco - Alex Rodriguez DH NYY
11.122 Scott Pianowski - Brad Miller SS TB
11.123 SamClifford - Mitch Moreland 1B TEX
11.124 Nathan Grimm - Trevor Bauer SP CLE
11.125 Paul Sporer - Ketel Marte SS SEA
11.126 Mike Gianella - Adam Lind 1B SEA
11.127 mikecala98 - Evan Gattis DH HOU
11.128 Ryan Boyer - Trevor Plouffe 3B MIN
11.129 adge - Steve Cishek RP SEA
11.130 Greg Shirron - Danny Valencia 3B OAK
11.131 Fabfive75 - Nick Castellanos 3B DET
11.132 D.J. Short - Alcides Escobar SS KC


12.133 D.J. Short - Chase Headley 3B NYY
12.134 Fabfive75 - Ervin Santana SP MIN
12.135 Greg Shirron - Mike Napoli 1B CLE
12.136 adge - Devon Travis 2B TOR
12.137 Ryan Boyer - Eduardo Rodriguez SP BOS
12.138 mikecala98 - Jason Castro C HOU
12.139 Mike Gianella - Robinson Chirinos C TEX
12.140 Paul Sporer - Ian Kennedy SP KC
12.141 Nathan Grimm - Hyun-soo Kim OF BAL
12.142 SamClifford - Melky Cabrera OF CHW
12.143 Scott Pianowski - Mike Fiers SP HOU
12.144 Jesse Pantuosco - Marco Estrada SP TOR


It's strange to say "Alex Rodriguez" and "low-key" in the same sentence, but he had a quiet offseason and should enjoy a season similar to what he did in 2015 -- good power, pedestrian average, lots of counting stats. One legitimately low-key player who should also pay off is Danny Valencia, who quietly hit .290/.345/.519 with 18 homers and 66 RBI last season. Two pitchers who probably went too early: Trevor Bauer and Ervin Santana. As evidenced by some of the picks later in Round 12, better options existed and continued to exist.


Round 13
Round 14

13.145 Jesse Pantuosco - Colby Rasmus OF HOU
13.146 Scott Pianowski - Brock Holt 2B BOS
13.147 SamClifford - Cameron Maybin OF DET
13.148 Nathan Grimm - Phil Hughes SP MIN
13.149 Paul Sporer - Nathan Eovaldi SP NYY
13.150 Mike Gianella - Pablo Sandoval 3B BOS
13.151 mikecala98 - Matt Moore SP TB
13.152 Ryan Boyer - Kevin Gausman SP BAL
13.153 adge - Rusney Castillo OF BOS
13.154 Greg Shirron - Victor Martinez DH DET
13.155 Fabfive75 - Andrelton Simmons SS LAA
13.156 D.J. Short - Andrew Heaney SP LAA


14.157 D.J. Short - C.J. Cron 1B LAA
14.158 Fabfive75 - Joe Mauer 1B MIN
14.159 Greg Shirron - Edinson Volquez SP KC
14.160 adge - Blake Snell SP TB
14.161 Ryan Boyer - Nori Aoki OF SEA
14.162 mikecala98 - Chris Colabello OF TOR
14.163 Mike Gianella - Austin Jackson OF CHW
14.164 Paul Sporer - Aaron Hicks OF NYY
14.165 Nathan Grimm - Jimmy Rollins SS CHW
14.166 SamClifford - Anibal Sanchez SP DET
14.167 Scott Pianowski - Carlos Beltran OF NYY
14.168 Jesse Pantuosco - Doug Fister SP HOU


The sure things are long gone, but Cameron Maybin, who is sidelined with an injury, and Rusney Castillo, whose own president of baseball operations has said isn't "an established major league player," are speculative at best. As in the NL-only draft, starting pitching depth holds up much better, with bounce-back candidates Phil Hughes and Kevin Gausman among the solid pitchers to come off the board in these rounds. This is too soon for Blake Snell, who should be another strong starter to come out of the Rays' system but isn't likely to make much of a mark in 2016.


Round 15
Round 16

15.169 Jesse Pantuosco - J.J. Hardy SS BAL
15.170 Scott Pianowski - Chris Young SP KC
15.171 SamClifford - Alex Cobb SP TB
15.172 Nathan Grimm - Eddie Rosario OF MIN
15.173 Paul Sporer - Chris Coghlan OF OAK
15.174 Mike Gianella - Leonys Martin OF SEA
15.175 mikecala98 - Jose Iglesias SS DET
15.176 Ryan Boyer - Clay Buchholz SP BOS
15.177 adge - Nathan Karns SP SEA
15.178 Greg Shirron - Juan Uribe 3B CLE
15.179 Fabfive75 - Jose Berrios SP MIN
15.180 D.J. Short - Rick Porcello SP BOS


16.181 D.J. Short - Jackie Bradley OF BOS
16.182 Fabfive75 - Jurickson Profar 2B TEX
16.183 Greg Shirron - Didi Gregorius SS NYY
16.184 adge - Michael Fulmer SP DET
16.185 Ryan Boyer - Jarrod Dyson OF KC
16.186 mikecala98 - Anthony Gose OF DET
16.187 Mike Gianella - Luis Valbuena 3B HOU
16.188 Paul Sporer - Ryan Madson RP OAK
16.189 Nathan Grimm - Joaquin Benoit RP SEA
16.190 SamClifford - Daniel Norris SP DET
16.191 Scott Pianowski - Kurt Suzuki C MIN
16.192 Jesse Pantuosco - Yovani Gallardo SP BAL


After the All-Star break, Rick Porcello had a 3.53 ERA and 70 strikeouts in 71 1/3 innings last season. Something may have clicked. A new situation could help Leonys Martin, who was a mixed league regular before a miserable 2015 season. An oblique injury could keep Jarrod Dyson out of action until May, but the speedster was a fantasy contributor in a part-time role and should have an everyday job in 2016 when healthy. These rounds are also where setup men in good situations and part-timers who can contribute in one or two offensive categories become worthwhile selections.


Round 17
Round 18
Round 19

17.193 Jesse Pantuosco - Avisail Garcia OF CHW
17.194 Scott Pianowski - Wade Miley SP SEA
17.195 SamClifford - Mark Canha 1B OAK
17.196 Nathan Grimm - Desmond Jennings OF TB
17.197 Paul Sporer - Ryan Goins 2B TOR
17.198 Mike Gianella - Eduardo Escobar SS MIN
17.199 mikecala98 - Erasmo Ramirez SP TB
17.200 Ryan Boyer - Sam Dyson RP TEX
17.201 adge - Michael Saunders OF TOR
17.202 Greg Shirron - Josh Tomlin SP CLE
17.203 Fabfive75 - Rajai Davis OF CLE
17.204 D.J. Short - J.R. Murphy C MIN


18.205 D.J. Short - Lonnie Chisenhall OF CLE
18.206 Fabfive75 - Dioner Navarro C CHW
18.207 Greg Shirron - Kevin Jepsen RP MIN
18.208 adge - Travis Shaw 1B BOS
18.209 Ryan Boyer - Carlos Perez C LAA
18.210 mikecala98 - Chris Bassitt SP OAK
18.211 Mike Gianella - Curt Casali C TB
18.212 Paul Sporer - Marwin Gonzalez 1B HOU
18.213 Nathan Grimm - Aaron Sanchez SP TOR
18.214 SamClifford - Alex Avila C CHW
18.215 Scott Pianowski - Chris Iannetta C SEA
18.216 Jesse Pantuosco - Jed Lowrie 3B OAK


19.217 Jesse Pantuosco - Dalton Pompey OF TOR
19.218 Scott Pianowski - Kyle Gibson SP MIN
19.219 SamClifford - Hector Santiago SP LAA
19.220 Nathan Grimm - Jesse Hahn SP OAK
19.221 Paul Sporer - J.A. Happ SP TOR
19.222 Mike Gianella - Rich Hill SP OAK
19.223 mikecala98 - James Paxton SP SEA
19.224 Ryan Boyer - Kris Medlen SP KC
19.225 adge - AJ Reed 1B HOU
19.226 Greg Shirron - Nomar Mazara OF TEX
19.227 Fabfive75 - Chris Young OF BOS
19.228 D.J. Short - Derek Holland SP TEX


Avisail Garcia didn't take kindly to the White Sox trying to replace him last winter, as he's among the league leaders in OPS this spring. Arms like Erasmo Ramirez, Hector Santiago, J.A. Happ and Derek Holland aren't sexy, but they're still plenty useful and further drive home the point that pitching is abundant, even in single leagues. One of the more interesting picks in these rounds is Nomar Mazara, the top prospect who could find his way in the Rangers' lineup sooner than anticipated with Josh Hamilton ailing. It's a situation worth watching as spring begins to wind down.


Round 20
Round 21
Round 22

20.229 D.J. Short - Liam Hendriks RP OAK
20.230 Fabfive75 - Joey Gallo OF TEX
20.231 Greg Shirron - Will Venable OF CLE
20.232 adge - Dustin Ackley OF NYY
20.233 Ryan Boyer - Tyler Duffey SP MIN
20.234 mikecala98 - Josh Hamilton OF TEX
20.235 Mike Gianella - Chris Tillman SP BAL
20.236 Paul Sporer - Josh Phegley C OAK
20.237 Nathan Grimm - Darren O'Day RP BAL
20.238 SamClifford - Danny Duffy SP KC
20.239 Scott Pianowski - C.J. Wilson SP LAA
20.240 Jesse Pantuosco - Steve Pearce OF TB


21.241 Jesse Pantuosco - Colby Lewis SP TEX
21.242 Scott Pianowski - Drew Hutchison SP TOR
21.243 SamClifford - Robert Refsnyder 2B NYY
21.244 Nathan Grimm - Dae-ho Lee 1B SEA
21.245 Paul Sporer - Kyle Zimmer SP KC
21.246 Mike Gianella - Carson Smith RP BOS
21.247 mikecala98 - Keone Kela RP TEX
21.248 Ryan Boyer - Hank Conger C TB
21.249 adge - Joe Kelly SP BOS
21.250 Greg Shirron - Mat Latos SP CHW
21.251 Fabfive75 - Billy Butler DH OAK
21.252 D.J. Short - Luke Gregerson RP HOU


22.253 D.J. Short - Preston Tucker OF HOU
22.254 Fabfive75 - John Axford RP OAK
22.255 Greg Shirron - Koji Uehara RP BOS
22.256 adge - Tyler Saladino 3B CHW
22.257 Ryan Boyer - Paulo Orlando OF KC
22.258 mikecala98 - Carlos Sanchez 2B CHW
22.259 Mike Gianella - Logan Morrison 1B TB
22.260 Paul Sporer - Max Kepler OF MIN
22.261 Nathan Grimm - Franklin Gutierrez OF SEA
22.262 SamClifford - Martin Perez SP TEX
22.263 Scott Pianowski - Joe Smith RP LAA
22.264 Jesse Pantuosco - Geovany Soto C LAA


When the draft chat starts buzzing about Liam Hendriks, the league is officially too deep. But the Aussie was stellar in relief for the Jays in 2015 and could challenge for saves in Oakland if Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson don't get the job done. There are worse lottery tickets to buy than Joey Gallo in the 20th round. Paul Sporer also took a couple deep shots with Kyle Zimmer and Max Kepler, two top prospects without much in the way of roadblocks ahead of them.


Round 23
Round 24
Round 25

23.265 Jesse Pantuosco - R.A. Dickey SP TOR
23.266 Scott Pianowski - Kelvin Herrera RP KC
23.267 SamClifford - Brett Cecil RP TOR
23.268 Nathan Grimm - Caleb Joseph C BAL
23.269 Paul Sporer - Yonder Alonso 1B OAK
23.270 Mike Gianella - Tim Anderson SS CHW
23.271 mikecala98 - Austin Romine 1B NYY
23.272 Ryan Boyer - Lewis Brinson OF TEX
23.273 adge - Tommy Milone SP MIN
23.274 Greg Shirron - Matt Duffy 3B HOU
23.275 Fabfive75 - Jose Ramirez SS CLE
23.276 D.J. Short - Seth Smith OF SEA


24.277 D.J. Short - Gary Sanchez C NYY
24.278 Fabfive75 - Nick Tropeano SP LAA
24.279 Greg Shirron - Joakim Soria RP KC
24.280 adge - Jorge Mateo SS NYY
24.281 Ryan Boyer - Omar Infante 2B KC
24.282 mikecala98 - Henry Owens SP BOS
24.283 Mike Gianella - Ubaldo Jimenez SP BAL
24.284 Paul Sporer - Giovanny Urshela 3B CLE
24.285 Nathan Grimm - Justin Smoak 1B TOR
24.286 SamClifford - Aaron Judge OF NYY
24.287 Scott Pianowski - Brandon Guyer OF TB
24.288 Jesse Pantuosco - CC Sabathia SP NYY


25.289 Jesse Pantuosco - Adam LaRoche DH CHW
25.290 Scott Pianowski - Zach McAllister RP CLE
25.291 SamClifford - Bradley Zimmer OF CLE
25.292 Nathan Grimm - Henderson Alvarez SP OAK
25.293 Paul Sporer - Tony Zych RP SEA
25.294 Mike Gianella - Jake Marisnick OF HOU
25.295 mikecala98 - Raul Mondesi SS KC
25.296 Ryan Boyer - Miguel Gonzalez SP BAL
25.297 adge - Max Stassi C HOU
25.298 Greg Shirron - Bryan Holaday C DET
25.299 Fabfive75 - Kendall Graveman SP OAK
25.300 D.J. Short - Tyler Skaggs SP LAA


Interesting flyers, second catchers and guys at needed positions populate the late rounds. Tim Anderson, Lewis Brinson, Jorge Mateo, Aaron Judge and Bradley Zimmer may be fantasy stars one day, but for now they're Powerball tickets. Tyler Skaggs gets the distinction of being Mr. Irrelevant, but there's no parade following this draft. Considerably less notoriety as well.