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AL-Only Mock Draft

by Nathan Grimm
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

An NL-only mock draft was held with 10 fantasy writers on March 8. The league is 5x5, with 13 active hitters (one catcher) and nine active pitchers with three bench spots.

Round 1

1.1 Mike Trout OF LAA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
1.2 Mookie Betts OF BOS — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
1.3 Jose Altuve 2B HOU — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
1.4 Manny Machado 3B BAL — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
1.5 Josh Donaldson 3B TOR — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
1.6 Miguel Cabrera 1B DET — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
1.7 Carlos Correa SS HOU — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
1.8 Edwin Encarnacion 1B CLE — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
1.9 Nelson Cruz OF SEA — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
1.10 Chris Sale SP BOS — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Mike Trout and Mookie Betts will likely go 1-2 in mixed leagues, so it's no surprise to see them paired together at the top of this AL-only mock as well. There are no real surprises in this round at all, really, with the league's top hitters and its best starter going off the board. Josh Donaldson's ongoing calf strain is a mild concern, but with Opening Day still a few weeks away he shouldn't be moved down draft boards yet. My pick: even in the first round, I panicked a bit when my turn came up. Sale is obviously a fine choice, but I didn't intend to take a pitcher so early.

Round 2

2.11 Gary Sanchez C NYY — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
2.12 Xander Bogaerts SS BOS — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
2.13 Robinson Cano 2B SEA — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
2.14 Corey Kluber SP CLE — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
2.15 Francisco Lindor SS CLE — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
2.16 Yu Darvish SP TEX — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
2.17 George Springer OF HOU — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
2.18 Jonathan Lucroy C TEX — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
2.19 Rougned Odor 2B TEX — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
2.20 Jose Abreu 1B CHW — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

The American League is flush with good, young shortstops, with both Xander Bogaerts and Francisco Lindor having a case for being first-round picks in an AL-only league. After making 17 starts last year, big things are expected for Yu Darvish this season. Rougned Odor at the end of the second round feels like a steal after he broke out with 33 homers, 88 RBI, 89 runs scored and 14 steals in 2016. My pick: Gary Sanchez is the clear-cut best catcher in an AL-only league, and knowing he wouldn't be around by the time the draft got back to me I had to snatch him up at the top of the second round.

Round 3

3.21 Kyle Seager 3B SEA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
3.22 J.D. Martinez OF DET — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
3.23 Hanley Ramirez 1B BOS — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
3.24 Jean Segura SS SEA — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
3.25 Brian Dozier 2B MIN — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
3.26 Aroldis Chapman RP NYY — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
3.27 Adrian Beltre 3B TEX — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
3.28 Justin Verlander SP DET — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
3.29 Todd Frazier 3B CHW — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
3.30 Jason Kipnis 2B CLE — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Jean Segura feels like somewhat of an unknown this year -- he raked in Arizona last season, hitting 20 homers with 64 RBI, 102 runs scored and 33 steals, but his new digs in Seattle won't be as hitter-friendly. Nevertheless, his floor is pretty high, and we've seen how high his ceiling can be. Aroldis Chapman is the deserving first reliever off the board. Adrian Beltre and Todd Frazier are both third basemen who have dealt with injuries this spring, but both should be 100 percent by early April. My pick: The draft took place before news came out that Jason Kipnis likely won't be ready for Opening Day, but not before he had already been dealing with shoulder issues. It's one of the risks of drafting early, but drafting early also adds another level of difficulty that's a welcome challenge for self-confident fantasy players.

Round 4

4.31 Justin Upton OF DET — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
4.32 Eric Hosmer 1B KC — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
4.33 Mark Trumbo OF BAL — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
4.34 Ian Kinsler 2B DET — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
4.35 Evan Longoria 3B TB — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
4.36 Carlos Carrasco SP CLE — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
4.37 Chris Archer SP TB — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
4.38 Zach Britton RP BAL — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
4.39 Cole Hamels SP TEX — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
4.40 Chris Davis 1B BAL — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

Even after leading the league with 47 homers last season, Mark Trumbo comes with some risk because of how often he strikes out. Still, the fourth round is a good value for him in an AL-only league. Carlos Carrasco and Chris Archer are two guys who are talented enough to finish the year as the league's best starter. It's a small upset that Zach Britton is the second reliever to come off the board -- our rankings have Edwin Diaz at the top of the list, in fact; then Britton, then Chapman -- but it's hard to argue with a 0.54 ERA and 47 saves a year ago. My pick: Nothing really in-depth here: Justin Upton is a good hitter, and I needed good hitters.

Round 5

5.41 Edwin Diaz RP SEA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
5.42 Carlos Santana 1B CLE — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
5.43 Jose Quintana SP CHW — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
5.44 Khris Davis OF OAK — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
5.45 Jose Bautista OF TOR — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
5.46 Adam Jones OF BAL — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
5.47 Masahiro Tanaka SP NYY — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
5.48 Michael Fulmer SP DET — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
5.49 Kelvin Herrera RP KC — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
5.50 Brad Miller 2B TB — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Diaz goes here in the fifth round, and he's followed by Kelvin Herrera, who's the guy in Kansas City now that Wade Davis is in Chicago. Jose Quintana would benefit from a trade, but even if he stays put he'll be a great bet for good numbers again this year. Jose Bautista could be a stellar value if he can prove that things just went horribly wrong for him in 2016 and that he's still the 40-homer guy of years past. Masahiro Tanaka still feels like a ticking time bomb, and I don't want to be the one left holding the bag when it explodes. My pick: some will write off Brad Miller's 2016 as fluky, but he's been one of FSWA Hall of Famer Matthew Pouliot's guys for years. That's good enough for me.

Round 6

6.51 David Price SP BOS — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
6.52 Ken Giles RP HOU — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
6.53 Albert Pujols 1B LAA — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
6.54 Andrew Benintendi OF BOS — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
6.55 Dustin Pedroia 2B BOS — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
6.56 Craig Kimbrel RP BOS — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
6.57 Kevin Kiermaier OF TB — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
6.58 Alex Bregman 3B HOU — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
6.59 Aaron Sanchez SP TOR — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
6.60 Tim Anderson SS CHW — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

David Price tumbled down draft boards because of the uncertainty around his elbow, but he was given the OK by the world's best elbow surgeons. That makes him a potential value as cautious fantasy owners steer clear of an admittedly risky pick. Andrew Benintendi held his own in a 34-game audition in 2016, batting .295/.359/.476, and he's ready to make the leap in 2017. Kevin Kiermaier appears at first blush to be a glove-only outfielder -- and a darn good one, at that -- but he's now hit double-digit homers and stolen 18 and 21 bases, respectively, in the past two seasons. Last year he hit 12 homers with 21 steals in 105 games. Our hopes are high. My pick: I already talked about Price, and the price -- pun intended, though unavoidable, really -- for a potential fantasy ace is one I'm going to pay every day, even if it ends badly for me.

Round 7

7.61 Miguel Sano 3B MIN — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
7.62 Jackie Bradley OF BOS — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
7.63 Byron Buxton OF MIN — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
7.64 Lorenzo Cain OF KC — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
7.65 Carlos Gomez OF TEX — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
7.66 Jose Ramirez 3B CLE — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
7.67 Carlos Beltran OF HOU — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
7.68 Felix Hernandez SP SEA — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
7.69 Roberto Osuna RP TOR — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
7.70 Nomar Mazara OF TEX — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Lots of interesting outfield names here, most notably Byron Buxton. You've likely heard the numbers by now -- Buxton hit .287/.357/.653 with nine homers and a stolen base last September -- and prospect-watchers have been salivating over his upside from day one. If September was a preview of what's in store, he'll easily out-earn this draft spot. Lorenzo Cain is another one, he was plagued by injuries last year, but in 140 games in 2015 he hit .307/.361/.477 with 16 homers and 28 steals. Felix Hernandez is no longer a fantasy ace, and whether he's good enough to deserve to go ahead of guys like Rick Porcello, Lance McCullers and Danny Duffy is very much in question. My pick: Nomar Mazara acquitted himself very well in 2016, hitting 20 homers as a rookie, and with a year under his belt and a great lineup and ballpark around him, there should be even more in store this year.

Round 8

8.71 Cody Allen RP CLE — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
8.72 Rajai Davis OF OAK — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
8.73 Evan Gattis C HOU — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
8.74 Rick Porcello SP BOS — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
8.75 Salvador Perez C KC — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
8.76 Troy Tulowitzki SS TOR — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
8.77 Elvis Andrus SS TEX — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
8.78 Lance McCullers SP HOU — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
8.79 Danny Duffy SP KC — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
8.80 Alex Colome RP TB — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

Rajai Davis wasn't an everyday player for the Indians last year, but he still led the league with 43 steals. Now in Oakland with a starting gig, Davis should have the perpetual green light. All spring we've commented on Troy Tulowitzki's draft stock -- he went for $2 in our mock auction last month -- but there's not really a shortstop behind whom he was taken, perhaps with the exception of Tim Anderson, that seems wrong. The fact is, Tulo just has a lot of mileage on his body, he's 32 years old and he hit .254 last season. Duffy still might have been flying under some radars, despite a strong 2016, but his performance in the WBC for Team USA could change that quickly. My pick: Andrew Miller is being drafted in the proximity of Cody Allen, but Allen still closed games after the Tribe acquired Miller last summer and manager Terry Francona has already said Allen is the team's closer this year. Opportunity is arguably the most important part of fantasy, even more than talent, so Allen is the guy to own this spring.

Round 9

9.81 Devon Travis 2B TOR — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
9.82 Kendrys Morales DH TOR — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
9.83 Kevin Gausman SP BAL — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
9.84 Jonathan Schoop 2B BAL — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
9.85 Ryon Healy 3B OAK — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
9.86 Kole Calhoun OF LAA — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
9.87 Mike Napoli 1B TEX — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
9.88 Marcus Semien SS OAK — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
9.89 Marcus Stroman SP TOR — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
9.90 Danny Salazar SP CLE — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Devon Travis was limited to 101 games last year but hit .300/.332/.454 with 11 homers and four steals in those 432 plate appearances. Kendrys Morales takes over for the departed Edwin Encarnacion and should fit in just fine in a strong Blue Jays lineup and good hitting environment. Ryon Healy had a coming out party in 2016, batting .305/.337/.524 with 13 homers in 72 games, and with a full-time job at third base he should prove that last year wasn't a mirage. Marcus Stroman will also be seeking to prove that he's for real after registering a disappointing 4.37 ERA in 32 starts last season. History isn't on his side, the list of successful starting pitchers under 6-feet is short, a bad indicator for the 5-foot-8-inch Stroman. My pick: Danny Salazar is another one of those who can pitch like an ace on any given day, so he's a mighty fine third starter in an AL-only league.

Round 10

10.91 Michael Brantley OF CLE — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
10.92 Jarrod Dyson OF SEA — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
10.93 Victor Martinez DH DET — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
10.94 Andrew Miller RP CLE — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
10.95 Nick Castellanos 3B DET — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
10.96 Russell Martin C TOR — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
10.97 Mike Moustakas 3B KC — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
10.98 Didi Gregorius SS NYY — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
10.99 Brian McCann C HOU — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
10.100 James Paxton SP SEA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

The range of possible outcomes for Michael Brantley this year is larger than almost any other player. His health will obviously be the big decider, and while he's trending in the right direction in spring, there won't be much clarity by the time your league drafts. It's a leap of faith. I don't understand Miller going off the board ahead of guys with defined closer jobs like Sam Dyson, Francisco Rodriguez and David Robertson. If he finds his way into save chances then he's an elite option, but otherwise he's just a good source of ERA and WHIP. James Paxton at the end of the 10th round stands out as a great value, the velocity increase was real, and it showed in his strikeout total. My pick: I'm on record as being the high man on Brantley this spring, so I had to put my money where my mouth is. As I said in my Showdown piece, fortune favors the bold.

Rounds 11-12

11.101 Matt Holliday OF NYY — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
11.102 Sam Dyson RP TEX — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
11.103 Carlos Rodon SP CHW — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
11.104 Leonys Martin OF SEA — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
11.105 Max Kepler OF MIN — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
11.106 Dallas Keuchel SP HOU — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
11.107 Francisco Rodriguez RP DET — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
11.108 Jacoby Ellsbury OF NYY — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
11.109 Starlin Castro 2B NYY — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
11.110 Jorge Soler OF KC — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

12.111 David Robertson RP CHW — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
12.112 Alcides Escobar SS KC — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
12.113 Melky Cabrera OF CHW — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
12.114 Dellin Betances RP NYY — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
12.115 Matt Duffy 3B TB — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
12.116 Mitch Haniger OF SEA — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
12.117 Yulieski Gurriel 3B HOU — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
12.118 Brett Gardner OF NYY — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
12.119 Shin-Soo Choo OF TEX — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
12.120 Matt Shoemaker SP LAA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

Matt Holliday should rake in his new digs, and the designated hitter spot should help keep him healthier than he has been while roaming the outfield in recent years. Carlos Rodon won't be ready for the start of the season, but shouldn't be too far behind. Dallas Keuchel said major shoulder inflammation was the cause of his disappointing 4.55 ERA last season; if that's the case and he's past it, the 11th round is tremendous value for the Cy Young winner. I like Robertson to bounce back this year, and even if he stays with the White Sox there will be plenty of save chances abound. Matt Duffy unfortunately doesn't seem likely to be ready for Opening Day after Achilles surgery last September, but he could be a sneaky buy-low after a poor 2016. If Mitch Haniger hits his way into everyday at-bats with the M's this spring, he'll become a cheap power option.

Rounds 13-14

13.121 C.J. Cron 1B LAA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
13.122 Yoan Moncada 2B CHW — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
13.123 Josh Reddick OF HOU — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
13.124 Alex Gordon OF KC — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
13.125 Sean Manaea SP OAK — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
13.126 Corey Dickerson OF TB — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
13.127 Michael Pineda SP NYY — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
13.128 Sonny Gray SP OAK — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
13.129 Greg Bird 1B NYY — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
13.130 Jake Odorizzi SP TB — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

14.131 Chris Carter 1B NYY — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
14.132 Drew Pomeranz SP BOS — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
14.133 Cameron Maybin OF LAA — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
14.134 Brandon Kintzler RP MIN — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
14.135 J.A. Happ SP TOR — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
14.136 Brandon Moss OF KC — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
14.137 Marco Estrada SP TOR — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
14.138 Cam Bedrosian RP LAA — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
14.139 Jurickson Profar OF TEX — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
14.140 Kevin Pillar OF TOR — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

Yoan Moncada seems destined to start the year in the minors, a dangerous proposition for fantasy owners -- especially this relatively early -- due to the unknown. He could be up in mid-April, he could be promoted for a cup of coffee in September. You just don't know. The draft took place a day before news of Sonny Gray's lat strain broke, but it certainly would have pushed him further down this board if that had been common knowledge when we made our picks. Greg Bird and Chris Carter going within a few picks of each other is interesting, given that one will likely cut into the other's at-bats. The player who gets the lion's share will very much be worth owning, but owning the other will be a frustrating experience. Brandon Kintzler is in line to save games for the Twins, for whatever that's worth (it's not a lot). Cam Bedrosian is an interesting name, especially with Huston Street now sidelined. Even before that, Bedrosian was the best reliever in the Angels' bullpen and had the highest fantasy upside. If he can stay healthy himself and hold off Andrew Bailey, he's worth taking higher than this.

Rounds 15-16

15.141 Alex Cobb SP TB — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
15.142 Danny Valencia 3B SEA — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
15.143 Steve Pearce 1B TOR — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
15.144 Daniel Norris SP DET — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
15.145 Danny Espinosa 2B LAA — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
15.146 Jharel Cotton SP OAK — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
15.147 Pablo Sandoval 3B BOS — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
15.148 Ryan Madson RP OAK — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
15.149 Garrett Richards SP LAA — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
15.150 Aaron Judge OF NYY — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

16.151 Mitch Moreland 1B BOS — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
16.152 Ben Revere OF LAA — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
16.153 Tyler Naquin OF CLE — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
16.154 Hyun Soo Kim OF BAL — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
16.155 Dylan Bundy SP BAL — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
16.156 Drew Smyly SP SEA — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
16.157 Collin McHugh SP HOU — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
16.158 Blake Snell SP TB — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
16.159 Andrelton Simmons SS LAA — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
16.160 Mike Zunino C SEA — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

It was noted in the draft chat that the American League feels deeper than the National League in terms of talent, and that's on display with guys like Alex Cobb, Jharel Cotton and Garrett Richards going in the 15th round. Among question marks, Pablo Sandoval is one of the biggest (pun still intended), but the conditions are right for productive output if he's in a good place physically. Mitch Moreland is a name to keep in mind late in mixed leagues; he's going to be the team's primary first baseman with Hanley Ramirez moving to DH, and in a very good Red Sox lineup he could quietly do some damage. Ben Revere could benefit from a fresh start, and he's having a very good spring with the Angels (he's got 11 hits in 22 at-bats at press time, while also having stolen three bases in four tries). Hyun Soo Kim hit for average but not for the kind of power expected of a guy who hit 28 homers in his last season in the KBO. A step forward from the six dingers he hit with the O's last year should be expected. Command bugged Blake Snell last year, but he was in High-A when the 2015 season started. Another year under his belt should benefit him, and he doesn't need much help as even with all the walks, he struck out 98 batters in 89 innings with the Rays in 2016.

Rounds 17-19

17.161 Chris Devenski RP HOU — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
17.162 Joe Mauer 1B MIN — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
17.163 Charlie Tilson OF CHW — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
17.164 Ian Kennedy SP KC — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
17.165 Steven Souza OF TB — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
17.166 Seth Smith OF BAL — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
17.167 Jorge Polanco SS MIN — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
17.168 Luis Valbuena 3B LAA — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
17.169 Stephen Vogt C OAK — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
17.170 Yunel Escobar 3B LAA — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

18.171 Hisashi Iwakuma SP SEA — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
18.172 Nate Jones RP CHW — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
18.173 Glen Perkins RP MIN — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
18.174 Colby Rasmus OF TB — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
18.175 Melvin Upton OF TOR — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
18.176 Jordan Zimmermann SP DET — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
18.177 Francisco Liriano SP TOR — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
18.178 Tyler Saladino 2B CHW — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
18.179 Eduardo Rodriguez SP BOS — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
18.180 Steven Wright SP BOS — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

19.181 Avisail Garcia DH CHW — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
19.182 Ryan Dull RP OAK — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
19.183 Kennys Vargas 1B MIN — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
19.184 Welington Castillo C BAL — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
19.185 Matt Joyce OF OAK — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
19.186 Trevor Bauer SP CLE — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
19.187 Tyler Thornburg RP BOS — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
19.188 Chris Tillman SP BAL — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
19.189 Matt Bush RP TEX — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
19.190 Lonnie Chisenhall OF CLE — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Locking up catcher early in a one-catcher, single-league draft, but those who waited still got good value. Welington Castillo especially stands out as someone who should benefit from Oriole Park at Camden Yards and a stellar Orioles lineup around him. As with Brantley, I'm also gaining a reputation as being a Francisco Liriano honk, so it was disappointing to watch him go to someone else. Liriano found something late last season after his trade to the Blue Jays, and he's having a strong spring thus far (eight strikeouts over five scoreless innings). He's only one year removed from posting a 3.38 ERA with 205 strikeouts in 31 starts in 2015. In AL-only leagues, a lot more relievers get taken than in mixed leagues, and the ones going in these rounds -- guys like Nate Jones, Glen Perkins, Tyler Thornburg -- represent the best of the non-closing options, if you opted against jumping on Miller or Dellin Betances earlier. Jones is a David Robertson trade away from closing. Perkins' biggest obstacle is the aforementioned Kintzler, who's mostly closer by default. Thornburg is a Craig Kimbrel injury away from the best closing gig around. Chris Tillman won't be ready for the start of the season, and now his timetable is super cloudy after he aborted a bullpen session Sunday. It's not a bad pick at this stage, but the chances it turns out to be a great one are waning.

Rounds 20-22

20.191 Andrew Triggs SP OAK — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
20.192 Logan Morrison 1B TB — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
20.193 J.J. Hardy SS BAL — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
20.194 Dan Vogelbach 1B SEA — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
20.195 Mallex Smith OF TB — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
20.196 Ervin Santana SP MIN — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
20.197 Huston Street RP LAA — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
20.198 Tyler Skaggs SP LAA — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
20.199 Jason Hammel SP KC — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
20.200 Jose Iglesias SS DET — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

21.201 Matt Strahm RP KC — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
21.202 Wilson Ramos C TB — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
21.203 Tyson Ross SP TEX — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
21.204 Brad Brach RP BAL — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
21.205 Kendall Graveman SP OAK — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
21.206 Jose Berrios SP MIN — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
21.207 Eddie Rosario OF MIN — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
21.208 Josh Tomlin SP CLE — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
21.209 Raul Mondesi Jr. 2B KC — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
21.210 Jose De Leon SP TB — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

22.211 Luis Severino SP NYY — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
22.212 Brad Boxberger RP TB — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
22.213 CC Sabathia SP NYY — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
22.214 Lucas Giolito SP CHW — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
22.215 Luke Gregerson RP HOU — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
22.216 Andrew Bailey RP LAA — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
22.217 Santiago Casilla RP OAK — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
22.218 Nori Aoki OF HOU — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
22.219 Jeremy Jeffress RP TEX — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
22.220 Joe Musgrove SP HOU — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

The late rounds are for dart throws, mostly, and there are plenty of interesting darts thrown here. Dan Vogelbach couldn't see the field for the Cubs, but the first baseman/designated hitter could hit his way into a job with the Mariners. Mallex Smith had some nice flashes as a rookie in 2016, and his inclusion in the Drew Smyly trade -- he was the centerpiece of the Rays' return, really -- tells you what the Rays think of him. Tyler Skaggs looked really good at points last year, finishing with 50 strikeouts in 49 2/3 innings of work. If healthy, he could best his 4.17 ERA from last season. Matt Strahm was a much, much more interesting name before the Royals acquired Nate Karns and signed Travis Wood, but if he somehow ends up with a rotation spot, buy buy buy. No one really knows what to expect from Wilson Ramos and Tyson Ross, but half a season of hitting from Ramos and good pitching from Ross justify the draft picks in the 21st round. Jose De Leon, Luis Severino and Lucas Giolito are all question marks to an extent, but high-upside question marks.

Rounds 23-25

23.221 Sean Doolittle RP OAK — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
23.222 Jesse Hahn SP OAK — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
23.223 Whit Merrifield 2B KC — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
23.224 Trevor Plouffe 3B OAK — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
23.225 Matt Boyd SP DET — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
23.226 Brandon Guyer OF CLE — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
23.227 Matt Andriese SP TB — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
23.228 Chase Headley 3B NYY — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
23.229 Will Harris RP HOU — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
23.230 A.J. Reed 1B HOU — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

24.231 Brett Lawrie 2B CHW — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)
24.232 Brad Zimmer OF CLE — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
24.233 Yonder Alonso 1B OAK — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
24.234 Steve Cishek RP SEA — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
24.235 Joe Kelly RP BOS — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
24.236 Blake Swihart OF BOS — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
24.237 Jed Lowrie 2B OAK — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
24.238 Joey Gallo DH TEX — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
24.239 Joe Jimenez RP DET — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
24.240 Yan Gomes C CLE — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)

25.241 Trevor May RP MIN — Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld)
25.242 Peter O'Brien OF KC — Drew Silva (Rotoworld)
25.243 Liam Hendriks RP OAK — Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld)
25.244 Nate Karns SP KC — Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus)
25.245 Andrew Cashner SP TEX — Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)
25.246 Marwin Gonzalez 1B HOU — Scott Pianowski (Yahoo)
25.247 Sandy Leon C BOS — Nick Doran (Rotoworld)
25.248 Clint Frazier OF NYY — Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)
25.249 Zach Burdi RP CHW — Mike Werner (FWFB, BaseballHQ)
25.250 Tony Zych RP SEA — Nathan Grimm (Rotoworld)

Platoon guys, prospects, and one guy who's literally unemployed -- Brett Lawrie -- make up the final three rounds. Lawrie drew some discussion in the draft chat, with some disagreement expressed about whether he should be able to be drafted given that he's no longer on an American League roster, but I think the prevailing sentiment was that if an owner wants to use a pick on a guy who may not even wind up in the American League then that risk is theirs to take. The draft happened before Trevor May suffered a torn UCL, but he's obviously off draft boards altogether now. Peter O'Brien has huge power and all the usual flaws that come with such power, but if he finds regular at-bats in KC then he's definitely worth a flier. Now that Clint Frazier has cut his distracting hair, perhaps we'll get a chance to see the dynamic young outfielder in New York before the season is out.