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Dynasty Mock Draft

by Christopher Crawford
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

On February 15, 12 fantasy writers participated in a dynasty mock draft. The league is 5x5, standard 14 active hitters and nine active pitchers with two bench spots. In dynasty rules, every player drafted is eligible to be kept the following year.

Round 1

1.1 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Mike Trout, OF, LAA
1.2 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Bryce Harper, OF, WSH
1.3 Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Trea Turner, SS, WSH
1.4 Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Jose Altuve, 2B, HOU
1.5 Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Carlos Correa, SS, HOU
1.6 James Anderson (Rotowire) - Kris Bryant, 3B, CHC
1.7 Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Nolan Arenado, 3B, COL
1.8 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Mookie Betts, OF, BOS
1.9 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE
1.10 D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Manny Machado, 3B, BAL
1.11 Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, AZ
1.12 Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Chris Sale, LHP, BOS

Trout is the no-brainer at the top, and it’s tough to see anyone replacing him as the top fantasy player anytime soon. The big mover here is Turner, who goes from sixth to third, and you could argue that because of his variety of skills he might be the closest thing to a Trout challenger. Outside of that the biggest surprise might be my selection of Sale with the 12th pick. I knew I wanted a pitcher with either pick 12 or 13 -- so the order doesn’t matter -- but I think he belongs in the top dozen picks because of his ridiculous ability to miss bats.

Round 2

2.13  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Cody Bellinger, 1B, LAD
2.14  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)- Max Scherzer, RHP, WSH
2.15  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Aaron Judge, OF, NYY
2.16 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) Jose Ramirez, 2B, CLE
2.17 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Gary Sanchez, C, NYY
2.18  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Giancarlo Stanton, OF, NYY
2.19  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Corey Seager, SS, LAD
2.20  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Anthony Rendon, 3B, WSH
2.21  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL
2.22  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Clayton Kershaw, LHP, LAD
2.23 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Andrew Benintendi, OF, BOS
2.24 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Charlie Blackmon, OF, COL

Three Yankees go in the second round, and it’s a mild surprise that Stanton gets the bronze medal. When you consider how good Judge was in his rookie year along with the positional value of Sanchez, it’s tough condemn either selection. Kershaw going near the bottom of the second round could be a steal, however it’s also understandable that he’s the third pitcher to go when you consider that he hasn’t gone over 200 innings in three of the last four seasons.


Round 3


3.25 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) -  Corey Kluber, RHP, CLE
3.26 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Alex Bregman, 3B/SS, HOU
3.27  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Christian Yelich, OF, MIL
3.28 Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - George Springer, OF, HOU
3.29  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Anthony Rizzo, 1B, CHC
3.30  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Ronald Acuna, OF, ATL
3.31  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Noah Syndergaard, RHP, NYM
3.32 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Luis Severino, RHP, NYY
3.33 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Byron Buxton, OF, MIN
3.34  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Rhys Hoskins, OF, PHI
3.35  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Shohei Ohtani, RHP, LAA
3.36  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Marcell Ozuna, OF, STL

Our first true prospect goes in the third round, and it’s not an upset that it’s Acuna, even if I do have Ohtani as the top fantasy prospect. They’re both potential impact players, and they both have a ton of hype as you can tell from where they get selected. I think there’s a potential steal here in the form of Springer with the 28th pick. He was outstanding in 2017, and considering his age and skill set, he could be due for a breakout season or two.


Round 4


4.37  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Stephen Strasburg, RHP, WSH
4.38  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld)- J.D. Martinez, OF, FA
4.39  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Jacob deGrom, RHP, NYM
4.40 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) Rafael Devers, 3B, BOS
4.41 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Josh Donaldson, 3B, BOS
4.42  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Joey Votto, 1B, CIN
4.43  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Vladimir Guerrero, 3B, TOR
4.44  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Eloy Jimenez, OF, CWS
4.45  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Willson Contreras, C, CHC
4.46  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Yu Darvish, RHP, CHC
4.47 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Yoan Moncada, 2B, CHC
4.48 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Dee Gordon, 2B, SEA

More prospects! Guerrero and Jimenez are two of the very best offensive prospects in all of baseball, and both have a real chance to be impact players; although Guerrero is likely a year or two away from being ready. Devers is no longer a “prospect,” but he might as well be with his age, and there’s real star potential here. Contreras is the first catcher off the board, which makes sense when you consider his youth and recent success.


Round 5


5.49  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Kenley Jansen, RHP, LAD
5.50  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Xander Bogaerts, SS, BOS
5.51  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Jose Abreu, 1B, CWS
5.52  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Madison Bumgarner, LHP, SFG
5.53  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Miguel Sano, 3B, MIN
5.54  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Ozzie Albies, 2B, ATL
5.55  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Starling Marte, OF, PIT
5.56 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Brian Dozier, 2B, MIN
5.57 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Nomar Mazara, OF, TEX
5.58  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Jonathan Schoop, 2B, BAL
5.59  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) - Alex Reyes, RHP, STL
5.60  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Carlos Carrasco, RHP, CLE

Plenty of notable selections in this round. Jansen is the first closer to come off the board, and while 49th overall may seem high, getting the best reliever in the game is always a positive. I love the Bumgarner selection at 52. Yes, 2017 was a lost year, but he’s only 28, and if he’s a semblance of the pitcher he was in 2016, Bumgarner is a ridiculously good value. Alex Reyes is the riskiest pick here; the talent is obvious, but his role is undefined, and he’s coming off Tommy John surgery. A little volatility never hurt anyone.

Round 6

6.61  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Tommy Pham, OF, STL
6.62  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Elvis Andrus, SS, TEX
6.63  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Manny Margot, OF, SDP
6.64 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) Victor Robles, OF, WSH
6.65 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Carlos Martinez, RHP, STL
6.66  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Robbie Ray, LHP, ARI
6.67  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Domingo Santana, OF, MIL
6.68  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Justin Upton, OF, LAA
6.69  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Chris Archer, RHP, TBR
6.70  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Gregory Polanco, OF, PIT
6.71 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Buster Posey, C, SFG
6.72 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Jean Segura, SS, SEA

There’s only one true prospect in this round, but it’s a good one in Victor Robles, who I have ranked as the third best prospect in fantasy baseball. I take a bit of a risk in Pham, who is either being taken 40 spots too low or 80 spots too high. Archer with the 69th pick is very nice value, especially if he’s traded to a contender this spring or summer. I also think the Santana pick is notable, as there’s a bit of a risk there if he isn’t dealt this year, but the long-term value should play out just fine.

Round 7

7.73  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Rougned Odor, 2B, TEX
7.74  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Matt Olson, 1B/OF, OAK
7.75  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Trevor Story, SS, COL
7.76  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - A.J. Pollock, OF, ARI
7.77  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Billy Hamilton, OF, CIN
7.78  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Javier Baez, INF, CHC
7.79  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Daniel Murphy, 2B, WSH
7.80 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Wil Myers, 1B, SDP
7.81 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, SDP
7.82  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Ian Happ OF/2B, CHC
7.83  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) - Luis Robert, OF, CWS
7.84  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Whit Merrifield, 2B, KCR

Call this the round of risks. Odor is a risk after his borderline disastrous 2017 season, and Olson a risk because it’s tough to say if he’s really the power-hitter we saw last summer. Both Tatis Jr and Robert are among the most skilled prospects in baseball, but they’re also both teenagers, so there’s tremendous volatility here as well. They could pay off massively in the long run, however. I was happy to get Merrifield at this point in the draft, but considering that it came essentially out of nowhere, you can call this pick a risk, too.

Round 8


8.85  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - J.T. Realmuto, C, MIA
8.86  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Roberto Osuna, RHP, TOR
8.87  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - James Paxton, LHP, SEA
8.88 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Kyle Schwarber, OF, CHC
8.89 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Luis Castillo, RHP, CIN
8.90  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Eric Hosmer, 1B, FA
8.91  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Michael Conforto, OF, NYM
8.92  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Jose Quintana, LHP, CHC
8.93  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Joey Gallo, 3B, TEX
8.94  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Gregory Polanco, OF, PIT
8.95 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Nick Castellanos, 3B, DET
8.96 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Jose Berrios, RHP, MIN

Realmuto seemed like quality value to me in the eighth round, and I think his value increases substantially if he is moved as he has reportedly requested. Paxton is an intriguing selection at this point; when he’s healthy he looks like a legitimate ace, but he’s already 29 and he’s had health issues essentially every year of his career. The Berrios selection is also notable. Many had written the right-hander off after his struggles in 2016. You just can’t give up on talent after one bad year.


Round 9


9.97  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Lewis Brinson, OF, MIA
9.98  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Nick Senzel, IF, CIN
9.99  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Craig Kimbrel, RHP, BOS
9.100  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Aroldis Chapman, LHP, NYY
9.101  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Gerrit Cole, RHP, HOU
9.102  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Orlando Arcia, SS, MIL
9.103  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Gleyber Torres, IF, NYY
9.104 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Khris Davis, OF, OAK
9.105 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Yasiel Puig, OF, LAD
9.106  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Greg Bird, 1B, NYY
9.107  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Bradley Zimmer, OF, CLE
9.108  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Justin Turner, 3B, LAD

If there’s a steal of this draft, to me it’s Torres with the 103rd pick. Yes, he missed most of the 2017 season, but he can do everything you could ask on the baseball field, and there’s star potential in his right-handed bat. He wasn’t the only quality prospect taken in this one. Brinson was a slight surprise to me ahead of Torres and Nick Senzel a pick later, but he does have the best opportunity, and the power/speed combo makes him intriguing. I also think the Bradley Zimmer pick is noteworthy, he was much better than anticipated in 2016 and should take another step forward next year.

Round 10

10.109  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Michael Kopech, RHP, CWS
10.110  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Jorge Alfaro, C, PHI
10.111  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Travis Shaw, 3B, MIL
10.112 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) -Zack Greinke, RHP, ARI
10.113 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Tim Anderson, SS, CWS
10.114  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Marcus Stroman, RHP, TOR
10.115  James Anderson (Rotowire) - David Dahl, OF, COL
10.116  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Brendan Rodgers, SS, COL
10.117  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Jake Lamb, 3B, ARI
10.118  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Austin Barnes, C, LAD
10.119 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Salvador Perez, C, KCR
10.120 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Justin Verlander, RHP, HOU

After seeing so many prospects not fall into my lap, I’m happy to be able to take Kopech, the pitcher I have ranked as the top pitching prospect not named Ohtani. I love the Dahl selection. If his home field  wasn’t Coors Field I’d be a little concerned, but it is, so I think he has a chance to be an elite outfielder. The Austin Barnes pick could be a steal, too. He flat out gets on base, and I think there’s more power coming.

Rounds 11-12

11.121  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Lorenzo Cain, OF, MIL
11.122  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Dallas Keuchel, LHP, HOU
11.123  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Robinson Cano, SEA
11.124  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Ender Inciarte, OF, ARI
11.125  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Francisco Mejia, C, CLE
11.126  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Bo Bichette, SS, TOR
11.127  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Edwin Encarnacion, 1B, CLE
11.128 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Lance McCullers, RHP, HOU
11.129 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Corey Knebel, RHP, MIL
11.130  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Amed Rosario, SS, NYM
11.131  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Lucas Giolito, RHP, CWS
11.132  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Edwin Diaz, RHP, SEA

12.133  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Yoenis Cespedes, OF, NYM
12.134  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Scott Kingery, INF, PHI
12.135  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Mike Zunino, C, SEA
12.136  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Masahiro Tanaka, RHP, NYY
12.137 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Jose Peraza, 2B, CIN
12.138  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Brent Honeywell, RHP, TBR
12.139  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Forrest Whitley, RHP, HOU
12.140  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Odubel Herrera, OF, PHI
12.141  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Luke Weaver, RHP, STL
12.142  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Ian Desmond, OF, COL
12.143 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Andrew McCutchen, OF, SFG
12.144 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Jake Arrieta, RHP, FA

Definitely some interesting selections in these rounds. Cano is on the wrong side of 35 and wasn’t great in 2017, but it’s tough to ignore the player he’s been, and I think his offense will increase as he gets more playing time outside of second base. As long as Mejia is catching he’s going to be an above-average offensive player, and it looks like he’s going to stay there for a bit. I’ve long been the low man on Weaver, but he’s shown flashes of borderline dominance as a professional. It’s just a matter of staying healthy at this point. Rosario is another quality selection who should take huge strides forward if given the opportunity to do so.

Rounds 13-14

13.145  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Josh Bell, 1B, PIT
13.146  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Felipe Rivero, LHP, PIT
13.147  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Kyle Seager, 3B, SEA
13.148  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Didi Gregorius, SS, NYY
13.149  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Chris Taylor, OF, LAD
13.150  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Jon Gray, RHP, COL
13.151  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Addison Russell, SS, CHC
13.152 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Eddie Rosario, OF, MIN
13.153 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Wilson Ramos, C, TBR
13.145  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Walker Buehler, RHP, LAD
13.155  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Mike Moustakas, 3B, FA
13.156  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Ryan McMahon, 1B, COL

14.157  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Marwin Gonzalez, SS, HOU
14.158  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Avisail Garcia, OF, CWS
14.159  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Raisel Iglesias, RHP, CIN
14.160  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Adam Eaton, OF, WSH
14.161 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Zack Godley, LHP, ARI
14.162  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Alex Wood, LHP, LAD
12.163  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Michael Taylor, OF, WSH
14.164  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Sonny Gray, RHP, NYY
14.165  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Jon Lester, CHC
14.166  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Ken Giles, RHP, HOU
14.167 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Eugenio Suarez, 3B, CIN
14.168 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Cody Allen, RHP, CLE

At this point in the draft, we start seeing more and more players who aren't likely to have a chance to contribute in 2017, such as Brinson and Robles. Those players are both five-category talents who have a chance to be among the best young outfielders in a few years, but you won’t see them in the big leagues for another year, at least. You also see plenty of young talent in these two rounds, and I particularly like the selection of Rodon here. There have been ups and downs, but the talent here is immense. The same can be said -- to a lesser extent -- for Soler, but it’s just a matter of him staying healthy rather than anything on the field. The Brantley pick is also interesting; he missed all of 2016, but he was a fantasy standout in 2015. He’s certainly worth a flyer in the middle of this draft.

Rounds 15-16

15.169  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Trevor Bauer, RHP, CLE
15.170  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Jeff Samardzija, RHP, SFG
15.171  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Kyle Hendricks, RHP, CHC
15.172  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Alex Colome, RHP, TBR
15.173  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Dylan Bundy, RHP, TOR
15.174  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Blake Snell, LHP, TBR
15.175  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Archie Bradley, RHP, ARI
15.176 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Miguel Cabrera, 1B, DET
15.177 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Willie Calhoun, OF, TEX
15.178  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Trey Mancini, OF, BAL
15.179  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Julio Urias, LHP, LAD
15.180  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Nelson Cruz, OF, SEA

16.181  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Mitch Keller, RHP, PIT
16.182  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Kyle Tucker, OF, HOU
16.183  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - David Price, LHP, BOS
16.184  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Carlos Santana, 1B, PHI
16.185 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Kevin Kiermaier, OF, TBR
16.186  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Adam Jones, OF, BAL
16.187  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Jameson Taillon, RHP, PIT
16.188  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Keston Hiura, 2B, MIL
16.189  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Paul DeJong, SS, STL
16.190  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Derek Fisher, OF, HOU
16.191 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Johnny Cueto, RHP, SFG
16.192 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Ryan Braun, OF, MIL

An interesting pitcher run to begin the 15th round. If I had my druthers, I’d prefer Hendricks over Bauer and Samardzija, but all three provide a solid floor. Seeing Miguel Cabrera fall this far is sort of heartbreaking, and I still think there’s reason to believe there’s a few more upper-echelon years left in his right-handed bat. I think the Urias pick is the most notable of this group, however. There’s huge risk because of his age and injury, but the upside is palpable. Don’t give up on him. This was an inspired choice by Mr. Shovein.

Rounds 17-19

17.193  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Matt Carpenter, 1B, STL
17.194  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Kevin Gausman, RHP, BAL
17.195  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Brad Hand, RHP, SDP
17.196  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Jacob Faria, RHP, TBR
17.197  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Wade Davis, RHP, COL
17.198  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Jimmy Nelson, RHP, MIL
17.199  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Justin Smoak, 1B, TOR
17.200 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Austin Hays, OF, BAL
17.201 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Sean Doolittle, LHP, WSH
17.202  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Luiz Gohara, LHP, ATL
17.203  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Michael Fulmer, RHP, DET
17.204  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Mitch Haniger, OF, SEA

18.205  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Brandon Morrow, RHP, CHC
18.206  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Dansby Swanson, SS, ATL
18.207  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Max Kepler, OF, MIN
18.208  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Danny Duffy, LHP, KCR
18.209 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Zach Britton, LHP, BAL
18.210  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Adam Duvall, OF, CIN
18.211  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Taijuan Walker, RHP, ARI
18.212  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Jeurys Familia, RHP, NYM
18.213  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Hunter Renfroe, OF, SDP
18.214  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Danny Salazar, RHP, CLE
18.215 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Justin Bour, 1B, MIA
18.216 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Dinelson Lamet, RHP, SDP

19.217  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Maikel Franco, 3B, PHI
19.218  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Charlie Morton, RHP, HOU
19.219  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Evan Gattis, C, HOU
19.220  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Carlos Rodon, LHP, CWS
19.221  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Yasmani Grandal, C, LAD
19.222  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Royce Lewis, SS, MIN
19.223  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Austin Meadows, OF, PIT
19.224 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Chris Owings, SS, ARI
19.225 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Ryan Zimmerman, 1B, WSH
19.226  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Hector Neris, RHP, PHI
19.227  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) - Mickey Moniak, OF, PHI
19.228  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Eduardo Nunez, 3B, FA

Justin Smoak going in this range probably speaks to an optimism that his breakout is at least on the legitimate side, but also some pessimism that it might not be a long-term success. I really like the selection of Gohara this “late,” there’s huge upside in his left arm with that fastball and slider combination. Austin Meadows is an interesting “buy low” candidate here as well; he went several rounds higher last year, but his disappointing 2017 season has his stock at its lowest point since he was a first-round pick in 2014. I was thrilled to get Haniger this late; When healthy, he was one of the best right fielders in baseball, and a step up in his second full season is reasonable to expect.

Rounds 20-22

20.229  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Sean Manaea, LHP, OAK
20.230  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Garrett Richards, RHP, LAA
20.231  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Jordan Montgomery, LHP, NYY
20.232  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Jonathan Villar, 2B, MIL
20.233 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Matt Chapman, 3B, OAK
20.234  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Welington Castillo, CWS, C
20.235  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Tyler Glasnow, RHP, PIT
20.236  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Aaron Hicks, OF, NYY
20.237  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Andrew Miller, LHP, CLE
20.238  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Randal Grichuk, OF, TOR
20.239 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Aaron Sanchez, RHP, TOR
20.240 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Mark Melancon, RHP, SFG

21.241  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Delino DeShields, OF, TEX
21.242  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Greg Holland, RHP, FA
21.243  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Yasmany Tomas, OF, ARI
21.244  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Steven Souza, OF, TBR
21.245  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP, BOS
21.246  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Jose Martinez, OF, STL
21.247  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Kelvin Herrera, RHP, KCR
21.248 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Chase Anderson, RHP, MIL
21.249 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Julio Teheran, RHP, ATL
21.250  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Jack Flaherty, RHP, STL
21.251  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Jeimer Candelario, 3B, DET
21.252  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Patrick Corbin, LHP, ARI

22.253  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Jay Bruce, OF, NYM
22.254  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Michael Clevinger, RHP, CLE
22.255  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Brett Gardner, OF, NYY
22.256  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Blake Treinen, RHP, OAK
22.257 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Arodys Vizcaino, RHP, ATL
22.258  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Chance Sisco, C, BAL
22.259  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Gio Gonzalez, LHP, WSH
22.260  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Lance Lynn, RHP, FA
22.261  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Eric Thames, 1B, MIL
22.262  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Joe Musgrove, RHP, PIT
22.263 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Alex Cobb, RHP, FA
22.264 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Jonathan Lucroy, C, FA

I love the selection of Matt Chapman this late. The strikeouts are a problem but there’s big power in his right-handed bat, and the approach should get better as he matures. Chance Sisco is also excellent value at this point, he’ll be Baltimore’s starting catcher for a long time, and getting one this late in a two-catcher league is superb. A couple of the best free-agent starters go in this range in Alex Cobb and Lance Lynn, and while it’s risky drafting pitchers who don’t have a contract, both have a skillset that plays well in fantasy, so it shouldn’t matter which team signs them.

Rounds 23-25

23.265  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Chad Kuhl, RHP, PIT
23.266  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Evan Longoria, 3B, SFG
23.267  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - DJ LeMahieu, 2B, COL
23.268  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Yadier Molina, C, STL
23.269  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Brandon Belt, 1B, SFG
23.270  James Anderson (Rotowire) - AJ Puk, LHP, OAK
23.271  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Blake Parker, RHP, LAA
23.272 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Chris Iannetta, C, COL
23.273 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Tyler Flowers, C, ATL
23.274  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Mallex Smith, OF, TBR
23.275  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Austin Hedges, C, SDP
23.276  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Josh Hader, LHP, MIL

24.277  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Matt Wieters, C, WSH
24.278  Dave Shovein (Rotoworld) - Francis Martes, RHP, HOU
24.279  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Travis d’Arnaud, C, NYY
24.280  Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Sean Newcomb, LHP, ATL
24.281 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Marcus Semien, SS, OAK
24.282  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Drew Pomeranz, LHP, BOS
24.283  James Anderson (Rotowire) - James McCann, C, DET
24.284  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Cole Hamels, LHP, TEX
24.285  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Dominic Smith, 1B, NYY
24.286  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Michael Brantley, OF, CLE
24.287 Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Willy Adames, SS, TBR
24.288 Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Brian McCann, C, HOU

25.289  Ryan Boyer (Rotoworld) - Jesse Winker, OF, CIN
25.290  Nick Doran (Rotoworld) - Adrian Beltre, 3B, TEX
25.291  Matthew Pouliot (Rotoworld) - Rich Hill, LHP, LAD
25.292  Drew Silva (Rotoworld) - Lourdes Gurriel, OF, TOR
25.293  Ben Diamond (Dynasty Guru) - Miguel Andujar, 3B, NYY
25.294  James Anderson (Rotowire) - Russell Martin, C, TOR
25.295  Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld) - Aaron Altherr, OF, PHI
25.296 Nate Grimm (Rotoworld) - Sixto Sanchez, RHP, PHI
25.297 Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) - Steven Matz, LHP, NYM
25.298  D.J. Short (Rotoworld) - Tyler Chatwood, RHP, CHC
25.299  Dave Shovein( Rotoworld) -  Tim Beckham, SS, BAL
25.300  Christopher Crawford (Rotoworld) - Felix Hernandez, RHP, SEA

A lot of catchers and prospects were chosen in these last few rounds, which is to be expected. It’s a little surprising to see Lourdes Gurriel drafted ahead of his brother Yuli, but Lourdes offers more upside, so it’s certainly not a huge reach, or a reach at all.  Jesse Winker could be a real steal this late. The power isn’t great, but he plays in a park that allows it to play up, and he can certainly hit for average. It’s tough to see Felix Hernandez become Mr. Irrelevant, and to be quite honest, there were probably better pitchers still available. I’m betting on him having a resurgence, but he’ll never be the pitcher we saw in the earlier part of the decade.

Christopher Crawford

Christopher Crawford is a baseball and college football writer for NBC Sports Edge. Follow him on Twitter @Crawford_MILB.