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FanDuel Baseball

by Chet Gresham
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

FanDuel's one-day fantasy baseball leagues are quickly becoming the go-to game for many fantasy baseball players. Many season-long players are now playing one-day money leagues on FanDuel because it brings new strategies into play and gives us players a chance to put our skills to the test for real money every single day of the season. Yes, that’s right. Every day is a brand new season on FanDuel. There’s no season-long commitment, so you only play when you want to play. Have a bad Tuesday? No worries; Wednesday is a totally new day on FanDuel. Or hey, take Wednesday off and come back on Thursday.


FanDuel also gives players the opportunity to win real cash payouts larger than we’ve ever seen before in the fantasy sports world. Take 38-year-old Travis Spieth from Sioux Falls, S.D. who won $1,000,000 in December playing in the FanDuel $3 Million Fantasy Football Championship. He turned one $10 entry into $1,000,000. There’s also 37-year-old Chris Lowery from Ontario, Canada, who won last year’s FanDuel $1 Million Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship, pocketing $200,000 cash in one day. Again on just a $10 entry.


While FanDuel will be running huge money leagues every day this baseball season and will have an even bigger prize pool in its Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship this year, it also has every other option a fantasy baseball player could want. Want to play in a one-day, 12-man league? FanDuel has you covered. How about just a head-to-head match against a friend? They’ve got that option too. And then there are FanDuel’s 50/50 leagues – all you have to do is finish in the top half to win money. You’re better than average at fantasy baseball, aren’t you? And let’s say you want to play in every one of these leagues in a single day. You can on FanDuel. There’s no limit to the number of leagues you can enter. They all last just one day, so every day is a brand new season. League entry fees range from $1 all the way up to $530+, and there are thousands that run every single day.


So, there are a lot of ways to play on FanDuel, and there is plenty of money to be won, but what I truly enjoy about FanDuel is the completely different strategy you have to use in their one-day leagues compared to season-long leagues. First off, each day is a new slate on FanDuel. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Albert Pujols isn’t sitting in your IR spot – he’s there in the player pool, so you don’t have to worry about him or any of the other guys who are killing your season-long teams. FanDuel utilizes a $35,000 salary cap format for its leagues, rather than a draft. This means you always get to select the players that you want for your team every day. There’s no luck of the draft order involved as everyone in your league has the same access to the entire MLB player pool. Plus, fantasy baseball players are inherently stat lovers and FanDuel allows us to go deep into pitching matchups, ballpark factors, weather, split stats, defense, hot-streaks, you name it. Whatever might impact a game today, you can account for it when picking your team.


By now you’re probably wondering what some of the key strategies are to helping you select a good, one-day lineup on FanDuel. Let’s get to them.



Finding Value: Under FanDuel’s $35,000 salary cap system (you select 1 SP, 1 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 SS, 1 3B, 3 OF), a player’s salary reflects his level of production. Selecting Mike Trout at $4,400 means you’ll have to save money elsewhere, while selecting Jonny Gomes at $2,800 means you can spend more lavishly on other players. That’s straightforward. But what’s important to remember is that there are scenarios where Gomes may be a better value play than Trout for a variety of reasons. Maybe he was in a timeshare with a player who was just injured, maybe he’s turned it on and is riding an unbelievable hot streak and his price has yet to catch up to his performance, or maybe he’s amazing against left-handed pitchers who were born on the second Thursday of the month. Whatever it is, finding value is critical to creating a lineup that gives you the best shot to win.


Weather: You don’t want to have a player on your team whose game might be rained out (you’ll get zero points for him in one-day fantasy), and you don’t want a starting pitcher on a team where the game might be delayed for several hours after the start. So weather.com should be your friend. Secondly, you’ll want to check out the temperature and wind direction. Is it warm in Arlington, Texas with the wind gusting to left field? Or is it April in Chicago with wind blowing straight back to home plate with wind chills of 25?


Stadiums: In Major League Baseball, there are stats for how many hot dogs were sold between noon and 1 p.m. on June 22, 1998, so you know there are good statistics on what stadiums allow the most hits, runs, home runs and stolen bases. We know the basics of Petco and Coors, but there’s even more out there to be learned that can benefit you when selecting a team.


Lefty/Righty splits: There are many different types of splits, but lefty/righty splits are my favorite to use. How well does a pitcher do when facing a right-handed hitter? How well does a hitter do when facing a southpaw? This info can help me target good candidates to select for my FanDuel team.


Pitching matchups: It’s always good to check to see how has a hitter or pitcher done in the past against the exact same player. The benefits of these stats speak for themselves, but make sure the sample size is big enough to carry weight.


Streaks: When a batter is seeing the ball well, you can almost throw out all the other stats (I wouldn’t, because why would you?). And the same is true when a guy is slumping. If he hasn’t hit the broad side of a barn in a couple weeks, all the other positive matchup stats aren’t going to miraculously jolt him out of his slump.


Lineups: Is the guy you picked even playing? That’s a bit of crucial information that can be found right on the Rotoworld website. Also knowing where your player is batting in the lineup is helpful. Has he just been moved to seventh after having a prime spot in the lineup? Is he likely to get fewer at-bats? Find out.


Defense: How well does the opposing team play defense? This is something you might not normally think about in baseball, but it is a factor to be sure. Some teams can’t get themselves off the field even when their pitcher is taking care of his business. You want your player to face those teams that resemble dumpster fires in the field. Why? Because while your player may record an out if he gets on via an error, his stolen bases and runs scored can still help you score critical points on FanDuel.


Hopefully those strategies will help you. The truth is there are even more stats and strategies worth considering as you get to know the game.


I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for as long as I’ve known how to say ERA, and I doubt I will ever give up my yearly leagues, but FanDuel is just too much fun. Nearly instant gratification, new and fun strategies and real cash payouts to league winners every single day are just a few of the reasons to play FanDuel. And of course, if you do really well, there's always that possibility you'll be the next Travis Spieth.


Want to give FanDuel and one-day fantasy baseball a try? Then we’ve got a great offer for you. Head to FanDuel.com and use promo code RWMLB14 and for every dollar you deposit, FanDuel will match it up to $200. That's $200 free. With an offer like that, there’s no reason not to check out one-day fantasy baseball on FanDuel. And trust me, you’ll enjoy playing on FanDuel as much as I do.