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Top 300 Ranking Notes

by Matthew Pouliot
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

I wanted to do a little companion piece for the top 300 this year. If you have a question about it that’s not answered here, feel free to write me at matthewpouliot@hotmail.com.


o These are value rankings taken directly from my projections. I’m not using ADP (average draft position) to try to guide you to a perfect draft. That I have Yoenis Cespedes ranked 13th overall doesn’t mean you need to take him there; he’s currently lasting into the fifth round of Yahoo leagues. I stand behind that ranking -- I like that ranking -- but if I were playing in a public league, I might well take Robinson Cano in the second round figuring I could still get Cespedes in the fourth.


o The rankings are built first and foremost for 12-team mixed leagues using a 5x5 format. Whereas in the past I’ve done the rankings for leagues that start two catchers, this year, they’re primarily for one-catcher leagues. I do have catchers Nos. 13-21 listed in the 240-300 range of the rankings for those in two-catcher leagues. If you’re in a two-catcher league (my preferred format), I’d recommend bumping up the earlier catchers accordingly. Buster Posey would jump to No. 20 in a two-catcher league, and Jonathan Lucroy, Evan Gattis and Devin Mesoraco would all move up about 15 spots apiece.


o Those in 10-team leagues should drop the catchers, second basemen and shortstops a bit in the rankings. The scarcer positions aren’t spread as thin the smaller the league gets.


o 20-game eligibility is used for the rankings, which means Carlos Santana and Stephen Vogt aren’t catcher-eligible initially. Also, Mookie Betts doesn’t qualify at second base and Yasmany Tomas doesn’t qualify at third (since his primary position in Cuba was outfield). Vogt and Tomas are ranked as if they will qualify at catcher and third, respectively, a week into the season. Santana and Betts are not.


o If you’re playing at Yahoo, there are four eligibility disputes of note. Santana qualifies at catcher there, and he’d be my No. 1 catcher on the board given the eligibility. In a one-catcher Yahoo league, Santana would jump to 25th in my rankings. In two-catcher leagues, he’d be 17th. Betts is second-base eligible in Yahoo. He’s my No. 19 OF, but he’d be right alongside Dee Gordon as my No. 4 or 5 second baseman. I’d have him ranked 27th overall as a second baseman.


Miguel Cabrera is third-base eligible in Yahoo. It’s not enough to move him up a spot from fourth overall in the top 300, but it does provide some separation between Cabrera and Jose Abreu. I have the two of them dead-even at first base. One other bump goes to Josh Harrison, who is second-base eligible in Yahoo. That’s good enough to move him up from No. 158 to 135 in the rankings.


Finally, while they’re not in play for spots in the top 300 at the moment, Nick Franklin and Jurickson Profar have SS eligibility in Yahoo, boosting their AL-only rankings.

Matthew Pouliot
Matthew Pouliot is the Executive Editor of RotoWorld.com and has been doing the site's baseball projections for the last 10 years. Follow him on Twitter @matthewpouliot.