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Pickup of the Day

PUD 4/15: Jarrod Dyson

by Ryan Boyer
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Welcome to Pickup of the Day, where every weekday we'll pick an under-the-radar player whose immediate value is on the rise. The idea here is to identify a starter who can give you some solid innings off the scrap heap, a talented backup who's been given a chance because of a starter's injury, an unheralded regular with a favorable matchup, or a potential breakout player who's starting to put it together. Unlike regular waiver-wire advice, Pickup of the Day is geared more towards interim success, but hopefully we'll have the intuition to help you snag a waiver-wire gem a few times this season.


An X-ray showed that Alex Rios suffered a fractured left hand when he was hit by a pitch Monday, which means the Royals need a new right fielder. The plan is for Jarrod Dyson and Paulo Orlando to share the position, with the left-handed hitting Dyson slated to see the majority of the starts. Dyson is a one-trick pony, but it’s a good trick. The speedy outfielder arguably runs more than anyone in the majors when considering how much he’s played, as he’s averaged 33 stolen bases over the last three seasons despite receiving an average of just 286 plate appearances over that span. Rios is expected to be out at least a month, and Dyson should pile up steals by the truckload in the meantime.

Ryan Boyer
Ryan Boyer is a baseball writer for Rotoworld. He can also be found on Twitter.