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Buy Low, Sell High, and Hold

by Mike Gallagher
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Last week, we took an in-depth look at some hot starters, so this week we’ll kind of go through some of the buy-low and sell-high guys in a quick-hit style. We’ll throw in some holds, too!

Buy Low
Russell Westbrook - His fantasy value isn’t there because his field goal shooting is below 40 percent in his last seven. Plus, his turnovers are way up. Besides, that Westbrook is doing big things. If you can convince his owner that low number on fantasy value is a true representation, it could pay off.
Kevin Love - For the second time this season, Kevin Love didn’t play in the fourth quarter of a close game on Tuesday. Love was just abused by Markieff Morris and his low post defense hasn’t improved. Plus, it’s clear he can’t play off the ball while LeBron James is on the floor.
The Love story is going to be overblown and there’s really no way he doesn’t get minutes because a Timofey Mozgov- Tristan Thompson lineup won’t work with LeBron and Kyrie Irving. Check to see how his owner feels.
Nicolas Batum - His usage rate is in the toilet and most of his other stats are down, too. Batum is really in a season-long slump and his owner has to be frustrated. If we drafted today, I’d probably look to grab him in round No. 6 or 7 in 12-team leagues. His owner might offer him up for much less.
Chandler Parsons - Rajon Rondo is really hurting Parsons. On the bright side his shots are on the rise with 13.0 per game in his last three, but he didn’t make above 40 percent in any of those. A big chunk of his misses have been from three and his shot distribution isn’t too different, so this looks like a fluke. You might be able to get him for a 80-100 value.
Marcin Gortat - For whatever reason, the blocks have evaporated. Gortat only had 0.7 per game over his previous 10 and his foul shooting has been a disaster lately. Gortat certainly isn’t an elite guy at the line, but he should be around 70 — not the 42.1 percent he’s made in 2015. He’s usually a strong finisher, too.
Jose Calderon - Wow, he’s bad. The Knicks can’t get him clear looks. Calderon was in the top five for effective field goal percentage in each of the last two season (among qualifiers). He should be a lot better. You can probably get him for a song.
Sell High
Jae Crowder - He is one of the streakiest guys in the NBA and is en fuego right now. Sure, coach Brad Stevens could have the magic potion to get him going, but year after year he’s gone on prolonged slumps. I’d try to throw him in there on a two-for-one deal.
Elfrid Payton - He’s coming off a superb game against Derrick Rose, which is something every point guard has been doing lately. Payton has a respectable 41.3 percent from the field in his last 10 and he’s not going to the line as much these days, so that he’s him too. Still, he is going to have to really fill it up in dimes and steals in order to be a top-100 guy. I don’t see it happening
Pau Gasol - OK, I love Pau and he’s absolutely for real. The only reason I have him on here is because I’m worried about an injury.
Brandon Jennings - Covered him last week and his mid-range makes are a total fluke. While he should be better than his ADP, I have received some wild questions on Twitter about his value. You might be able to unload him for top-30 value. I’d do it for top 50.
Hassan Whiteside - Another guy I love, but the league is going to catch up to him here. Plus, He’s a horrific foul shooter and teams won’t allow him to get so many dunks on them, especially if Dwyane Wade is out because he won’t be able to set them up. If you can unload him for a top-40 guy, do it.
Mo Williams - Holy cow that 52-point game was crazy. Ricky Rubio will be back, so his fantasy value has an expiration date.
Khris Middleton  - He’s posting mid-round value. I’d try to sell high just because I don’t trust Jason Kidd.
Arron Afflalo - He’s reportedly on the trade block and a deal would cripple his fantasy value most likely.
Jeff Teague - He’s in the MVP race right now. Teague’s shot selection has really changed and his ability to blow by guys has led to tremendous success. He’s a top-10 fantasy PG and maybe even top five.
Gorgui Dieng - I have seen some panic on Twitter for Dieng and I think people are just forgetting how fragile Nikola Pekovic is. He was out with a wrist injury earlier and all of the sudden his ankle injury kept him out. His ankle injury ended his season last year and it would be a shock to see him stay healthy. Sure, Dieng isn’t going to be a top-25 guy like he has been, but he should certainly be a top 75 guy at worst. Plus, Pek is going to go down again.
Tyson Chandler - He just needs to stay healthy.
Robert Covington - Coach Brett Brown loves him and Covington could seriously be a 2.5 trey guy. Plus, the steals are there, too.
Alex Len - His post defense is just what the Suns needed. He also does a very nice job blocking shots on the weak side, which has helped him get his blocks. Len is also a solid shooter at the line and should be helpful on FG%, too. He is a high-end C2 in fantasy now.

Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.