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Eight-Cat Mock on ESPN

by Mike Gallagher
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 5:31 pm ET

Here's a look at a mock Ryan Knaus and I did earlier this week.


There were a couple guys who bailed early, so we have some auto picks in there. A few of the ESPN ranks are a little funky (I'm sure ours are too with how high we have guys like Jarrett Allen).


This is an eight-cat league, so drafting point guards is essential in this format.


ESPN also hasn't added much position flexibility yet, but some guys like Devin Booker should see added positions.


We'll probably be adding a few more mocks as we get closer to the season opener. By the way, I am Hinkie's Burner Account. Trust The Process.




1 Team Mohammed Anthony Davis
PF, New Orleans Pelicans
2 Team Kues Karl-Anthony Towns
C, Minnesota Timberwolves
3 Team Jaroszewski Giannis Antetokounmpo
PF, Milwaukee Bucks
4 Hinkie's Burner Account James Harden
SG, Houston Rockets
5 Team Andrews Stephen Curry
PG, Golden State Warriors
6 Team DeLorenzo Nikola Jokic
C, Denver Nuggets
7 Team Fang LeBron James
SF, Los Angeles Lakers
8 Team wombatz Kevin Durant
SF, Golden State Warriors
9 Team A Damian Lillard
PG, Portland Trail Blazers
10 Team Knaus Russell Westbrook
PG, Oklahoma City Thunder
11 Team Al-Ouri Kawhi Leonard
SF, Toronto Raptors
12 Team Sonney Kyle Lowry
PG, Toronto Raptors


It was a fairly expected start here with the big stunner here being Ryan taking Russell Westbrook. Sure, it's an eight-cat league, but I'm vehemently against taking a guy coming off surgery so close to the year. ESPN has Lowry super high, so that explains that move. I also can't take Kawhi given all his time off and his shady business last year. Dame was a great pick at nine.


13 Team Sonney Ben Simmons
PG, Philadelphia 76ers
14 Team Al-Ouri Joel Embiid
C, Philadelphia 76ers
15 Team Knaus Victor Oladipo
SG, Indiana Pacers
16 Team A Donovan Mitchell
SG, Utah Jazz
17 Team wombatz Paul George
SF, Oklahoma City Thunder
18 Team Fang Andre Drummond
C, Detroit Pistons
19 Team DeLorenzo Kemba Walker
PG, Charlotte Hornets
20 Team Andrews Jrue Holiday
PG, New Orleans Pelicans
21 Hinkie's Burner Account Devin Booker
SG, Phoenix Suns
22 Team Jaroszewski John Wall
PG, Washington Wizards
23 Team Kues Jimmy Butler
SG, Minnesota Timberwolves
24 Team Mohammed Chris Paul
PG, Houston Rockets


Pretty much all of these guys are going in round two, and it's just about the order. Dipo and Paul George were the best buys while I love Kemba, as well. I won't be taking Wall, CP3 or Drummond this high unless I'm punting FT% -- nice pair with Giannis or LeBron. I went with Booker for his sky-high upside as the likely PG.


25 Team Mohammed DeMar DeRozan
SG, San Antonio Spurs
26 Team Kues Draymond Green
PF, Golden State Warriors
27 Team Jaroszewski LaMarcus Aldridge
PF, San Antonio Spurs
28 Hinkie's Burner Account Rudy Gobert
C, Utah Jazz
29 Team Andrews Kevin Love
PF, Cleveland Cavaliers
30 Team DeLorenzo Bradley Beal
SG, Washington Wizards
31 Team Fang Kyrie Irving
PG, Boston Celtics
32 Team wombatz Khris Middleton
SF, Milwaukee Bucks
33 Team A Clint Capela
C, Houston Rockets
34 Team Knaus Taurean Prince
SF, Atlanta Hawks
35 Team Al-Ouri CJ McCollum
SG, Portland Trail Blazers
36 Team Sonney Marc Gasol
C, Memphis Grizzlies


A couple auto picks here with DeMar, Gasol and LMA, so I'm not a big fan. I was thrilled to get Rudy Gobert as my first big man to go with Harden and Booker as a perfect fit. You guys probably know my feelings on Kyrie by now, and I loved Middleton at pick 32. Ryan reached a bit on Prince with some great guards on the board and taking McCollum is a little risky with the PRP stuff now.


37 Team Sonney DeAndre Jordan
C, Dallas Mavericks
38 Team Al-Ouri Blake Griffin
PF, Detroit Pistons
39 Team Knaus Myles Turner
C, Indiana Pacers
40 Team A Deandre Ayton
C, Phoenix Suns
41 Team wombatz John Collins
PF, Atlanta Hawks
42 Team Fang Lou Williams
SG, Los Angeles Clippers
43 Team DeLorenzo Tobias Harris
PF, Los Angeles Clippers
44 Team Andrews Otto Porter Jr.
SF, Washington Wizards
45 Hinkie's Burner Account Eric Bledsoe
PG, Milwaukee Bucks
46 Team Jaroszewski Goran Dragic
PG, Miami Heat
47 Team Kues Mike Conley
PG, Memphis Grizzlies
48 Team Mohammed Dwight Howard
C, Washington Wizards


I couldn't believe Ryan passed on Bledsoe twice to make this probably my favorite draft pick for an eight-cat format. Ayton went super early, but I'm on board with him as a top-50 pick for sure. Collins is going to go around 40 and that's justified, Tobias never goes too early and after 40 is a steal, and of course Myles Turner was a bargain. DJ was an auto and everything else seemed fine besides Dwight.


49 Team Mohammed Ricky Rubio
PG, Utah Jazz
50 Team Kues Jamal Murray
PG, Denver Nuggets
51 Team Jaroszewski Julius Randle
PF, New Orleans Pelicans
52 Hinkie's Burner Account Jarrett Allen
C, Brooklyn Nets
53 Team Andrews Dennis Smith Jr.
PG, Dallas Mavericks
54 Team DeLorenzo Will Barton
SF, Denver Nuggets
55 Team Fang Jayson Tatum
SF, Boston Celtics
56 Team wombatz Gary Harris
SG, Denver Nuggets
57 Team A Aaron Gordon
PF, Orlando Magic
58 Team Knaus Dejounte Murray
PG, San Antonio Spurs
59 Team Al-Ouri Klay Thompson
SG, Golden State Warriors
60 Team Sonney Gordon Hayward
SF, Boston Celtics


I finally got Jarrett Allen! Woo! I was hoping DSJ was going to slide, but taking him around 50 seems like the way to go. Dejounte goes super early here and Ryan knew he was the best PG available. Love him. Randle was an auto, but every other pick was solid. I won't draft Hayward or Klay, but there's value in getting selected here.


61 Team Sonney Enes Kanter
C, New York Knicks
62 Team Al-Ouri Brandon Ingram
SF, Los Angeles Lakers
63 Team Knaus Josh Richardson
SF, Miami Heat
64 Team A Luka Doncic
SG, Dallas Mavericks
65 Team wombatz Kris Dunn
PG, Chicago Bulls
66 Team Fang Lonzo Ball
PG, Los Angeles Lakers
67 Team DeLorenzo Al Horford
C, Boston Celtics
68 Team Andrews Hassan Whiteside
C, Miami Heat
69 Hinkie's Burner Account D'Angelo Russell
PG, Brooklyn Nets
70 Team Jaroszewski Harrison Barnes
PF, Dallas Mavericks
71 Team Kues Lauri Markkanen
PF, Chicago Bulls
72 Team Mohammed Jonas Valanciunas
C, Toronto Raptors


I was hoping for Luka, DSJ or Dejounte, but I'll settle for DAR. J-Rich almost never goes after 60 when the Rotoworld crew drafts together, but ou can sneak him later in ESPN drafts. There were a couple autos here, but I thought Ingram was a little early. He's one of the toughest players to predict where he'll be taken. Harry B was an auto, of course.


73 Team Mohammed Andrew Wiggins
SF, Minnesota Timberwolves
74 Team Kues Joe Ingles
SF, Utah Jazz
75 Team Jaroszewski Nikola Vucevic
C, Orlando Magic
76 Hinkie's Burner Account Jeff Teague
PG, Minnesota Timberwolves
77 Team Andrews De'Aaron Fox
PG, Sacramento Kings
78 Team DeLorenzo Zach LaVine
SG, Chicago Bulls
79 Team Fang Paul Millsap
PF, Denver Nuggets
80 Team wombatz Wendell Carter Jr.
PF, Chicago Bulls
81 Team A Jonathan Isaac
PF, Orlando Magic
82 Team Knaus Jaren Jackson Jr.
PF, Memphis Grizzlies
83 Team Al-Ouri Reggie Jackson
PG, Detroit Pistons
84 Team Sonney Trae Young
PG, Atlanta Hawks


You can never have too many PGs in eight-cat formats. I have five guys who are PGs or basically serve as PGs (Harden, Booker, Bledsoe, DAR, Teague). Vooch slid big time as a nice auto steal, and he almost always slides these days. We had to knock Isaac down because of his ankle, but after 80 feels like a nice discount for a guy who was going near 60 over the weekend. I'm all in on WJC and JJJ was also a nice pick here, too.


85 Team Sonney Elfrid Payton
PG, New Orleans Pelicans
86 Team Al-Ouri Jabari Parker
PF, Chicago Bulls
87 Team Knaus Buddy Hield
SG, Sacramento Kings
88 Team A Jordan Bell
C, Golden State Warriors
89 Team wombatz Kyle Anderson
SF, Memphis Grizzlies
90 Team Fang Willie Cauley-Stein
C, Sacramento Kings
91 Team DeLorenzo Collin Sexton
PG, Cleveland Cavaliers
92 Team Andrews Kevin Knox
SF, New York Knicks
93 Hinkie's Burner Account Robert Covington
SF, Philadelphia 76ers
94 Team Jaroszewski Kyle Kuzma
PF, Los Angeles Lakers
95 Team Kues Jaylen Brown
SG, Boston Celtics
96 Team Mohammed Trey Burke
PG, New York Knicks


I'm #TeamNeverElfrid and I want nothing to do with WCS. The PG well is pretty much dried up here, so taking Sexton at 91 is fine. ESPN has RoCo at 150, so he always falls to near 100. The Knox preseason bump is upon us and he could be better than we think for FG%. Kyle Anderson slid a bit and I'm surprised Ryan didn't take him. Keep an eye on his heel issue, though.


97 Team Mohammed Jordan Clarkson
SG, Cleveland Cavaliers
98 Team Kues Caris LeVert
SF, Brooklyn Nets
99 Team Jaroszewski TJ Warren
SF, Phoenix Suns
100 Hinkie's Burner Account Josh Jackson
SF, Phoenix Suns
101 Team Andrews Miles Bridges
SF, Charlotte Hornets
102 Team DeLorenzo Jusuf Nurkic
C, Portland Trail Blazers
103 Team Fang Dario Saric
PF, Philadelphia 76ers
104 Team wombatz Nikola Mirotic
PF, New Orleans Pelicans
105 Team A Tim Hardaway Jr.
SG, New York Knicks
106 Team Knaus Brook Lopez
C, Milwaukee Bucks
107 Team Al-Ouri Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
SF, Brooklyn Nets
108 Team Sonney Marvin Bagley III
PF, Sacramento Kings


 I could see myself drafting everyone in this round except for Clarkson and probably won't take Bagley or THJ. Andrews has obviously been watching the preseason with Bridges ballin' out of control, but man this is early. I am on board with Josh Jackson, especially with all the threes I drafted already. Brook Lopez always falls and he's probably the best bet to be a top-75 player for guys taken after 100. I hope Rondae is healthy for the start of the year.


109 Team Sonney James Johnson
PF, Miami Heat
110 Team Al-Ouri Markelle Fultz
PG, Philadelphia 76ers
111 Team Knaus Nicolas Batum
SG, Charlotte Hornets
112 Team A Mario Hezonja
SF, New York Knicks
113 Team wombatz Steven Adams
C, Oklahoma City Thunder
114 Team Fang Dennis Schroder
PG, Oklahoma City Thunder
115 Team DeLorenzo Mohamed Bamba
C, Orlando Magic
116 Team Andrews Serge Ibaka
PF, Toronto Raptors
117 Hinkie's Burner Account Bobby Portis
PF, Chicago Bulls
118 Team Jaroszewski Rodney Hood
SG, Cleveland Cavaliers
119 Team Kues Jeremy Lamb
SG, Charlotte Hornets
120 Team Mohammed Derrick Favors
PF, Utah Jazz


I feel like I wind up with Portis in almost every draft I've done since the Markkanen injury. He should feast for the first month. Besides that, Batum really fell and I liked the Bamba, Lamb and Adams picks the most.


121 Team Mohammed D.J. Augustin
PG, Orlando Magic
122 Team Kues Patrick Beverley
PG, Los Angeles Clippers
123 Team Jaroszewski Dwight Powell
C, Dallas Mavericks
124 Hinkie's Burner Account Terry Rozier
PG, Boston Celtics
125 Team Andrews Danilo Gallinari
SF, Los Angeles Clippers
126 Team DeLorenzo Allen Crabbe
SG, Brooklyn Nets
127 Team Fang Jerami Grant
SF, Oklahoma City Thunder
128 Team wombatz Tyreke Evans
SG, Indiana Pacers
129 Team A Evan Fournier
SG, Orlando Magic
130 Team Knaus DeMarcus Cousins
C, Golden State Warriors
131 Team Al-Ouri Isaiah Thomas
PG, Denver Nuggets
132 Team Sonney Taj Gibson
PF, Minnesota Timberwolves


Rozier winds up on my team more than almost anyone I can think of these days, which makes sense because I don't trust Kyrie. I loved the picks of Crabbe, Beverley and now Gallo looks like he's worth drafting. He's been a star in two games. Powell was obviously an auto.


133 Team Sonney Rudy Gay
SF, San Antonio Spurs
134 Team Al-Ouri Domantas Sabonis
PF, Indiana Pacers
135 Team Knaus Darren Collison
PG, Indiana Pacers
136 Team A JJ Redick
SG, Philadelphia 76ers
137 Team wombatz Larry Nance Jr.
PF, Cleveland Cavaliers
138 Team Fang Zach Randolph
PF, Sacramento Kings
139 Team DeLorenzo Tyus Jones
PG, Minnesota Timberwolves
140 Team Andrews Kristaps Porzingis
PF, New York Knicks
141 Hinkie's Burner Account Willy Hernangomez
C, Charlotte Hornets
142 Team Jaroszewski Jeremy Lin
PG, Atlanta Hawks
143 Team Kues Harry Giles
PF, Sacramento Kings
144 Team Mohammed Carmelo Anthony
PF, Houston Rockets


If Rozier isn't the No. 1 most-drafted player I have, it's Tyus Jones, but not this time. Great pick there. I'm also a fan of taking Willy, Giles and Nance in the later rounds for their big upside.


145 Team Mohammed Greg Monroe
C, Toronto Raptors
146 Team Kues Elie Okobo
PG, Phoenix Suns
147 Team Jaroszewski J.J. Barea
PG, Dallas Mavericks
148 Hinkie's Burner Account Cedi Osman
SF, Cleveland Cavaliers
149 Team Andrews Alex Len
C, Atlanta Hawks
150 Team DeLorenzo Josh Hart
SG, Los Angeles Lakers
151 Team Fang Luke Kennard
SG, Detroit Pistons
152 Team wombatz Mitchell Robinson
C, New York Knicks
153 Team A Jakob Poeltl
C, San Antonio Spurs
154 Team Knaus JaVale McGee
C, Los Angeles Lakers
155 Team Al-Ouri Eric Gordon
SG, Houston Rockets
156 Team Sonney Marcin Gortat
C, Los Angeles Clippers


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Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.