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Matchups by Position

by Ryan Knaus

Matchups are a crucial concern for fantasy owners. Maybe you're playing DFS and need to find value at point guard against a team that's been destroyed by PGs this season (that would be the Wizards, by a wide margin). Maybe you're trying to figure out why your star small forward struggled vs. the Pistons recently -- they're not alone, as Detroit has been very effective vs. SFs this season. 


Regardless, there's plenty to discover by digging through the charts below. I'm still working on an updated version which will weight each category per position. For instance, blocks will be weighted heavily for centers but diminished for guards. I'm nearly there, hopefully it will be implemented for the next 'matchups' column in the season pass!









Ryan Knaus
Despite residing in Portland, Maine, Ryan Knaus remains a heartbroken Sonics fan who longs for the days of Shawn Kemp and Xavier McDaniel. He has written for Rotoworld.com since 2007. You can follow him on Twitter.