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Mock Draft 7: Auction Results

by Steve Alexander
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

I commissioned a live auction draft on ESPN on Tuesday, Oct. 7. The participants included plenty of industry folks, a few lifelong buddies of mine, and the drummer for my wife’s favorite band. This league combines the best of the three worlds I play fantasy hoops in - industry buddies, good friends and musicians. And while a few of these guys don’t write about fantasy hoops for a living, I can assure you that all of them know what they’re doing and are very experienced fantasy basketball heads. Kelin Mark, Jeff Snyder and Brian Rosenworcel are all in the league I started in 1992, which will have it’s 22nd straight draft (auction this year) in a couple weeks.


The format is 10 teams, a $200 budget and 13-man rosters, which means this draft goes 130 players deep. Scoring is based on head-to-head, nine categories, with the winner of the most categories winning that week’s match up. But if you are in a Rotisserie format, or some other variation, trust me when I say the values probably wouldn’t have changed too much.


Here is the straight list of the auction results, followed by team rosters and some brief comments from yours truly. And you can look for Ryan Knaus to post a Rotoworld Auction Values column in the next day or so. Enjoy. 


Auction Values/Results


$81 Kevin Durant


$72 LeBron James


$71 Stephen Curry


$70 Anthony Davis


$62 Chris Paul


$56 James Harden


$53 Kevin Love


$51 DeMarcus Cousins, Kawhi Leonard


$49 Carmelo Anthony


$48 Russell Westbrook, John Wall


$42 LaMarcus Aldridge


$40 Chris Bosh


$39 Blake Griffin


$38 Serge Ibaka


$36 Kyrie Irving, Al Jefferson


$31 Kyle Lowry


$30 Damian Lillard, Andre Drummond


$28 Dirk Nowitzki, Marc Gasol


$27 Nicolas Batum, Paul Millsap


$26 Thaddeus Young


$25 Ty Lawson


$24 Kobe Bryant


$23 Goran Dragic, Victor Oladipo


$22 Monta Ellis


$21 Dwight Howard, Kenneth Faried


$20 Mike Conley, Klay Thompson, DeAndre Jordan


$19 Bradley Beal, Eric Bledsoe, Chandler Parsons, Derrick Rose


$18 Al Horford, Markieff Morris


$17 Derrick Favors


$16 Lance Stephenson


$15 Terrence Jones, Michael Carter-Williams, Deron Williams, DeMar DeRozan


$14 Nerlens Noel, Luol Deng, Ricky Rubio, Joakim Noah


$13 Rajon Rondo, Nikola Vucevic


$12 Dwyane Wade, Jabari Parker, Jeff Teague


$11 Tim Duncan, Gordon Hayward, Brook Lopez


$10 Greg Monroe


$9 Wesley Matthews, Josh Smith


$8 Marcin Gortat, Pau Gasol, Kemba Walker, Larry Sanders


$7 Jeff Green, Jrue Holiday, Rudy Gay


$6 Andrew Wiggins, Jose Calderon, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Jordan Hill, Robin Lopez, Roy Hibbert


$5 Jeremy Lin, Tony Parker, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jimmy Butler, George Hill, Tobias Harris, David West, David Lee, Kyle Korver


$4 Zach Randolph, Joe Johnson


$3 Draymond Green, Nikola Pekovic, Arron Afflalo, Tyreke Evans, DeMarre Carroll


$2 Darren Collison, Nene, Taj Gibson, Enes Kanter, Brandon Jennings, Kevin Martin, Isaiah Thomas, Shabazz Napier, Avery Bradley, Elfrid Payton, Reggie Jackson, K.J. McDaniels, Jodie Meeks


$1 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Josh McRoberts, Matt Barnes, Henry Sims, Alec Burks, Danny Green, Carlos Boozer, Terrence Ross, Ersan Ilyasova, John Henson, Danilo Gallinari, Brandon Knight, Jared Sullinger, Miles Plumlee, Jameer Nelson, Tyson Chandler, J.J. Redick, Eric Gordon, J.R. Smith, Jonas Valanciunas, Andre Iguodala, Anderson Varejao, Trey Burke, Mario Chalmers




Steve Alexander Rotoworld


PG Stephen Curry, GS 71

SG Bradley Beal, Wsh  19

SF LeBron James, Cle 72

PF Tim Duncan, SA 11

C Roy Hibbert, Ind 6

G Jeremy Lin, LAL 5

F Jeff Green, Bos 7

U Joe Johnson, Bkn 4

U Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Det 1

U Josh McRoberts, Mia 1

Bench Matt Barnes, LAC SF 1         

Bench Henry Sims, Phi C 1 

Bench Carlos Boozer, LAL PF 1


I spent my money on Stephen Curry and LeBron James, and then sat back and waited. In a 10-team league, I think it makes sense to go big early and blow your cash on two or three studs, as you only have to go 130 players deep, and just 100 players deep to get your starting lineup. In other words, there should be good players going for a buck or two at the end of the draft. In larger leagues, that strategy changes for me, as you’ll find yourself getting stuck with true scrubs at the end of your draft, as well as getting outbid for solid value talent if you blow bankroll too early.


I still have no idea how I ended up with Jeremy Lin on my team, but he could easily pay off at $5. I’m expecting a bounce-back season from Hibbert and was pleased to get Matt Barnes and Carlos Boozer for a buck. As you probably already know, I love getting Barnes late this year and I plan on having him in my starting lineups on most weeks, if all goes according to plan.  And I guess you can say the same for Henry Sims. I could have probably used another big man, but I am expecting a nice comeback season from Roy Hibbert, and I think I own him and Tim Duncan in most of my leagues. And that will probably cause me to lose sleep at night. I also have an assist problem brewing.


Mike Gallagher Rotoworld


PG Rajon Rondo Bos 13

SG Alec Burks Uta 1

SF Kevin Durant OKC 81

PF Pau Gasol CHI 8

C Robin Lopez Por 6

G Elfrid Payton Orl 2

F Kawhi Leonard SA 51

U Derrick Favors Uta PF 17

U Jrue Holiday Nor PG 7

U Reggie Jackson OKC PG 2

Bench K.J. McDaniels Phi SF 2

Bench Draymond Green GS SF 3

Bench Jordan Hill LAL PF 6


Gallagher somehow got stuck with Rajon Rondo on an autobid and never really recovered. He was furious to land Rondo and insult was added to injury when Matt Stroup offered him MCW for him. “Those are probably my two least favorite guards in the league,” was his response, so we all took that as a ‘no.’ Gallagher got his normal “sleeper staple” of Alec Burks, Kawhi Leonard, Derrick Favors, K.J. McDaniels and Draymond Green, who will help surround his big-money man, Kevin Durant. It’s safe to say that we need Leonard to have a big season for Gregg Popovich, or it could be a long year for Gallagher and I.  Just because Mike paid $51 for Leonard doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend that much, as long as one of us isn’t in your league.


Ryan Knaus Rotoworld


PG John Wall Wsh 48

SG Danny Green SA 1

SF Chandler Parsons Dal 19

PF Terrence Jones Hou 15

C Marc Gasol Mem 28

G Mike Conley Mem 20

F Nicolas Batum Por 27

UTIL Marcin Gortat Wsh C 8

UTIL Joakim Noah Chi C 14

UTIL Nikola Vucevic Orl C 13

Bench Terrence Ross Tor SG 1

Bench Ersan Ilyasova Mil PF 1

Bench Jodie Meeks Det SG 2


Knaus took a different approach, as his most expensive player is John Wall at $48, which actually happened pretty late into the night. Nicolas Batum looks like a very nice value at $27 (especially when Kawhi went for $51), and he won the Ersan Ilyasova Dollar Sweepstakes. Ilyasova is as annoying as they come, but for a dollar, he’s definitely worth a shot. Terrence Jones is on the Rotoworld Love List, but I must admit, I’m getting a little concerned with how things are going so far. He did nothing on Tuesday night and Kevin McHale keeps saying the power forward job is totally up for grabs. I still love TJ and am keeping the faith, but it’s also a situation to watch very closely. At this point, Kenneth Faried, Markieff Morris and Tim Duncan are probably safer bets at PF.


Chris Towers CBS


PG Derrick Rose Chi 19

SG James Harden Hou 56

SF Trevor Ariza Hou 6

PF Ryan Anderson Nor 6

C DeMarcus Cousins Sac 51

G Ricky Rubio Min 14

F John Henson Mil 1

UTIL Dwight Howard Hou C 21

UTIL Kyle Korver Atl SG 5

UTIL Jeff Teague Atl PG 12

Bench Nikola Pekovic Min C 3

Bench George Hill Ind PG 5

Bench Danilo Gallinari Den SF 1


Towers’ two big purchases were James Harden and DeMarcus Cousins, which are both pretty solid values in the $50 range. His next most expensive player was Derrick Rose at $19, and it seems that Rose, along with Dwyane Wade, are the most interesting players to watch in drafts. Both are on my list of guys I want no part of, but I am becoming more and more intrigued with Wade with each passing day. As for Rose, he is still struggling with his shot, just like he did for Team USA all summer and there are obviously still big concerns about his health this season. But he does look quick and athletic, and might just need to shake off the rust. If there was ever a true risk vs. reward fantasy player, it’s Rose. I also find it interesting that George Hill went for more money than Teague, and it may not be a coincidence that Hill was filling up the stat sheet in a preseason game during the auction.


Dominic Ridgard NBC Sports


PG Monta Ellis Dal 22

SG Kobe Bryant LAL 24

SF Giannis Antetokounmpo Mil 5

PF Kenneth Faried Den 21

C DeAndre Jordan LAC 20

G Klay Thompson GS 20

F Serge Ibaka OKC 38

U Wesley Matthews Por SG 9

U Al Horford Atl C 18

U Tony Parker SA PG 5

Bench Jimmy Butler Chi SG 5

Bench Avery Bradley Bos SG 2

Bench Arron Afflalo Den SG 3


Kobe Bryant has looked fantastic early this preseason and ended up as Ridgard’s second most expensive player at $24, following Serge Ibaka at $38. Dom did a nice job of managing his money, spending between $18 and $38 on seven players. He doesn’t have any elite fantasy superstars, but he does have very solid producers like Kobe, Kenneth Faried, Monta Ellis, DeAndre Jordan, Ibaka, Klay Thompson and Al Horford. He’s also the only owner who doesn’t have a single $1 player on his roster. Like many of us, Ridgard might have an assist problem, as Tony Parker is his only starting point guard.


Matt Stroup NBC Sports


PG Kyle Lowry Tor 31

SG J.J. Redick LAC 1

SF Rudy Gay Sac 7

PF Anthony Davis Nor 70

C Chris Bosh Mia 40

G Michael Carter-Williams Phi PG 15

F Jared Sullinger Bos PF 1

U Andre Drummond Det C 30

U Brandon Knight Mil PG 1

U Miles Plumlee Pho C 1

Bench Jameer Nelson Dal PG 1

Bench Tyson Chandler Dal C 1

Bench Eric Gordon Nor SG 1


Stroup broke the bank for Anthony Davis and then put another $100 into Kyle Lowry, Chris Bosh and Andre Drummond. The fact that I paid $71 for Curry and he got Lowry for just $31 is a nice lesson in drafting for value instead of going after the home-run name. Would you rather have solo Curry or Lowry and Bosh for the same amount of money? Yeah, me too.  While Dom has seven players valued between $18 and $38, Stroup has seven players valued at $1, which was easily the highest total of the night. I was next at five $1 players. That could become problematic for us, but like I said, you should still be able to find good players for a buck in a league this thin. Stroup could also have some shooting percentage problems with Andre Drummond and MCW on his team.


Tom Carpenter ESPN


PG Chris Paul LAC 62

SG Andrew Wiggins Min 6

SF Tyreke Evans Nor 3

PF Kevin Love Cle 53

C Larry Sanders Mil 8

G Ty Lawson Den 25

F Dirk Nowitzki Dal 28

U Jose Calderon 6

U Isaiah Thomas Pho 2

U Kevin Martin Min 2

Bench J.R. Smith NY SG 1

Bench Brandon Jennings Det PG 2

Bench Enes Kanter Uta C 2


Carpenter’s big purchases were Chris Paul and Kevin Love, backed up by Dirk Nowitzki and Ty Lawson. After those four, it was all low-dollar value picks, which included just one $1 player. But he’s got some question marks in Love (new role in Cleveland), Andrew Wiggins (rookie, but looked great last night), Larry Sanders (not so merry prankster), Tyreke Evans (hamstring), Isaiah Thomas (Phoenix already has Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic), and Brandon Jennings (oh that shooting). But the fact remains all those guys can play and I’m guessing he’ll be just fine. And unlike many of us, Carpenter should be all good in the assists category.


Kelin Mark High School Principal


PG Kyrie Irving Cle 36

SG Lance Stephenson Cha 16

SF Luol Deng Mia 14

PF Blake Griffin LAC 39

C Jonas Valanciunas Tor 1

G Deron Williams Bkn 15

F Jabari Parker Mil 12

U Goran Dragic Pho PG 23

U Victor Oladipo Orl SG 23

U Josh Smith Det SF 9

Bench Greg Monroe Det PF 10

Bench Andre Iguodala GS SF 1

Bench Anderson Varejao Cle C 1


Coach K, as he’s known in some circles, has never been known to pay big money for big names. He’s a value seeker and this one was no different, as his most expensive purchases were Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving, who both came in under $40. He’s pretty much dominated our auction league for the last couple years, which is highly annoying to me personally. But his value plan is usually a good one. Kelin got nine guys between $10 and $39, and stole Jonas Valanciunas from Gallagher and I for a buck when weren’t looking. He’s also got the potential Rookie of the Year in Jabari Parker, and if Deron Williams can stay on his ankles and Luol Deng stays healthy, this team looks like a pretty good one.  Josh Smith looks like his biggest problem, as his free throw shooting is devastating, his field goal percentage is poor and he just doesn’t block and steal like he used to.


Jeff Snyder Resort Vacation Industry


PG Russell Westbrook OKC 48

SG Gordon Hayward Uta 11

SF DeMarre Carroll Atl 3

PF LaMarcus Aldridge Por 42

C Al Jefferson Cha 36

G Damian Lillard Por 30

F Tobias Harris Orl 5

U Kemba Walker Cha PG 8

U David West Ind PF 5

U Zach Randolph Mem PF 4

Bench David Lee GS PF 5

Bench Shabazz Napier Mia SG 2

Bench Trey Burke Uta PG 1


Snyder and I have been in the same league since the mid-90s and while he usually ends up with a lot of old guys on his team, he did a decent job of getting youth last night. His point guard combo of Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard could be deadly, although I still haven’t really figured out the DeMarre Carroll pick. He was a nice surprise last season, but I just don’t get the sense he can do it again this year. He’ll be punting blocks, but then again, so will a few other teams, including mine if Hibbert doesn’t turn it around. Snyder also has a nice stable of point guards with Kemba Walker and Trey Burke joining Westbrook and Lillard.


Brian Rosenworcel Guster Rock Star


PG Eric Bledsoe Pho 19

SG Dwyane Wade Mia 12

SF Carmelo Anthony NY 49

PF Paul Millsap Atl 27

C Nerlens Noel Phi 19

G DeMar DeRozan Tor 15

F Markieff Morris Pho 18

U Thaddeus Young Min F 26

U Brook Lopez Bkn C 11

U Taj Gibson Chi PF 2

Bench Mario Chalmers Mia PG 1

Bench Darren Collison Sac PG 2

Bench Nene Wsh PF 2


Brian and I have been in hoops leagues together for about five years and also share a minor addiction to Fanduel. He’s the drummer for the band Guster and they have a new album coming out in January. If you’re interested, and you should be, you can stream several of the new tracks here. His big purchase was Carmelo Anthony (good value at $49) and he landed nine guys between $11 and $49. He rolled the dice on Dwyane Wade, but like I said, if that guy can somehow play in 70 games, he’s going to be a monster sans LeBron. He could have some serious center issues if Brook Lopez succumbs to injuries (as usual) or if Nerlens Noel doesn’t pan out. But he also got Paul Millsap, Markieff Morris and Thaddeus Young, who look like three of the best PFs out there this season. Brian can probably forget about trying to win assists, as his only point guards are Eric Bledsoe, Darren Collison and Mario Chalmers, but you just have to win five categories in this league to win the week. 

Steve Alexander

Steve "Dr. A" Alexander is the senior editor for the NBA for NBC Sports Edge and a contributor to NBCSports.com. The 2020-21 NBA season marks (at least) his 20th year of covering fantasy hoops for NBC Sports. Follow him on Twitter - @Docktora.