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Nine-Cat 14-Team Draft

by Mike Gallagher
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

A 14-team league can be tough and most of the owners in this draft are pretty savvy. On top of the Rotoworld writers (Doctor A, Ryan Knaus, Jonas Nader, Jared Johnson, Nick Raducanu and Tommy Beer, we had Chris Towers from CBS along with the In This League guys, Chris Welsh and Scott Bogman. There were also some podcast listeners in there, so they took a few of my favorite targets.
This is a nine-cat head-to-head league. This draft also took place the first week of September.
Here we go!

Round 1
1. James Harden(Hou - SG,SF) Bogman
2. Russell Westbrook(OKC - PG) Chris Towers
3. Stephen Curry(GS - PG,SG) Doc's Team
4. Karl-Anthony Towns(Min - C) Tommy Beer
5. Kevin Durant(GS - SF,PF) Jared Johnson
6. Kawhi Leonard(SA - SG,SF) Ryan Knaus
7. Chris Paul(LAC - PG) Spencer Limbach
8. Anthony Davis(NO - PF,C) StanLeY BaLL...
9. LeBron James(Cle - SF,PF) The Welsh
10. Giannis Antetokounmpo(Mil - PG,SG,SF) Chris Ramos
11. Paul Millsap(Atl - PF,C) Gallagher
12. Paul George(Ind - SF,PF) Jonas Nader
13. Jimmy Butler(Chi - SG,SF) Nick's Nifty...
14. DeMarcus Cousins(Sac - PF,C) The Sloane R...


Nothing really too crazy here in the first round. Perhaps the only interesting thing was Karl-Anthony Towns going at No. 4 over Kevin Durant. Considering it’s a 14-team league, it’s hard to argue against going with KAT because it might be tough to rack up the bigs as the draft goes on. I thought Giannis Antetokounmpo slid a few spots while everything else seemed to be on time. I love Millsap this year, so I’m happy with him at 11.


Best Pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Worst Pick: Jimmy Butler

Round 2
1. Victor Oladipo(OKC - PG,SG) The Sloane R...
2. Damian Lillard(Por - PG) Nick's Nifty...
3. Draymond Green(GS - SF,PF) Jonas Nader
4. Hassan Whiteside(Mia - C) Gallagher
5. Khris Middleton(Mil - SG,SF) Chris Ramos
6. Al Horford(Bos - PF,C) The Welsh
7. Kyrie Irving(Cle - PG,SG) StanLeY BaLL...
8. Blake Griffin(LAC - PF,C) Spencer Limbach
9. Nikola Jokic(Den - C) Ryan Knaus
10. Kyle Lowry(Tor - PG) Jared Johnson
11. John Wall(Was - PG) Tommy Beer
12. C.J. McCollum(Por - PG,SG) Doc's Team
13. Klay Thompson(GS - SG,SF) Chris Towers
14. Derrick Favors(Uta - PF,C) Bogman


This round started off with a big surprise. While I do love Victor Oladipo, there are still some awesome players to grab at 15. I would have definitely taken Damian Lillard, who is really in a class by himself for this round — it helps for him to go 2.2, of course. I was fairly surprised to get Hassan Whiteside at 18, especially after he was No. 2 in nine-cat leagues after the break last year. I thought C.J. McCollum, Derrick Favors and Klay Thompson were just a shade early. Furthermore, I really didn’t like the John Wall and Blake Griffin picks. As you can see, Nikola Jokic costs a ton in leagues with Rotoworld owners. If you’re in a league without RW readers, you can probably pick him up later.


Best Pick: Damian Lillard

Worst Pick: Blake Griffin

Round 3
1. Kemba Walker(Cha - PG) Bogman
2. Gordon Hayward(Uta - SG,SF) Chris Towers
3. LaMarcus Aldridge(SA - PF,C) Doc's Team
4. Kristaps Porzingis(NY - PF,C) Tommy Beer
5. Brook Lopez(Bkn - C) Jared Johnson
6. Eric Bledsoe(Pho - PG,SG) Ryan Knaus
7. Carmelo Anthony(NY - SF,PF) Spencer Limbach
8. Nicolas Batum(Cha - SG,SF) StanLeY BaLL...
9. Isaiah Thomas(Bos - PG) The Welsh
10. Mike Conley(Mem - PG) Chris Ramos
11. Jrue Holiday(NO - PG) Gallagher
12. Jonas Valanciunas(Tor - C) Jonas Nader
13. Andrew Wiggins(Min - SG,SF) Nick's Nifty...
14. Trevor Ariza(Hou - SG,SF) The Sloane R...

A very solid start to this round and I’m cool with every player taken where they went. If I had to pick one I didn’t like, it’s probably Nicolas Batum, but that’s fine at 36. You’re kind of capping him upside there. I took Jrue Holiday a bit early because of the point guard fest (this was also before the terrible news about his wife). I love Ariza and it’s hard to dislike Wiggins for his breakout potential, especially if he can hit treys.


Best Pick: Isaiah Thomas

Worst Pick: Jrue Holiday (this looks worse with the sad news)

Round 4
1. Rudy Gobert(Uta - C) The Sloane R...
2. Andre Drummond(Det - PF,C) Nick's Nifty...
3. Jeff Teague(Ind - PG) Jonas Nader
4. DeAndre Jordan(LAC - C) Gallagher
5. Serge Ibaka(Orl - PF,C) Chris Ramos
6. Kevin Love(Cle - PF,C) The Welsh
7. Goran Dragic(Mia - PG,SG) StanLeY BaLL...
8. Reggie Jackson(Det - PG,SG) Spencer Limbach
9. Nikola Vucevic(Orl - PF,C) Ryan Knaus
10. Gorgui Dieng(Min - PF,C) Jared Johnson
11. Tobias Harris(Det - SF,PF) Tommy Beer
12. DeMar DeRozan(Tor - SG,SF) Doc's Team
13. Marc Gasol(Mem - C) Chris Towers
14. Marcin Gortat(Was - C) Bogman


It’s a big man run here. There were nine players with C eligibility taken here, which isn’t surprising because of a drop-off on the horizon.  Gobert has the upside to go off at this price while Nick probably shouldn’t have taken Drummond next to Jimmy, Dame and Wiggins for FT%. The reason why I took Jrue was because I knew I was going to punt with DJ or Drummond on the way back. I almost never punt, but thought I’d give it a try.


Best Pick: Serge Ibaka

Worst Pick: Andre Drummond (only because Nick invested in FT% earlier)

Round 5
1. Zach LaVine(Min - PG,SG) Bogman
2. Pau Gasol(SA - PF,C) Chris Towers
3. Myles Turner(Ind - PF,C) Doc's Team
4. Dennis Schroder(Atl - PG) Tommy Beer
5. Jae Crowder(Bos - SF,PF) Jared Johnson
6. Nerlens Noel(Phi - PF,C) Ryan Knaus
7. Rajon Rondo(Chi - PG) Spencer Limbach
8. Chandler Parsons(Mem - SF,PF) StanLeY BaLL...
9. Dirk Nowitzki(Dal - PF,C) The Welsh
10. Greg Monroe(Mil - PF,C) Chris Ramos
11. Ricky Rubio(Min - PG) Gallagher
12. Otto Porter(Was - SF) Jonas Nader
13. Rudy Gay(Sac - SF,PF) Nick's Nifty...
14. D'Angelo Russell(LAL - PG) The Sloane R...


Doctor A gets my guy Myles Turner with the third pick. I almost took him over DJ last round, but thought I’d try to punt. Love Myles here. Dennis Schroder and Rajon Rondo did seem a shade early, but both do have some upside. Dirk Nowitzki slides more than Billy Hamilton (baseball reference!), so this is a nice spot. I really liked Crowder, and Chandler Parsons could provide some nice value. D’Angelo Russell was right on time and I was hoping to get him on the way back. I made a mistake taking Rubio. Lesson learned.


Best Pick: Myles Turner

Worst Pick: Rajon Rondo

Round 6
1. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson(Bkn - SG,SF) The Sloane R...
2. Steven Adams(OKC - C) Nick's Nifty...
3. Jusuf Nurkic(Den - C) Jonas Nader
4. Aaron Gordon(Orl - SF,PF) Gallagher
5. Jordan Clarkson(LAL - PG,SG) Chris Ramos
6. Jabari Parker(Mil - SF,PF) The Welsh
7. Ryan Anderson(Hou - PF,C) StanLeY BaLL...
8. Dwight Howard(Atl - PF,C) Spencer Limbach
9. Brandon Knight(Pho - PG,SG) Ryan Knaus
10. Evan Fournier(Orl - SG,SF) Jared Johnson
11. Danilo Gallinari(Den - SF) Tommy Beer
12. George Hill(Uta - PG,SG) Doc's Team
13. Bradley Beal(Was - SG) Chris Towers
14. Robin Lopez(Chi - C) Bogman

The Draft Room had an “oh my” moment when Rondae came off the board to start this round. While I do love RHJ, that is really, really early. The same can be said for Jusuf Nurkic, but Jonas wasn’t willing to risk to see if he’d fall to him. I thought everyone else was right on time with Fournier and Robin Lopez looking like solid picks. I love Ro-Lo in this spot.


Best Pick: Robin Lopez

Worst Pick: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

Round 7
1. Thaddeus Young(Ind - SF,PF) Bogman
2. Clint Capela(Hou - PF,C) Chris Towers
3. Darren Collison(Sac - PG) Doc's Team
4. Nikola Mirotic(Chi - SF,PF) Tommy Beer
5. Enes Kanter(OKC - C) Jared Johnson
6. DeMarre Carroll(Tor - SF,PF) Ryan Knaus
7. Ben Simmons(Phi - SF,PF) Spencer Limbach
8. Kent Bazemore(Atl - SG,SF) StanLeY BaLL...
9. Monta Ellis(Ind - PG,SG) The Welsh
10. Al Jefferson(Ind - PF,C) Chris Ramos
11. Avery Bradley(Bos - PG,SG) Gallagher
12. Gary Harris(Den - SG) Jonas Nader
13. Kenneth Faried(Den - PF,C) Nick's Nifty...
14. Robert Covington(Phi - SF,PF) The Sloane R...


Towers took good FT% guys at every spot in his first six picks, so I really don’t like going Capela here. This draft was before the Collison news, but this is still an OK pick as long as it’s just a 10-game suspension.I thought Al Jefferson going here was probably the worst pick so far. He’s strictly a backup and his upside just isn’t there anymore. Except for Ben Simmons, I thought the other picks in this round were nice value selections. Of course, Simmons has a very alluring upside with his triple-double potential. Beware of FT%, FG%, TOs and no 3s. I was really fired up to get Avery Bradley as probably my favorite pick in this draft.


Best Pick: Avery Bradley (I’m giving myself this one)

Worst Pick: Al Jefferson

Round 8
1. Dwyane Wade(Chi - PG,SG) The Sloane R...
2. Devin Booker(Pho - SG) Nick's Nifty...
3. Chris Bosh(Mia - PF,C) Jonas Nader
4. Danny Green(SA - SG,SF) Gallagher
5. J.J. Redick(LAC - SG) Chris Ramos
6. Tyreke Evans(NO - PG,SG) The Welsh
7. Jeremy Lin(Bkn - PG,SG) StanLeY BaLL...
8. Jahlil Okafor(Phi - C) Spencer Limbach
9. Wesley Matthews(Dal - SG,SF) Ryan Knaus
10. Bismack Biyombo(Orl - PF,C) Jared Johnson
11. Derrick Rose(NY - PG) Tommy Beer
12. Al-Farouq Aminu(Por - SF,PF) Doc's Team
13. Brandon Ingram(LAL - SF) Chris Towers
14. Joakim Noah(NY - PF,C) Bogman


Devin Booker has gone early a lot, but this is a solid spot for him. He’s still giving you room for hitting value. I won’t draft Wade, but this is an OK spot. I wasn’t really a fan of Tyreke Evans, Bismack Biyombo, Derrick Rose, Al-Farouq Aminu or Joakim Noah here. Jonas pounced on Bosh at the right time and I was very happy to pick up Danny Green.


Best Pick: Wes Matthews

Worst Pick: Tyreke Evans

Round 9
1. Patrick Beverley(Hou - PG,SG) Bogman
2. Marvin Williams(Cha - SF,PF) Chris Towers
3. Markieff Morris(Was - PF,C) Doc's Team
4. Zach Randolph(Mem - PF,C) Tommy Beer
5. Deron Williams(Dal - PG) Jared Johnson
6. Willie Cauley-Stein(Sac - PF,C) Ryan Knaus
7. Andrew Bogut(Dal - C) Spencer Limbach
8. Harrison Barnes(Dal - SF,PF) StanLeY BaLL...
9. Joel Embiid(Phi - C) The Welsh
10. Luol Deng(LAL - SF,PF) Chris Ramos
11. Marcus Smart(Bos - PG) Gallagher
12. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope(Det - SG) Jonas Nader
13. Elfrid Payton(Orl - PG) Nick's Nifty...
14. Mason Plumlee(Por - PF,C) The Sloane R...

Marvin Williams really fell here. Part of the reason was because Y! didn’t move him up their rankings, but that’ll be fixed soon. There were a lot of boring picks here, but that’s fine in Round 9. Harrison Barnes this late in a 14-team league is definitely solid and the same goes for Markieff Morris. I’m certainly fine with Embiid here, too.


Best Pick: Marvin Williams

Worst Pick: Zach Randolph (just kind of boring)

Round 10
1. Cody Zeller(Cha - PF,C) The Sloane R...
2. Jared Sullinger(Tor - PF,C) Nick's Nifty...
3. Terrence Jones(NO - SF,PF) Jonas Nader
4. Bojan Bogdanovic(Bkn - SG,SF) Gallagher
5. Kyle Korver(Atl - SG,SF) Chris Ramos
6. Bobby Portis(Chi - PF,C) The Welsh
7. Taj Gibson(Chi - PF,C) StanLeY BaLL...
8. Emmanuel Mudiay(Den - PG) Spencer Limbach
9. Will Barton(Den - SG,SF) Ryan Knaus
10. Seth Curry(Dal - PG) Jared Johnson
11. Eric Gordon(Hou - SG) Tommy Beer
12. Ersan Ilyasova(OKC - SF,PF) Doc's Team
13. Rodney Hood(Uta - SG,SF) Chris Towers
14. Stanley Johnson(Det - SG,SF) Bogman


A lot of very odd picks at center with Zeller, Sully, TJ, Portis and Taj. TJ has the best ceiling while Portis is a nice stash. I was hoping to get Seth Curry in the next round while Eric Gordon was solid, too.


Best Pick: Seth Curry

Worst Pick: Cody Zeller

Round 11
1. Julius Randle(LAL - PF) Bogman
2. Alex Len(Pho - PF,C) Chris Towers
3. Evan Turner(Por - SG,SF) Doc's Team
4. J.R. Smith(Cle - SG,SF) Tommy Beer
5. Mario Hezonja(Orl - SG) Jared Johnson
6. Ty Lawson(Sac - PG) Ryan Knaus
7. Jamal Crawford(LAC - SG,SF) Spencer Limbach
8. Josh Richardson(Mia - SG,SF) StanLeY BaLL...
9. Dario Saric(Phi - PF) The Welsh
10. Amir Johnson(Bos - PF,C) Chris Ramos
11. Trey Lyles(Uta - PF) Gallagher
12. Kris Dunn(Min - PG) Jonas Nader
13. Marcus Morris(Det - SF,PF) Nick's Nifty...
14. Timofey Mozgov(LAL - C) The Sloane R...


Round 12
1. Courtney Lee(NY - SG,SF) The Sloane R...
2. Justise Winslow(Mia - SF,PF) Nick's Nifty...
3. Chris McCullough(Bkn - PF) Jonas Nader
4. Mirza Teletovic(Mil - SF,PF) Gallagher
5. Buddy Hield(NO - SG) Chris Ramos
6. P.J. Tucker(Pho - SG,SF) The Welsh
7. Tony Parker(SA - PG) StanLeY BaLL...
8. Michael Carter-Williams(Mil - PG) Spencer Limbach
9. John Henson(Mil - PF,C) Ryan Knaus
10. Thon Maker(Mil - PF) Jared Johnson
11. Dante Exum(Uta - PG) Tommy Beer
12. Tristan Thompson(Cle - PF,C) Doc's Team
13. Wilson Chandler(Den - SG,SF) Chris Towers
14. Allen Crabbe(Por - PG,SG) Bogman

I was really surprised to see Kris Dunn fall this far and you could say the same for The Homie Dario Saric.

Round 13
1. Tyson Chandler(Pho - C) Bogman
2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist(Cha - SF) Chris Towers
3. Jamal Murray(Den - SG) Doc's Team
4. Zaza Pachulia(GS - C) Tommy Beer
5. Jerryd Bayless(Phi - PG,SG) Jared Johnson
6. Matt Barnes(Sac - SG,SF) Ryan Knaus
7. Andre Iguodala(GS - SG,SF) Spencer Limbach
8. Ian Mahinmi(Was - C) StanLeY BaLL...
9. Sean Kilpatrick(Bkn - SG) The Welsh
10. Roy Hibbert(Cha - C) Chris Ramos
11. Lou Williams(LAL - PG,SG) Gallagher
12. Justin Anderson(Dal - SF) Jonas Nader
13. Ed Davis(Por - PF,C) Nick's Nifty...
14. Matthew Dellavedova(Mil - PG,SG) The Sloane R...
Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with NBC Sports Edge. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.