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Thursday's Pickups of the Day

by Mike Gallagher
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

When it comes to pickups, you really have to think about the situation. Some teams are fairly consistent in their rotation and some are not. The freakin' Celtics played 12 players (!!!) in a close game on Wednesday. TWELVE! And the low man on the minutes was Tyler Zeller, who started their last game before Wednesday. Besides Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart, I want no part of this. I'm also not really too concerned with the Kings mixing up their rotation sans DeMarcus Cousins.

Otto Porter - I get some questions about adding Porter, no way he should be on wires.


Aaron Gordon - The upside is just so, so nice. He had a career-high 19 points.


Nik Stauskas - Green light. He took 14 trey attempts.


Alec Burks - More point guard minutes are coming and he's still not hitting on all cylinders.


Dennis Schroder - He lit it up with 20 points, but Kyle Korver was out.


Mo Williams - He should be top 100 for the next month, but Kyrie will crush him a bit.


T.J. McConnell - He's had an epic start for an undrafted guy. He's close to must-own for short-term value.


Mason Plumlee - If you're in a standard league, I'd put him here. Points? No. 2 on this list.


Trey Burke - I'm still not sold, but he is playing very well. 


Bojan Bogdanovic - Joe Johnson looks awful.


Steven Adams - He's found a very nice role for boards and blocks.


Alex Len - Please play him, Hornacek. If he gets 22-25 minutes, he'll be so good. He had 22 minutes on Wednesday with 16 points and seven boards.


T.J. Warren - He's had a good game in three of his last four and he's taking treys.


Moe Harkless - If not for Gerald Henderson (hip) hanging around, Moe would be higher. Fun upside.


Jordan Hill - Ian Mahinmi shouldn't be out for long.


Greivis Vasquez and Jerryd Bayless - Take your pick, but MCW shouldn't be out for long.


Jerami Grant - He might be able to keep the starting job even when Robert Covington comes back.


Kosta Koufos - Trill had a 0.0 usage rate while Koufos had 16 points, seven baords and two blocks.


Marcus Thornton - He scored 18 and probably has value for another week.


Matthew Dellavedova - A backup guard with a low usage rate is not my style.


Langston Galloway - He played well, but Arron Afflalo is coming back soon.


Richard Jefferson - 35 minutes, six shots from the field and not much else.


Dewayne Dedmon - Vooch should be OK from his knee injury.


Justin Holiday - He hopped Lamar Patterson today. We'll see if that continues. Then again, if you're going to change your rotation, do it against the Nets.


Glenn Robinson III - Surprised to see he played 19 minutes. Looked good too with 10 points.


Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.