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.5 PPR Mock Draft

by Patrick Daugherty
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

.5 PPR mock conducted on 7/24, pre-Kenneth Dixon and Devontae Booker news.

1. Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)

2. Evan Silva (Rotoworld)

3. Patrick Daugherty (Rotoworld)

4. Matt Kelley (RotoUnderworld)

5. Raymond Summerlin (Rotoworld)

6. Matt Harmon (NFL.com)

7. Josh Norris (Rotoworld)

8. Nick Mensio (Rotoworld)

9. Mike Gallagher (Rotoworld)

10. Rich Hribar (Rotoworld)

11. Ben Cummins (The Fantasy Authority)

12. Ryan McDowell (DynastyLeagueFootball.com)

Round 1

1. Jesse Pantuosco — David Johnson, RB1

2. Evan Silva — Le'Veon Bell, RB2

3. Patrick Daugherty — Odell Beckham, WR1

4. Matt Kelley — Ezekiel Elliott, RB3

5. Raymond Summerlin — Antonio Brown, WR2

6. Matt Harmon — Julio Jones, WR3

7. Josh Norris — A.J. Green, WR4

8. Nick Mensio — Mike Evans, WR5

9. Mike Gallagher — Jay Ajayi, RB4

10. Rich Hribar — LeSean McCoy, RB5

11. Ben Cummins — Melvin Gordon, RB6

12. Ryan McDowell — DeMarco Murray, RB7

Notes: No matter the format, I’m targeting Beckham as my top receiver. He might not (quite) post the raw reception totals of Antonio Brown, but the complete package is just so ridiculous for a 24-year-old receiver. … Kelley took the Zeke plunge even with suspension uncertainty. He did not select Darren McFadden as a handcuff. … Evans is pretty consistently falling behind Green. Are people getting too hung up on supposedly inevitable regression? … I love Ajayi coming off the board as the RB4. I will gamble on his upside over Shady’s age/hamstrings and Gordon’s injury history/sub-4.00 YPC. … It’s sort of strange to see Murray in the first round, but it’s defensible.

Round 2

13. Ryan McDowell — Devonta Freeman, RB8

14. Ben Cummins — Jordy Nelson, WR6

15. Rich Hribar — Michael Thomas, WR7

16. Mike Gallagher — Jordan Howard, RB9

17. Nick Mensio — T.Y. Hilton, WR8

18. Josh Norris — Doug Baldwin, WR9

19. Matt Harmon — Dez Bryant, WR10

20. Raymond Summerlin — Rob Gronkowski, TE1

21. Matt Kelley — Amari Cooper, WR11

22. Patrick Daugherty — Joe Mixon, RB10

23. Evan Silva — Demaryius Thomas, WR12

24. Jesse Pantuosco — Leonard Fournette, RB11

Notes: People seemed to approach this like a true .5 PPR, with running backs and receivers coming off the board evenly through two rounds. It was probably subconscious, but the group was drafting for the format. … Howard has a bit of Mike Evans going on this summer. Drafters are just assuming he won’t match his 2016. Howard was the complete package as a rookie, sustaining drives, mixing in big plays and holding his own in the passing game. … We can’t really let Dez Bryant go. He hasn’t had a 1,000-yard season since 2014. … I might have taken the Mixon plunge too early. On paper, his skill-set/role plays as an RB1 in every format. … I was a bit surprised Demaryius Thomas went as early as he did. The fact that it was Silva who took the plunge speaks volumes. I need to re-evaluate my DT position. Silva is a genius.    

Round 3

25. Jesse Pantuosco — DeAndre Hopkins, WR13

26. Evan Silva — Sammy Watkins, WR14

27. Patrick Daugherty — Isaiah Crowell, RB12

28. Matt Kelley — Allen Robinson, WR15

29. Raymond Summerlin — Todd Gurley, RB13

30. Matt Harmon — Christian McCaffrey, RB14

31. Josh Norris — Lamar Miller, RB15

32. Nick Mensio — Keenan Allen, WR16

33. Mike Gallagher — Brandin Cooks, WR17

34. Rich Hribar — Marshawn Lynch, RB16

35. Ben Cummins — Ty Montgomery, RB17

36. Ryan McDowell — Travis Kelce, TE2

Notes: If Deshaun Watson can play passable football, Hopkins could storm back to top-five WR1 status. … Crowell was sort of a spur-of-the-moment pick. I really, really wanted to take him when I was on the clock. … Kelley could be getting the discount of the draft in A-Rob. … Ray is a smart guy, too. Interested to see him gambling on Gurley’s return to form. … Truth be told, I wanted to pull the trigger on McCaffrey. He’s someone I feel fantasy drafters might be psyching themselves out on. … We can’t quit Allen. Allen vs. Cooks could end up a fateful decision in many drafts. … I’m falling more in love with TyMont’s upside as the summer drags on.

Round 4

37. Ryan McDowell — Alshon Jeffery, WR18

38. Ben Cummins — Golden Tate, WR19

39. Rich Hribar — Martavis Bryant, WR20

40. Mike Gallagher — Tyreek Hill, WR21

41. Nick Mensio — Carlos Hyde, RB18

42. Josh Norris — Greg Olsen, TE3

43. Matt Harmon — Stefon Diggs, WR22

44. Raymond Summerlin — Davante Adams, WR23

45. Matt Kelley —  Willie Snead, WR24

46. Patrick Daugherty — Jamison Crowder, WR25

47. Evan Silva — Larry Fitzgerald, WR26

48. Jesse Pantuosco — Terrelle Pryor, WR27

Notes: Will you be willing to take Tate over Tyreek? Disciplined drafting from Cummins. That being said, I’m a Tyreek fan. His range of outcomes is positively wild. … Perfect time to snag Bryant. Humongous downside, WR1 upside. … Nick is a shrewd drafter. Was a bit surprised to see him take the Hyde plunge. We’ll see if Hyde is still a 49er come Week 1. It’s possible his situation actually improves with a release/trade. … Diggs vs. Adams is fascinating to me. I’m not sure what the right answer is. … Kelley snags Snead every draft. I’m bullish on him finishing as a WR2. … I snag Crowder every draft. I am … bullish on him finishing as a WR2. … Pryor was an overdraft candidate, but his ADP is quite reasonable.

Round 5

49. Jesse Pantuosco — Julian Edelman, WR28

50. Evan Silva — Jarvis Landry, WR29

51. Patrick Daugherty — Jordan Reed, TE4

52. Matt Kelley — Michael Crabtree, WR30

53. Raymond Summerlin — Ameer Abdullah, RB19

54. Matt Harmon — Pierre Garcon, WR31

55. Josh Norris — Emmanuel Sanders, WR32

56. Nick Mensio — Mark Ingram, RB20

57. Mike Gallagher — Dalvin Cook, RB21

58. Rich Hribar — Mike Gillislee, RB22

59. Ben Cummins — Jeremy Maclin, WR33

60. Ryan McDowell — Eddie Lacy, RB23

Notes: Edelman’s injury history or Landry’s declining role? It’s an interesting debate. … Reed already has a mystery injury. We’re off to a roaring start. … Abdullah is one of this year’s tougher nuts to crack. There are threats on every front, but the Lions endorsed him with a quiet free agency and draft in the backfield. … Sanders is someone who could vastly outperform his ADP. He hasn’t stopped being a great player. … Ingram is a land mine pick. RB20 is an appropriate place to take the risk. … Cook’s case looks better by the day. … The more points you get per reception, the farther Gillislee will fall. … I love the idea of Lacy roaring back to life in Seattle. I will pay that price.

Round 6

61. Ryan McDowell — DeSean Jackson, WR34

62. Ben Cummins — Aaron Rodgers, QB1

63. Rich Hribar — Tom Brady, QB2

64. Mike Gallagher — Donte Moncrief, WR35

65. Nick Mensio — Danny Woodhead, RB24

66. Josh Norris — Adrian Peterson, RB25

67. Matt Harmon — Jimmy Graham, TE5

68. Raymond Summerlin — C.J. Anderson, RB26

69. Matt Kelley — Tevin Coleman, RB27

70. Patrick Daugherty — Cameron Meredith, WR36

71. Evan Silva — Eric Decker, WR37

72. Jesse Pantuosco — Drew Brees, QB3

Notes: I think we waited too long on quarterbacks. D-Jax and Jeremy Maclin should not be coming off the board before Aaron Rodgers. … Moncrief’s ADP has been a bit puzzling to me. He’s another player we maybe overcorrected on following a disappointing 2016. … For better or worse, Woodhead will be getting more expensive. I tend to think he’ll be more fool’s good than lifehack. …This is only the beginning for Ingram and Adrian Peterson’s ADP battle. It will hinge on daily reports from Saints camp. … I’m not sure I like Graham’s odds of finishing as a top-five tight end. ... I feel like Meredith’s ADP will increase. … I think Decker will end up going too high in a lot of drafts, but WR37 is a perfect time to pounce.  

Round 7

73. Jesse Pantuosco — Bilal Powell, RB28

74. Evan Silva — Tyler Eifert, TE6

75. Patrick Daugherty — Doug Martin, RB29

76. Matt Kelley — Spencer Ware, RB30

77. Raymond Summerlin — Paul Perkins, RB31

78. Matt Harmon — John Brown, WR37

79. Josh Norris — Russell Wilson, QB4

80. Nick Mensio — Brandon Marshall, WR38

81. Mike Gallagher — Kelvin Benjamin, WR39

82. Rich Hribar — Randall Cobb, WR40

83. Ben Cummins — Tyrell Williams, WR41

84. Ryan McDowell — Andrew Luck, QB5

Notes: Powell fell awful far for this being a .5 PPR. I would prefer him to many of the backs that went ahead. … It probably won’t happen, but there’s a chance Martin is an RB1 from his Week 4 return onward. ... Ware is a crazy case. His ADP depends more on that Kareem Hunt more than anything else. … I think we priced in too much risk with Perkins, even though I don’t love the player. … I was going to take Brown if he fell to me. I’m all aboard the comeback train. … Flip a coin between Marshall and Kelvin. Kelvin reported to camp in shape. … Cobb’s days as a fantasy force appear officially over. … Tyrell could be an August riser.

Round 8

85. Ryan McDowell — DeVante Parker, WR42

86. Ben Cummins — Samaje Perine, RB32

87. Rich Hribar — Kyle Rudolph, TE7

88. Mike Gallagher — Jack Doyle, TE8

89. Nick Mensio — Frank Gore, RB33

90. Josh Norris — Kenny Britt, WR43

91. Matt Harmon — LeGarrette Blount, RB34

92. Raymond Summerlin — Theo Riddick, RB35

93. Matt Kelley — Quincy Enunwa, WR44

94. Patrick Daugherty — Adam Thielen, WR45

95. Evan Silva — Derrick Henry, RB36

96. Jesse Pantuosco — Eric Ebron, TE9

Notes: Parker fell crazy far. I might sound like a broken record, but he’s another guy I think the group is too bearish on. Perhaps it was the NFL.com draft room, which has Parker quite low in its default rankings. … I want to say Gore was a bad pick, but not at that price. He’s essentially done, but people aren’t paying a hopeful price. They’re being realistic. … Very disciplined drafting of Britt. He has decent odds of finishing in the top 36. … Blount and Riddick … that’s a blurred line in .5 PPR. … I’m snatching up Thielen wherever possible. I love his chances of WR3 production. … Henry is one of this summer’s most debated players. It again got my attention when I saw that it was Silva doing the drafting. … Ebron’s reputation see-sawed much of the offseason. He’s back on an upward hype trajectory.  

Round 9

97. Jesse Pantuosco — Mike Wallace, WR46

98. Evan Silva — Jonathan Stewart, RB37

99. Patrick Daugherty — Corey Davis, WR47

100. Matt Kelley — Cam Newton, QB6

101. Raymond Summerlin — Corey Coleman, WR48

102. Matt Harmon — James White, RB38

103. Josh Norris — C.J. Prosise, RB39

104. Nick Mensio — Martellus Bennett, TE10

105. Mike Gallagher — Marvin Jones, WR49

106. Rich Hribar — Kareem Hunt, RB40

107. Ben Cummins — Delanie Walker, TE11

108. Ryan McDowell — Duke Johnson, RB41

Notes: I find the cratering of Davis’ draft stock interesting. He’s the No. 5 overall pick. I think Decker and past first-round receiver failures have fantasy drafters being a little too conservative. … By and large, in this summer’s mocks, the group has expressed extreme confidence in a Newton bounce-back. His July 27 comments admittedly got me fired up. … Coleman is a freebie with tremendous upside. … James White got the most guaranteed money in the Patriots’ backfield this offseason. … The more points per reception, the better Prosise is as a hedge. … Hunt could win starting duties in camp. It’s not the most likely outcome, but it’s definitely in play. … Duke Johnson has been getting reps out of the slot.

Round 10

109. Ryan McDowell — Rishard Matthews, WR50

110. Ben Cummins — Jordan Matthews, WR51

111. Rich Hribar — Darren McFadden, RB42

112. Mike Gallagher — Matt Ryan, QB7

113. Nick Mensio — Kirk Cousins, QB8

114. Josh Norris — Ted Ginn, WR52

115. Matt Harmon — Terrance West, RB43

116. Raymond Summerlin — Marcus Mariota, QB9

117. Matt Kelley — Zach Ertz, TE12

118. Patrick Daugherty — Ben Roethlisberger, QB10

119. Evan Silva — Jacquizz Rodgers, RB44

120. Jesse Pantuosco — Rob Kelley, RB45

Notes: Rishard Matthews is lost in the shuffle in Tennessee. WR50 is a good guess for where he will end up. … Jordan Matthews has declared himself healthy. He’s a no-risk, moderate-reward WR4. … McFadden’s ADP will rise and fall with Elliott innuendo. … This is the lowest you will see Terrance West go the rest of the summer. This draft was conducted one day before Kenneth Dixon was lost for the season. … Without Adam Levitan around, Ray had to take Mariota. … Big Ben is going way too low in too many drafts. People think “home/road splits” is a reason to treat Roethlisberger like he’s Carson Wentz. … Quizz Rodgers is free early-season money.  

Round 11

121. Jesse Pantuosco — Sterling Shepard, WR53

122. Evan Silva — Matt Forte, RB46

123. Patrick Daugherty — Will Fuller, WR54

124. Matt Kelley — Devontae Booker, RB47

125. Raymond Summerlin — Robert Woods, WR55

126. Matt Harmon — Shane Vereen, RB48

127. Josh Norris — Darren Sproles, RB49

128. Nick Mensio — Josh Doctson, WR56

129. Mike Gallagher — Joe Williams, RB50

130. Rich Hribar — Kenneth Dixon, RB51

131. Ben Cummins — Jamaal Charles, RB52

132. Ryan McDowell — Breshad Perriman, WR57

Notes: Shepard could be a bit of a post-hype sleeper, depending on how done Brandon Marshall is. … Kelley took Booker before his wrist surgery was announced. … Vereen ahead of Sproles is interesting. I would have flipped them. … Doctson has been drawing early-camp raves. … The Joe Williams rocket ship might lose a little speed after GM John Lynch came out and praised Carlos Hyde’s 2017 preparation. … I have a sneaking suspicion Charles will spend most of the summer rising up draft boards.  

Round 12

133. Ryan McDowell — Alvin Kamara, RB53

134. Ben Cummins — Jonathan Williams, RB54

135. Rich Hribar — Tyler Lockett, WR58

136. Mike Gallagher — Latavius Murray, RB55

137. Nick Mensio — Thomas Rawls, RB56

138. Josh Norris — Jameis Winston, QB11

139. Matt Harmon — Andy Dalton, QB12

140. Raymond Summerlin — Kevin White, WR59

141. Matt Kelley — Cole Beasley, WR60

142. Patrick Daugherty — Zay Jones, WR61

143. Evan Silva — Dak Prescott, QB12

144. Jesse Pantuosco — Hunter Henry, TE13

Notes: Lockett figures to be an August riser, as well. … Latavius has reached give-away status. He might actually turn into a value. … Rawls is an excellent Lacy hedge. Lacy has done all the right things this summer, but still comes with loads of uncertainty. … I like Dalton’s odds of out-pointing Winston. It’s a more pass-heavy offense and Dalton has more weapons. … Way too low for Zay Jones, who is this year’s Sterling Shepard from a rookie role perspective. … Man, we are a disciplined group. Incredible we let Prescott and Hunter fall as far as they did. Not saying it’s wrong, but you won’t see that very often in “friends” leagues.

Round 13

145. Jesse Pantuosco — J.J. Nelson,  WR62

146. Evan Silva — Giovani Bernard, RB57

147. Patrick Daugherty — Rex Burkhead, RB58

148. Matt Kelley — Marlon Mack, RB59

149. Raymond Summerlin — D'Onta Foreman, RB60

150. Matt Harmon — Kenny Stills, WR63

151. Josh Norris — John Ross, WR64

152. Nick Mensio — Robby Anderson, WR65

153. Mike Gallagher — DeAndre Washington, RB61

154. Rich Hribar — Jamaal Williams, RB62

155. Ben Cummins — Kamar Aiken, WR66

156. Ryan McDowell — Marqise Lee, WR67

Notes: Burkhead is a total dart throw, but he sure looks good on paper in New England. I prefer Robert Turbin to Mack as a Frank Gore hedge. … Kenny Stills will probably rise up the board a bit. … The summer consensus seems to be DeAndre Washington > Jalen Richard as a Beast Mode handcuff. … We are playing out the string of this draft.

Round 14

157. Ryan McDowell — Derek Carr, QB13

158. Ben Cummins — Mohamed Sanu, WR68

159. Rich Hribar — Devin Funchess, WR69

160. Mike Gallagher — Jalen Richard, RB63

161. Nick Mensio — Cooper Kupp, WR70

162. Josh Norris — Curtis Samuel, WR71

163. Matt Harmon — Chris Conley, WR72

164. Raymond Summerlin — Taylor Gabriel, WR73

165. Matt Kelley — Jeff Janis, WR74

166. Patrick Daugherty — Robert Turbin, RB64

167. Evan Silva — Seahawks Defense, DEF1

168. Jesse Pantuosco — Stephen Gostkowski, K1

Notes: Carr, QB13 is going to trigger Raiders fans. I think it’s appropriate. I will say, Carr has made a habit of defying expectations. … Kupp was good for a few lols, but it’s a good pick at this point of the draft. The Rams are going to play small ball. … Chris Conley is someone I’m keeping a very close eye on during the preseason. … Kelley is 2-for-2 in taking Janis in Rotoworld Draft Guide mocks.

Round 15

169. Jesse Pantuosco — Broncos Defense, DEF2

170. Evan Silva — Tim Hightower, RB65

171. Patrick Daugherty — Patriots Defense, DEF3

172. Matt Kelley — Dan Bailey, K2

173. Raymond Summerlin — Texans Defense, DEF4

174. Matt Harmon — Justin Tucker, K3

175. Josh Norris — Panthers Defense, DEF5

176. Nick Mensio — Vikings Defense, DEF6

177. Mike Gallagher — Chiefs Defense, DEF7

178. Rich Hribar — Cardinals Defense, DEF8

179. Ben Cummins — Chargers Defense, DEF9

180. Ryan McDowell — Giants Defense, DEF10

Notes: Defenses.

Round 16

181. Ryan McDowell — Cairo Santos, K4

182. Ben Cummins — Matt Bryant, K5

183. Rich Hribar — Graham Gano, K6

184. Mike Gallagher — Sebastian Janikowski, K7

185. Nick Mensio — Wil Lutz, K8

186. Josh Norris — Matt Prater, K9

187. Matt Harmon — Jaguars Defense, DEF11

188. Raymond Summerlin — Chris Boswell, K10

189. Matt Kelley — Bills Defense, DEF12

190. Patrick Daugherty — Adam Vinatieri, K11

191. Evan Silva — Mason Crosby, K12

192. Jesse Pantuosco — Philip Rivers, QB14

Notes: Kickers.

Patrick Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty is a football and baseball writer for NBC Sports Edge. He can be found on Twitter .