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IDP Mock Draft

by Gary Davenport
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

We’ve hit the month of August, and the NFL preseason is underway (nothing pleases the soul quite like awful preseason football in Canton). And that can mean only one thing for fantasy football enthusiasts – draft season is in high swing. Soon preparation and practice will give way (hopefully) to the completion of a successful draft.


For many fantasy owners, the use of mock drafts is an invaluable tool when getting ready to draft their squads. However, that can be easier said than done for those who play in IDP leagues. Mock drafts that include individual defensive players aren’t especially easy to come by.


However, just because you can’t participate in many IDP mocks doesn’t mean you can’t do the next best thing, examine the ones that have occurred, in an effort to spot draft-day trends and potential value plays.


That’s a segue, just in case you didn’t pick up on it.


We’re going to look at recent IDP mock I conducted. It’s a relatively straightforward PPR league. Start one QB, two RB, three WR, one TE and one flex. Six points for all touchdowns. Standard 10/25 split between rushing/receiving yards and passing yards.


The starting lineup on defense consists of two DL, two LB, two DB and one “flex” (which will usually be a linebacker). Defensive scoring is 1.5 points per tackle, 4 points per big play (a fairly common roster setup and tackle-heavy(ish) scoring system). It’s also worth pointing out that it was a short bench (24 roster spots), so with the exceptions of a spare lineman and an extra linebacker the reserve slots (for the most part) were spent on offensive sleepers and depth.


In IDP leagues with a short bench, the smart play on defense is to let the waiver wire serve as your de facto reserves, especially where defensive backs are concerned.


The kicker position was omitted here, but the rule with those is simple – last round. No exceptions. Ever.


Now that we’ve got the scoring and lineup requirements squared away, let’s take a team-by-team look at how things unfolded, especially on the defensive side of the ball.


This is an IDP article after all. You don’t need me to tell you David Johnson can run or that Odell Beckham can catch.


TEAM 1: Johnson, Bryant and Kelce, Attorneys at Law


Pick Player Pick Player
1.01 David Johnson - RB, ARZ 13.01 Everson Griffen - DE, MIN
2.12 Dez Bryant - WR, DAL 14.12 Ben Roethlisberger - QB, PIT
3.01 Travis Kelce - TE, KCC 15.01 Jarrad Davis - ILB. DET
4.12 Terrelle Pryor - WR, WAS 16.12 Carson Wentz - QB, PHI
5.01 Ameer Abdullah - RB, DET 17.01 Jacquizz Rodgers - RB, TBB
6.12 Kelvin Benjamin - WR, CAR 18.12 Taylor Gabriel - WR, ATL
7.01 Doug Martin - RB, TBB 19.01 Thomas Davis - OLB, CAR
8.12 C.J. Prosise - RB, SEA 20.12 Eric Berry - S, KCC
9.01 Jamie Collins - OLB, CLE 21.01 T.J. Ward - S, DEN
10.12 Jordan Matthews - WR, PHI 22.12 Jason Witten - TE, DAL
11.01 Olivier Vernon - DE, NYG 23.01 Mario Addison - DE, CAR
12.12 Jatavis Brown - OLB, LAC 24.12 Devontae Booker - RB, DEN


It rather pains me to say this about a team drafting with the advantage of going first, but I like this team. Really like it. It’s a squad that features arguably the best running back (David Johnson) the best tight end (Travis Kelce) and a solid defensive roster. That last part is made all the more impressive by the fact this team didn’t take a defensive player until the first pick of the ninth round. It just goes to show something I tell people all the time; you don’t have to set the pace at the defensive positions to walk away from your draft with a competitive roster.


IDP Pro Tip: In 2017, I’m a proponent of aggressively attacking the defensive line, which is easily the shallowest of the defensive positions. This team did that and then some by locking up a pair of top-10 bookends in Olivier Vernon of the New York Giants and Everson Griffen of the Minnesota Vikings.


TEAM 2: For Whom the Bell Toils


Pick Player Pick Player
1.02 Le'Veon Bell - RB, PIT 13.02 Cameron Jordan - DE, NOS
2.11 DeAndre Hopkins - WR, HOU 14.11 Darren Sproles - RB, PHI
3.02 Brandin Cooks - WR, NEP 15.02 Zay Jones - WR, BUF
4.11 Carlos Hyde - RB, SFO 16.11 Muhammad Wilkerson - DE, NYJ
5.02 Jordan Reed - TE, WAS 17.02 Julius Thomas - TE, MIA
6.11 Willie Snead - WR, NOS 18.11 Tony Jefferson - S, BAL
7.02 Russell Wilson - QB, SEA 19.02 Tim Hightower - RB, SFO
8.11 C.J. Mosley - ILB, BAL 20.11 Sean Spence - ILB, IND
9.02 LeGarrette Blount - RB, PHI 21.02 Cole Beasley - WR, DAL
10.11 Joe Williams - RB, SFO 22.11 B.J. Goodson - ILB, NYG
11.02 Quincy Enunwa - WR, NYJ 23.02 Sam Bradford - QB, MIN
12.11 Zach Brown - ILB, WAS 24.11 Malcolm Jenkins - S, PHI


This is, at first glance, a similar squad to Team 1, and quite possibly a better one. Waiting until the back end of the eighth round to take their first IDP allowed them to load up at the offensive positions. I don’t like the Front 7 IDP options quite as much as the prior team, but C.J. Mosley and Zach Brown should both be consistent weekly starters, while the duo drafted after them both offer some upside as “sleepers.” If there’s a weakness here, it’s at tight end if Jordan Reed can’t stay healthy, but such is the risk involved in drafting the Washington star.


IDP Sleeper Alert: Both B.J. Goodson of the New York Giants and Sean Spence of the Tennessee Titans have appeal as late-round fliers who could demolish their relatively modest draft-day asking price, if they can lock down the three-down role they are expected to.


TEAM 3: AB and the Risk/Reward Brigade


Pick Player Pick Player
1.03 Antonio Brown - WR, PIT 13.03 Jamaal Williams - RB, GBP
2.10 Rob Gronkowski - TE, NEP 14.10 Sterling Shepard - WR, NYG
3.03 J.J. Watt - DE, HOU 15.03 Kiko Alonso - OLB, MIA
4.10 Ty Montgomery - RB, GBP 16.10 Philip Rivers - QB, LAC
5.03 Larry Fitzgerald - WR, ARZ 17.03 Fletcher Cox - DT, PHI
6.10 Danny Woodhead - RB, BAL 18.10 Derrick Johnson - ILB, KCC
7.03 Brandon Marshall - WR, NYG 19.03 Marqise Lee - WR, JAX
8.10 Terrance West - RB, BAL 20.10 Haason Reddick - ILB, ARZ
9.03 Marcus Mariota - QB, TEN 21.03 Kenny Vaccaro - S, NOS
10.10 Samaje Perine - RB, WAS 22.10 Dwayne Allen - TE, NEP
11.03 Navorro Bowman - ILB, SFO 23.03 Kam Chancellor - S, SEA
12.10 Marvin Jones - WR, DET 24.10 Michael Bennett - DE, SEA


All I can say is wow; This is a fantasy owner who enjoys living on the edge. From the pick of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in Round 2 to Houston Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt a few picks later to San Francisco 49ers’ inside linebacker Navorro Bowman in the 11th, the front half of the draft was absolutely loaded with risk/reward picks for this team. Bowman isn’t even the only veteran linebacker coming off a major injury being counted on as a weekly starter here; Derrick Johnson is 33 and coming off an Achilles tear.


IDP Pro Tip: I get asked a lot about a good time to target Watt, who has the potential to be the most dominant fantasy asset in the game. It’s hard question to answer without knowing an individual league’s parameters, but in this scoring format, early in Round 3 is likely about the soonest I’d consider it.


TEAM 4: The Rookie Back Brigade


Pick Player Pick Player
1.04 Odell Beckham - WR, NYG 13.04 Adam Thielen - WR, MIN
2.09 Leonard Fournette - RB, JAX 14.09 DeForest Buckner - DT, SFO
3.04 Doug Baldwin - WR, SEA 15.04 Matthew Stafford - QB, DET
4.09 Dalvin Cook - RB, MIN 16.09 Jamal Adams - S, NYJ
5.04 Tevin Coleman - RB, ATL 17.04 James Conner - RB, PIT
6.09 Martavis Bryant - WR, PIT 18.09 Tyrod Taylor - QB, BUF
7.04 Bobby Wagner - ILB, SEA 19.04 Frank Clark - DE, SEA
8.09 Deion Jones - ILB, ATL 20.09 T.J. Yeldon - RB, JAX
9.04 Delanie Walker - TE, TEN 21.04 C.J. Fiedorowicz - TE, HOU
10.09 Tyrell Williams - WR, LAC 22.09 Geno Atkins - DT, CIN
11.04 Ryan Shazier - ILB, PIT 23.04 Ramik Wilson - ILB, KCC
12.09 Latavius Murray - RB, MIN 24.09 Micah Hyde - S, BUF


There’s a lot I like about this team, and not much I don’t. After six rounds of banging away at wide receiver and tailback (well, especially if the rookie tailbacks pay off), this drafter hit the linebacker spot with back-to-back picks, selecting a pair of potential top-five options in Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks) and Deion Jones (Atlanta Falcons). Add in Ryan Shazier of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and you have arguably the finest top three at the position of any squad in the league. Love the wait at quarterback until Round 15 (Matthew Stafford) as well.


IDP Sleeper Alert: Ramik Wilson of the Kansas City Chiefs is flying under the radar in many IDP leagues, but he really shouldn’t be. The 24-year-old appeared to come into his own last season and should start next to the aforementioned Derrick Johnson in 2017.

TEAM 5: Hope Springs Eternal


Pick Player Pick Player
1.05 Julio Jones - WR, ATL 13.05 Jerrell Freeman - ILB, CHI
2.08 Todd Gurley - RB, LAR 14.08 Ezekiel Ansah - DE, DET
3.05 Lamar Miller - RB, HOU 15.05 Jack Doyle - TE, IND
4.08 Sammy Watkins - WR, BUF 16.08 D'Onta Foreman - RB, HOU
5.05 Michael Crabtree - WR, OAK 17.05 Rishard Matthews - WR, TEN
6.08 Eddie Lacy - RB, SEA 18.08 Harrison Smith - S, MIN
7.05 Alec Ogletree - ILB, LAR 19.05 Denzel Perryman - ILB, LAC
8.08 Jeremy Maclin - WR, BAL 18.08 Carson Palmer - QB, ARZ
9.05 Jameis Winston - QB, TBB 19.05 Charles Sims - RB, TBB
10.08 Martellus Bennett - TE, GBP 22.08 A.J. Klein - ILB, NOS
11.05 Jason Pierre-Paul - DE, NYG 23.05 Dante Fowler - DE, JAX
12.08 Thomas Rawls - RB, SEA 24.05 Tyrann Mathieu - S. ARZ


Just like Team 4, this owner added three receivers and three running backs with the first six picks, although the picks here carry with them a lot more questions. Just as with Todd Gurley and Sammy Watkins, Team 5 will be hoping for a bounce-back year from Detroit Lions defensive end Ezekiel Ansah, who had only two sacks in an injury-marred mess of a 2016 season. This squad also found value with Chicago Bears linebacker Jerrell Freeman in Round 13; The veteran has top-10 upside at a reduced price as the top linebacker for the Bears in 2017.


IDP Sleeper Alert: After four years as Luke Kuechly’s understudy in Carolina A.J. Klein joined the New Orleans Saints in free agency. Not only does the 26-year-old appear to be in line to start, but Klein’s been making the defensive play-calls in Saints camp. That means an every-down role.


TEAM 6: The Elliott Conundrum


Pick Player Pick Player
1.06 Ezekiel Elliott - RB, DAL 13.06 Keanu Neal - S, ATL
2.07 Aaron Rodgers - QB, GBP 14.07 Christian Kirksey - OLB, CLE
3.06 Jarvis Landry - WR, MIA 15.06 Mike Wallace - WR, BAL
4.07 Alshon Jeffery - WR, PHI 16.07 Brandon Graham - DE, PHI
5.06 Mark Ingram - RB, NOS 17.06 Darren McFadden - RB, DAL
6.07 Stefon Diggs - WR, MIN 18.07 Coby Fleener - TE, NOS
7.06 Joey Bosa - DE, LAC 19.06 Reggie Ragland - ILB, BUF
8.07 Paul Perkins - RB, NYG 20.07 Jeremy McNichols - RB, TBB
9.06 Zach Ertz - TE, PHI 21.06 Nigel Bradham - OLB, PHI
10.07 Khalil Mack - OLB, OAK 22.07 Tavon Austin - WR, LAR
11.06 Cameron Meredith - WR, CHI 23.06 Eric Weddle - S, BAL
12.07 Alvin Kamara - RB, NOS 24.07 Derek Wolfe - DE, DEN


I don’t blame Team 6 for pulling the trigger on Ezekiel Elliott; I’d be hard-pressed to pass on him at this spot too. In addition, by picking up Darren McFadden later on they covered themselves against a potential suspension. I also like the defensive line duo of Joey Bosa and Brandon Graham, who’s undervalued after managing just 5.5 sacks last year. Graham was among the league leaders in total QB pressures though; I’d expect that number to climb in Graham’s second season in Jim Schwartz’s attacking 4-3 scheme in Philly this year. The linebackers could be a weak spot, however.


IDP Pro Tip: The reason those linebackers could be weak (believe it or not) is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. Khalil Mack is an absolute monster to be sure, but this scoring system doesn’t play to his strengths. Know your scoring, folks.


TEAM 7: Mocking from the Middle


Pick Player Pick Player
1.07 Melvin Gordon - RB, LAC 13.07 Dak Prescott - QB, DAL
2.06 T.Y. Hilton - WR, IND 14.06 Josh Doctson - WR, WAS
3.07 Isaiah Crowell - RB, CLE 15.07 K.J. Wright - OLB, SEA
4.06 Davante Adams - WR, GBP 16.06 Melvin Ingram - DE, LAC
5.07 Kwon Alexander - ILB, TBB 17.07 Marlon Mack - RB, IND
6.06 Bilal Powell - RB, NYJ 18.06 Darron Lee - ILB, NYJ
7.07 DeSean Jackson - WR, WAS 19.07 Evan Engram - TE, NYG
8.06 Donte Moncrief - WR, IND 20.06 Vince Williams - ILB, PIT
9.07 Hunter Henry - TE, LAC 21.07 Breshad Perriman - WR, BAL
10.06 Derek Carr - QB, OAK 22.06 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - S, GBP
11.07 Matt Forte - RB, NYJ 23.07 Jahleel Addae - S, LAC
12.06 Carlos Dunlap - DE, CIN 24.07 Emmanuel Ogbah - DE, CLE


I’m not generally a fan of picking in the middle of drafts, especially in a year where prior to the news of a potential Elliott suspension, there was a clear drop-off after the top-six. However, this team did a pretty good job all things considered. Defensively the team was pretty aggressive, taking the first linebacker (Kwon Alexander of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) in the middle of the fifth. That’s not too early for last year’s highest-scoring player at the position, especially in a tackle-heavy format like this. They also did just fine at defensive back despite waiting until the end to grab their starters, hammering home the fact you can wait in the secondary and still be fine.


IDP Sleeper Alert: Where to begin? The late rounds were an IDP value bonanza for this team. Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Vince Williams, Los Angeles Chargers safety Jahleel Addae and Cleveland Browns defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah all have a decent shot at out-performing their draft slot.


TEAM 8: Cool Brees-es


Pick Player Pick Player
1.08 Mike Evans - WR, TBB 13.08 Jamaal Charles - RB, DEN
2.05 Jordy Nelson - WR, GBP 14.05 Leonard Williams - DE, NYJ
3.08 Joe Mixon - RB, CIN 15.08 Kevin White - WR, CHI
4.05 Drew Brees - QB, NOS 16.05 Jerry Hughes - DE, BUF
5.08 Frank Gore - RB, IND 17.08 Deone Bucannon - ILB, AZ
6.05 C.J. Anderson - RB, DEN 18.05 Barry Church - S, JAX
7.08 Jamison Crowder - WR, WAS 19.08 Austin Hooper - TE, ATL
8.05 Tyler Eifert - TE, CIN 20.05 Ted Ginn - WR, NOS
9.08 Lavonte David - OLB, TBB 21.08 Ryan Tannehill - QB, MIA
10.05 Eric Decker - WR, TEN 22.05 Kawann Short - DT, CAR
11.08 Duke Johnson - RB, CLE 23.08 Shaq Thompson - OLB, CAR
12.05 Benardrick McKinney - ILB, HOU 24.05 Antoine Bethea - S, ARZ


There’s talent on this team to be sure, whether it’s a rookie like Cincinnati Bengals tailback Joe Mixon or a grizzled veteran like the ageless Frank Gore. Moreover, from a defensive perspective the Leonard Williams/Jerry Hughes duo is solid for a team that didn’t hit that position until the 14th round. Still, the linebacker position for this squad could be a significant area of weakness. Deone Bucannon’s Week 1 availability is very much in doubt, and while Lavonte David remains a great player, the Tampa star is coming off easily the worst statistical season of his career.


IDP Sleeper Alert: Despite tallying 110 total tackles and finishing last year as a top-five fantasy defensive back, Antoine Bethea is going late in drafts after signing with the Arizona Cardinals in the offseason. As dart throws go, you could do a lot worse.


TEAM 9: Tommy Terrific and the Brady-ettes


Pick Player Pick Player
1.09 Devonta Freeman - RB, ATL 13.09 Aaron Donald - DE, LAR
2.04 Amari Cooper - WR, OAK 14.04 Myles Jack - ILB, JAX
3.09 Tom Brady - QB, NEP 15.09 Jeremy Hill - RB, CIN
4.04 Christian McCaffrey - RB, CAR 16.04 Tyler Lockett - WR, SEA
5.09 Tyreek Hill - WR, KCC 17.09 Avery Williamson - ILB, TEN
6.04 Emmanuel Sanders - WR, DEN 18.04 Karl Joseph - S, OAK
7.09 Jimmy Graham - TE, SEA 19.09 Shane Vereen - RB, NYG
8.04 Adrian Peterson - RB, NOS 20.04 Marcell Dareus - DT, BUF
9.09 Corey Davis - WR, TEN 21.09 Myles Garrett - DE, CLE
10.04 Sean Lee - OLB, DAL 22.04 Blake Bortles - QB, JAX
11.09 Jonathan Stewart - RB, CAR 23.09 Tahir Whitehead - OLB, DET
12.04 Reshad Jones - S, MIA 24.04 David Njoku - TE, CLE


I know I said that I was mainly going to stick to the defenders here, and I will; Sean Lee, Reshad Jones and Aaron Donald are a decent foundation for an IDP team (even if I’m not usually inclined to take any defensive back that early). However, this team serves as a great object lesson in the perils of taking a quarterback too early. Sure, Tom Brady’s a great player who will probably score a lot of fantasy points in 2017. Nevertheless, there’s a price to be paid for hitting the position in Round 3; In this case, it’s a frightening lack of depth at running back.


IDP Pro Tip: There’s no shortage of hype surrounding No.1 overall pick Myles Garrett, and the young defensive end has a bright future. But while it didn’t happen here, Garrett’s also being overdrafted by some folks who don’t understand that rookie years like Joey Bosa had in 2016 are much more exception than rule.


TEAM 10: These Boys Is Shady’s


Pick Player Pick Player
1.10 LeSean McCoy - RB, BUF 13.10 Rex Burkhead - RB, NEP
2.03 Jordan Howard - RB, CHI 14.03 Eric Kendricks - ILB, MIN
3.10 Allen Robinson - WR, JAX 15.10 John Ross - WR, CIN
4.03 Golden Tate - WR, DET 16.03 Reuben Foster - ILB, SFO
5.10 Julian Edelman - WR, NEP 17.10 Morgan Burnett - S, GBP
6.03 Greg Olsen - TE, CAR 18.03 Cameron Heyward - DE, PIT
7.10 Mike Gillislee - RB, NEP 19.10 Jonathan Williams - RB, BUF
8.03 Danielle Hunter - DE, MIN 20.03 Andy Dalton - QB, CIN
9.10 Cam Newton - QB, CAR 21.10 Sean Davis - S, PIT
10.03 Telvin Smith - OLB, JAX 22.03 Cliff Avril - DE, SEA
11.10 James White - RB, NEP 23.10 Preston Brown - ILB, BUF
12.03 John Brown - WR, ARZ 24.03 Cooper Kupp - WR, LAR


Who says that the days of the old “RB/RB” draft strategy are dead? Not only did Team 10 go that route, but by taking three straight receivers, a tight end and then getting lucky with New England’s Mike Gillislee this squad looks pretty formidable on offense. The defensive haul was good but not great; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter and Green Bay Packers safety Morgan Burnett are both top-five options at their respective positions, but while Telvin Smith and Eric Kendricks are solid this team lacks a truly elite linebacker.


IDP Sleeper Alert: Unless, of course, rookie Reuben Foster of the San Francisco 49ers winds up breaking out as a rookie in 2017. The 31st overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft has been impressive so far in camp, and you won’t find many IDP LB3 with his upside.


TEAM 11: Luke, I Am Your Father


Pick Player Pick Player
1.11 A.J. Green - WR, CIN 13.11 Calais Campbell - DE, JAX
2.02 DeMarco Murray - RB, TEN 14.02 Giovani Bernard - RB, CIN
3.11 Demaryius Thomas - WR, DEN 15.11 Johnathan Cyprien - S, TEN
4.02 Marshawn Lynch - RB, OAK 16.02 Von Miller - OLB, DEN
5.11 Luke Kuechly - ILB, CAR 17.11 Robert Woods - WR, LAR
6.02 Derrick Henry - RB, TEN 18.02 Eli Manning - QB, NYG
7.11 DeVante Parker - WR, MIA 19.11 O.J. Howard - TE, TBB
8.02 Matt Ryan - QB, ATL 20.02 Noah Spence - DE, TBB
9.11 Kyle Rudolph - TE, MIN 21.11 Su'a Cravens - S, WAS
10.02 Randall Cobb - WR, GBP 22.02 Kamalei Correa - ILB, BAL
11.11 Mark Barron - ILB, LAR 23.11 Sheldon Richardson - DE, NYJ
12.02 Rob Kelley - RB, WAS 24.02 Byron Jones - S, DAL


After alternating wide receivers and running backs over the first four rounds of the draft, Team 11 rolled the dice on the biggest risk/reward play on defense this side of J.J. Watt in Carolina Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly. When Kuechly’s healthy, he can produce as well (or better) as any player at his position in fantasy football; He led all linebackers in fantasy points per game last season. Still, there’s no denying that a fifth-round pick is a steep price for a defensive player who has missed nine games the past two years with a pair of concussions.


IDP Pro Tip: Patience can sometimes be a virtue with IDPs. Team 11 used their last five picks on defensive players, and got value with just about every one of those selections, especially Washington safety Su’a Cravens and Baltimore linebacker Kamalei Correa.


TEAM 12: Nothing But Bad Luck


Pick Player Pick Player
1.12 Jay Ajayi - RB, MIA 13.12 Kirk Cousins - QB, WAS
2.01 Michael Thomas - WR, NOS 14.01 Kenny Britt - WR, CLE
3.12 Keenan Allen - WR, LAC 15.01 Jordan Hicks - ILB, PHI
4.01 Andrew Luck - QB, IND 16.01 Lawrence Timmons - ILB, MIA
5.12 Spencer Ware - RB, KCC 17.12 Ndamukong Suh - DT, MIA
6.01 Landon Collins - S, NYG 18.01 Chris Thompson - RB, WAS
7.12 Pierre Garcon - WR, WAS 19.12 Mike Williams - WR, LAC
8.01 Theo Riddick - RB, DET 20.01 Brandon Marshall - ILB, DEN
9.12 Kareem Hunt - RB, KCC 21.12 Cameron Wake - DE, MIA
10.01 Vontaze Burfict - OLB, CIN 22.01 Akiem Hicks - DE, CHI
11.12 Corey Coleman - WR, CLE 23.12 Jared Cook - TE, OAK
12.01 Eric Ebron - TE, DET 24.01 Eric Reid - FS, SFO


I’m not going to pile on Team 12 for the selection of Andrew Luck in the fourth round; This was a “slow” draft, and at the time the news about the Indianapolis quarterback wasn’t quite as foreboding as it is now. However, despite the fact that Landon Collins was the No. 1 IDP overall last year he plays a position (safety) where there are IDP options aplenty. That’s a pair of players in the first six rounds from deep positions, and it left Team 12 in a bit of a pickle on the defensive line. It’s a much shallower spot, and they don’t have an option I’d be comfortable starting every week.


IDP Sleeper Alert: Team 12’s last pick rather demonstrates what I meant about safeties just now. Eric Reid is moving into the “Kam Chancellor” strong safety role in San Francisco’s 4-3 defense in 2017, a role that brings with it more than a little IDP upside.

Gary Davenport

Gary Davenport is a Senior Staff Writer at Fantasy Sharks, an NFL and Fantasy Football Analyst at Bleacher Report and a contributing author and Associate Editor at Football Diehards. A member of the Pro Football Writers of America and Fantasy Sports Writers Association, Gary was the winner of the 2017 and 2019 FSWA awards for Football Writer of the Year. You can follow Gary on Twitter @IDPSharks.