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DT: When to wait

by Ryan Dadoun
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

When the time left in the regular season can be best measured in weeks, every injury is serious.  You will feel increasingly more willing to cut your losses when a player gets hurt, but even still sometimes a certain amount of patience is warranted, as you'll see below...


Philipp Grubauer (G - WAS)


Dropped: 1,190

Why? This was likely a situational pickup/drop.

Recommendation: Grubauer turned aside 33 of 34 shots in a 2-1 overtime victory against Boston on Saturday so from a recent performance standpoint, there was no real reason to drop him.  However, a lot of fantasy owners likely picked him up because Braden Holtby got the nod on Friday and thus the Capitals were likely to go with their backup goalie in the following game.  However, since Grubauer doesn't get that much work behind Holtby, they dropped him after the contest.  There's nothing wrong with picking up a backup goaltender for one start and then dropping him like this.  It won't always work out as well as this case did, but if you need an extra start here or there then this is certainly a way to accomplish that.


Laurent Brossoit (G - EDM)


Dropped: 813 times

Why? A combination of the situational pickup/drop scenario that existed with Grubauer plus people souring to the rookie goaltender.

Recommendation: Brossoit got a solid spot start on Feb. 13 where he turned aside 32 of 33 shots in a shootout loss to Winnipeg before being returned to the AHL.  However, the Oilers think rather well of him and summoned him again on Feb. 27 right before trading Anders Nilsson so that Brossoit would have a long-term roster spot.  Edmonton then further reinforced Brossoit's future role with the team by signing him to a two-year, $1.5 million contract extension.  That might have led some to see him as worth the risk of picking up, but Cam Talbot has been very effective lately and consequently Brossoit has mostly warmed the bench.  When Brossoit finally got his second NHL start of 2015-16 on Friday, he surrendered six goals on 27 shots.  So the combination of Brossoit's lack of playing time and his poor start once he finally got another opportunity has likely caused those that approached him with cautious optimism to sour and his number of drops was likely further inflated by those that had picked him up specifically for Friday's game with the intention of then dropping him regardless of the outcome.  Either way, I don't see Brossoit as having much fantasy value going forward so if you're holding onto him in a standard league, I recommend exploring your alternatives.


Mark Borowiecki (D - OTT)


Dropped: 676 times

Why? He's week-to-week with a knee injury suffered on Thursday.

Recommendation: There's not much time left in the season, so any injury listed as week-to-week is very troubling at this point.  Borowiecki does have some value in nonstandard leagues thanks to his 271 hits and 99 blocks in addition to his 107 penalty minutes, but I can't recommend holding onto him given the probability that he'll probably miss most, if not all, of what's left of 2015-16.


Jordan Staal (C/LW - CAR)


Dropped: 617 times

Why? He's cooled down.

Recommendation: We talked about Staal last week too for the same reason.  As discussed then, Staal scored nine goals and 24 points in 21 games from Jan. 6 through Feb. 23 before been held off the scoresheet in back-to-back games.  At the time I recommended patience given that I felt those two games wasn't a long enough stretch to declare Staal's impressive hot streak was over.  Since then, Staal has been held off the scoresheet in two more contests, bringing the total up to four, but he snapped out of it on Saturday when he found the back of the net.  At the end of the day I don't want to oversell Staal because I think he was playing above his head and it would be perfectly logical to readjust your expectations on the basis that that period is over.  However, I still remain reluctant to declare the hot streak over, especially after he scored on Saturday.  I'd personally give him one more week before making a final determination, but I can't fault those who do get rid of him at this point.


Brayden Schenn (C/LW - PHI)


Dropped: 528 times

Why? This might have been a case of people dropping Schenn prematurely.

Recommendation: What I assume happened is that people were aware that he sustained a head injury on Thursday and heard the Flyers say on Friday that there wouldn't be an update until Saturday.  There are likely a fair number of people that had picked up Schenn recently because he's been hot and decided just to cut their losses right away rather than wait to see how his recovery would play out.  This is a case where it would have been beneficial to wait for more information though because Schenn did end up playing on Saturday and recorded an assist.  Schenn isn't an irreplaceable player so I'm not going to tell people that they need to hold onto him, but I would recommend hanging onto him for now as he's still in the midst of his hot streak.

Ryan Dadoun
Ryan Dadoun is an Associate Editor for Hockey on Rotoworld. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or check out his blog.