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Mounting Injuries

by Ryan Dadoun
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

I mentioned in a Drop Trends article a few weeks back that we had entered the point of the season where simply cutting ties with any injured player has become tempting.  That's issue has only amplified in the weeks since I wrote that.  The top three players from Saturday's drop list were all dumped due to injuries, but their usefulness when healthy and the severity of their injuries varied widely.


With that in mind, these three players can be used as something of a baseline of what to consider when other players get hurt in the days to come:


David Krejci (BOS - C)

Dropped: 1,431 times

Why? He's back on the sidelines.

Recommendation: Those that dropped Krejci are likely reacting out of frustration as the Bruins has already had several stints in the sickbay this season.  Even still, his current injury should be treated as a different matter altogether until we have reason to believe otherwise.  That's especially true given that his present issue is upper-body in nature while his previous problems have been dealing with his lower and mid-body.  Right now Krejci is day-to-day, but Boston hasn't shed much light on his status beyond that.  The Bruins are heading home and he'll be evaluated further once they get there.  With that in mind, I recommend you wait a few more days so you have a better feel for his injury before deciding if it's time to cut ties with him.


Sami Vatanen (ANA - D)

Dropped: 920 times

Why? He's out another three-to-five weeks with a lower-body injury.

Recommendation: That translates to a mid-to-late March return, which severally limits his potential value for the rest of the season.  It's still possible for him to return with enough time to make an impact, so if you do have the flexibility to stick him in an IR slot, then that's your best bet.  However, it would be prudent to evaluate your alternatives if your current strategy is to simply allow him to occupy a bench slot for the coming weeks.


Mathieu Perreault (WPG - C/LW)

Dropped: 835 times

Why? He's suffered what Jets coach Paul Maurice called a "significant lower-body injury."

Recommendation: Although nothing is set in stone, it does look like Perreault is done for the season.  Given that his value in standard leagues isn't that high to begin with, I recommend dropping him at this time.  If he were a bigger offensive force I might have suggested to hold out hope, but I just don't see the potential payoff being worth the investment in time in this case.


Malcolm Subban (BOS - G)

Dropped: 786 times

Why? He was sent back to the AHL.

Recommendation: Unless you're in a keeper league, you should obviously drop him at this time.  Subban certainly left a lot to be desired in his NHL debut, but he's just 21 years old and was up against the St. Louis Blues.  Don't judge him harshly based on this one poor performance.


Eddie Lack (VAN - G)

Dropped: 726 times

Why? This likely reflects situational adds/drops.

Recommendation: Lack hasn't done anything particularly different lately.  He played against New Jersey on Friday and while he did loss the game, he stopped 23 of 26 shots.  So it wasn't a good night, but it wasn't a disaster either and he was on a three-game winning streak going into the contest, so this isn't the case of a straw breaking the camel's back.  So what gives?  There are likely a number of fantasy owners that picked him up ahead of Friday's games in the hopes of picking up an extra start and had always intended on dropping him afterwards.  That's not an uncommon tactic, especially in head-to-head leagues, and I would assume that's what's going on here.  If you own Lack for other reasons, then you shouldn't be worried.  He's obviously not going to get a lot of playing time, so you'd need to be in a deep league or be a Ryan Miller owner hedging his/her bets to justify owning Lack in the first place, but if you are in one of those scenarios, then feel free to continue to hold onto Lack.


If I may end with a plug, if you are coping with one or more injured player(s) that you feel compelled to drop, then you might want to consider the players listed in this week's Waiver Wired when picking a replacement.

Ryan Dadoun
Ryan Dadoun is an Associate Editor for Hockey on Rotoworld. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or check out his blog.