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New career-highs in Draws

by Ryan Dadoun
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET



Wayne Simmonds has recorded at least four hits in each of his last three games.  He's recorded 114 hits in 47 contests after finishing with 168 in 75 games last season.  Cody McLeod is also on a three-game streak where he's recorded at least four hits per, including 12 hits in his last two games.  With 153 hits in 52 games, he's tied for 11th place in the league.  Washington had two games postponed due to the weather and that combined with the All-Star break means that the Capitals haven't played much recently.  When they did face the Flyers on Wednesday though, Nicklas Backstrom recorded six hits, which is a rarity given that he now has just 29 in 44 games.  Finally, the leader in hits last week was Rich Clune with 14 in two games.  He's only participated in nine NHL games this season, but he has 32 hits in that span.




Ryan Murray has recorded at least one blocked shot in 18 consecutive games.  He has 97 blocks in 51 contests this season, which is as many as he recorded in his 66-contest rookie campaign.  Blue Jackets teammate Seth Jones has gotten in front of 18 shots in 10 games since he was acquired by Columbus.  Including his time in Nashville, he now has 60 blocks in 50 contests in 2015-16.  Matt Niskanen has 11 blocks in his last three contests, although as previously mentioned, the Capitals' unexpectedly light schedule means that three-game stretch dates back to Jan. 17.  He now has 86 blocks in 57 games, which puts him in a tie for 33rd place in the NHL.  Francois Beauchemin was credited with seven blocked shots in Colorado's 4-3 victory over Los Angeles on Wednesday.  He's tied for first in the NHL with 158 blocks in 52 contests.




Jordan Staal won 15-of-17 faceoffs against Chicago on Tuesday, bringing him up to 10 straight games where he's won more than half of his draws.  He has a 59% success rate this season, which is up from 56.4% in 2014-15.  Staal didn't use to be so effective in this regard, as reflected by his career average, which still sits at 49.8%.  By contrast Claude Giroux started to find success on the draw relatively early in his career and he's only gotten better with time.  Giroux set a new career-high in 2014-15 with a 56.6% success rate, but so far in 2015-16 he's won 57.9% of his draws.  Tyler Bozak is another player that might finish at a new personal-best this season.  He's current career-high is 55.3%, set back when he was a rookie and while he's remained successful on the draw since that first campaign, he's hasn't been able to replicate or surpass that level of success prior to 2015-16.  This season though he's won 56.8% of his faceoffs over 44 games.  Tomas Plekanec hasn't enjoyed the same level of success as the other three mentioned, but he also might set a new career-high.  He has a career average of 49.6%, but currently sits at 51.2% this season after winning 32-of-49 draws over his last two games.

Ryan Dadoun
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