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New Years' Fantasy Resolutions

by Brian Rosenbaum
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Give me a player and tell me what his fantasy New Years' resolution should be.

Brian Rosenbaum: I know P.K. Subban is amazing. He's got an impressive 27 points in 40 games. He's also a plus 11 and has amassed 39 penalty minutes. But he's scored just one goal. That's right, one. So P.K. here's hoping you resolved to score more goals in the New year. And make them power-play ones if you can.
Ryan Dadoun: You know, this is only loosely related to fantasy hockey, but John Scott was recently elected as an All-Star Game captain and everyone knows that it was done in jest.  Scott himself expressed hesitation about going to the All-Star Game under these circumstances, but he's decided to indulge the fans so his New Year's resolution should be to show up all those that voted for him as a joke by...well, playing like an All-Star would be a stretch.  Score a goal maybe?  That would be a good start and it would remind him of what that involves in preparation for the All-Star Game because the only thing better than Scott being a captain would be Scott scoring a goal in the All-Star Game.

Corey Abbott: Pekka Rinne's New Year's resolution should be a better road record.  He ended an eight-game losing streak away from home on Saturday at Carolina.  Rinne's road numbers are dragging down his impressive statistics at home.  He has four wins, an .892 save percentage and a 2.91 GAA in opposing rinks over 14 appearances compared to 12 victories, a .922 save percentage and a 2.04 GAA in 19 outings at Bridgestone Arena.  If he works out those issues then his overall save percentage (.909) should improve drastically.

Michael Finewax: There is no question Rinne has to pick up his game when the Preds are away from home. In most pre-season publications Jakob Silfverberg was pegged as 45-50 point player. Well it doesn't look like he's going to make it. Not even close. In 37 games Mr. Silfverberg has registered the grand total of six points. So his New Years' resolution is to try to be the Jakob Silfverberg of 2014-15, who was virtually a .5 point-per-game player, for the second half of the season. 


Brian Rosenbaum:  Silfverberg has certainly been a monumental disappointment. It's hard to complain about a young player who has exceeded most expert's expectations, but that's exactly what I am going to do. Rasmus Ristolainen has been nothing short of amazing this season registering 26 points in 38 games. But there is one thing missing from his performance that has fantasy pool participants concerned. The guy never gets penalized. He has been whistled for one, that's right one, minor penlaty for the entire season thus far. That's hard to do as a forward but almost impossible to do as a defenceman. So my resolution for Ristolainen is to get a little grittier and sit in the sin bin a little more in the new year.


Corey Abbott: Aside from some goals, I think Logan Couture should resolve to stay healthy for the rest of the season.  He has appeared in just seven games because of injuries and he has contributed four assists along with 16 shots.  Couture is back in the lineup now and it won't be long before he gets one in the goal column.  He should have a big second half if he can stay away from the infirmary. 

Ryan Dadoun: I'm sure Montreal Canadiens fans would be quick to throw Carey Price onto the list of players that should make staying healthy their resolution. Part of that will be taking his time though as the worst thing he could do is return too early and just end up on the sidelines yet again. There's no question that Montreal could use him now, but they need him to be available for the playoffs. In terms of more short-term goals, Alex Ovechkin is just four goals away from the 500-mark. It's obviously a huge milestone and the fact that he'll reach it at the age of 30 as a member of this generation is pretty insane. To give some context as to how much he stands out in the modern NHL you need only look at the active career goals list. The only two with more than 500 goals are Jarome Iginla (38 years old) and Jaromir Jagr (43). So here's my suggested resolution for Ovechkin: Don't let the lead up to the milestone get to you. If Ovechkin let's the pressure impact him, then we could see him go cold as he inches towards the 500-goal mark and that would put a damper on a lot of fantasy hockey teams.

Michael Finewax: What's with Matt Moulson? Many thought his 13-goal, 2014-15 campaign was an aberation. Well it appears it was not. Moulson is having the same problems generating scoring chances and taking shots on goal. In 38 games he has scored only four goals and has directed a mere 63 shots towards the enemy net. He's also spent some time in the press box due to his ineffectiveness. So Moulson should resolve to shoot more and be more accurate. 

Brian Rosenbaum
Brian Rosenbaum is the Senior Hockey Editor of Rotoworld.com. He's run the hockey coverage since its inception in 2000.