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Second-Half Surgers Roundtable

by Brian Rosenbaum
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Which player do you expect to pick it up the most in the second half?

Brian Rosenbaum: The obvious answer is Sidney Crosby. In fact, in the past two weeks he already started to turn his terrible start to the season around. In Sid's last 13 games he's registered 15 points. OK, perhaps that's not vintage Crosby, but it's a whole lot better than the 19 points he put up in his first 29 games this campaign. 
Corey AbbottPlenty of players on the Penguins should fall under this category, but I want to mention John Tavares.  He has 15 goals and 31 points in 41 games this season, but I think it's fair to say he has underachieved by his standards.  I expect him to pick up his play in the second half and finish strong to secure the Islanders' spot in the playoffs. 

Ryan Dadoun: I'm certainly looking for more out of Ryan Getzlaf in the second half.  He's on a four-game point streak, so we're already seeing a glimpse of that.  The big thing with him though is obviously his three goals in 39 contests.  He might not be a sniper, but for an elite player to find the back of the net that infrequently is obviously a problem.  Even still, goals can come in bunches and once he gets a few in a relatively short span of time, he should start getting more comfortable and that could snowball.

Michael Finewax: I'm going to with one of the Penguins Corey alluded to earlier. My choice is Phil Kessel. Sometimes when a player joins a new team after many years with the same club, there is an adjustment period. With only 25 points in 43 games, Kessel certainly could be considered one of those players. The Penguins are starting to play better and Kessel will benefit from skating alongside Evgeni Malkin on a regular basis. Look for him to have a much better second half.

Ryan Dadoun:I agree with Michael in that Kessel is someone I'm expecting more from in the second half.  Another high profile sniper that's having a bit of a down season is Rick Nash and I'm looking for that to change.  He's coming off of a 42 goal campaign and has just 12 markers in 42 games this season.  He hasn't had a good goal scoring hot streak since November and I think he's due.

Brian Rosenbaum: I can't believe that Jakub Voracek has had as slow as start as he has. A player as gifted as Voracek should not be stuck on five goals and 30 points at this point in the season. That said, Voracek has begun to assert himself recently with seven points in his last seven games. Look for the talented Czech to have a big second half. 

Corey Abbott: I have to believe that the old Pekka Rinne will come back.  He was excellent at the start of the season, but he hasn't played up to expectations since then.  Rinne has always been a consistent and reliable netminder in fantasy hockey and I expect him to get back on track. 

Michael Finewax: Watch out for Filip Forsberg. Now that the Preds have acquired a first-line offensive center in Ryan Johansen to play alongside Forsberg, the 21-year-old Swede should soar. He should better his first half effort of 28 points by at least a dozen over the last 40 games or so. 

Brian Rosenbaum
Brian Rosenbaum is the Senior Hockey Editor of Rotoworld.com. He's run the hockey coverage since its inception in 2000.