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Charlie Rymer on being hospitalized with COVID-19: ‘Very scary’


Retired PGA Tour pro and former Golf Channel personality Charlie Rymer is back home after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Rymer, 52, who left Golf Channel in 2018 and now serves as an ambassador for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, detailed his battle with the novel coronavirus on Twitter.

He described the virus as “strong” and his fight “very scary” as his body temperature rose to 104.7 and he struggled to breathe. Making matters worse, Rymer said he wasn’t allowed visitors and spent nights lying in his hospital bed at Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital wondering if he would ever leave.

COVID-19 has killed over 129,000 people in the U.S., and though most of the fatalities have been people 65 and older or with underlying health conditions, Rymer urged everyone to “make good decisions” and “be smart” as the world continues to deal with the pandemic.

Here’s Rymer’s full account:

“I’ve battled COVID-19 for the last 10 days. It’s been scary. Very scary. Thanks to the heroes @tidelandshealth for putting your health at risk to treat patients like me. Because of you I’m headed home today to be with my family. May God bless you!

“And big thanks to my friends and family for all the texts, thoughts, and prayers. I’ve been alone in the hospital, but I’ve never FELT alone. Love you all!!!!

“People are asking what COVID-19 is like. It must be different for everyone. I had fever up to 104.7. Chills and sweats. The scary part is the difficulty breathing, coughing and lung spasms that follow the coughing. The shortness of breath makes you think it’s the end.

“When your blood oxygen level drops and you go into the hospital you get no visitors. [Lying] in the dark by yourself, trying to breath, thinking of family and praying is where it hits you that this thing is STRONG and this could be the end.

“Reading about COVID-19 and discussing with friends or watching news reports is one thing. When you have FELT THE POWER OF IT, as I have, you understand that this thing isn’t about left or right politics. It’s about our [common] humanity and survival.

“All I ask is that you make good decisions in dealing with this virus. It’s possible to live life, have fun, have commerce and respect your fellow humans. Please be smart. And do the best you can.

“And finally, never take a sweet [breath] of life for granted. Especially when you are with people you love and that love you.”