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A-Rod is going to apologize, you guys

a-rod homer getty
I’m sure y’all have been concerned about this:

Alex Rodriguez is expected to address the media and publicly apologize when he he reports to the #Yankees spring training camp in a month.

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) January 26, 2015

As someone who tries to be a decent person and who has taught his children that, when one behaves poorly, one should apologize, I am pleased with this. Obviously not all apologies are sufficient (especially celebrity apologies) and no one is entitled to forgiveness, but I still think the effort should be made. It’s never too late for someone to try to make amends, even rich, famously jerky people.

As a realist, of course, I question whether anyone on the planet really wants or requires an A-Rod’s apology. Most people, I presume, don’t care enough to expect it, as we are well-adjusted enough people to know that athletes don’t owe us anything nor we them. And the people who do feel “betrayed” by A-Rod aren’t gonna stop feeling that way just because he says he’s sorry. For one thing, he’s never really given anyone a hint that he’s capable of public sincerity. For another, the people who are outraged by A-Rod sort of like being outraged by A-Rod. If anything, they’ll go on about how crappy an apology it was, regardless of the content. And, for people who write on deadline, before they’ve had a chance to hear the content.

But hey, it’ll give us a day in late February when a lot of people can be once again outraged by A-Rod. And a lot of other people can be outraged at the outrage. And really, it’s that what it’s all about?