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Bob Ryan suggests the Hall of Fame should take “complete charge” of PED issue

Barry Bonds
In a column for the Boston Globe, Bob Ryan explains why he has never issued a Hall of Fame vote for a player suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs. He then suggests the Hall of Fame should take “complete charge” of the issue:

The Hall should create a committee whose function is to draft a disclaimer that will hang prominently in the Hall and it should . . .

. . . say there was a time when baseball was known to have been infiltrated with PEDs.

. . . say many people accumulated numbers and awards while under suspicion of using PEDs, but that since it is impossible for anyone to be judge and jury and determine which juiced pitchers pitched to which juiced batters, how many home runs would have been warning-track fly balls and how many whiffs would have been batted balls, it is fruitless to make an accurate appraisal of the PED effect.

. . . say that every fan is free to feel however he or she does about the individuals in question. Utter a silent epithet as you stand in front of the plaque. Vent internally. Then go have a beer.

Do that, and I’d vote for all of them.

Take it away, Craig:

Bob Ryan says he’ll vote for Bonds, etc. if there is a sign hanging in the Hall talking about the PED era. Well:

— Craig Calcaterra (@craigcalcaterra) December 1, 2014

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