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Death threat over a Dodgers cap? Sure, that’s reasonable.

Given how territorial New Yorkers seem to be, maybe that whole bring a third team to New York thing is too dangerous an idea:

A baseball fan threatened to kill a stranger who was wearing a Los Angeles Dodger’s hat in a Brooklyn diner yesterday. According to the Post, 38-year-old suspect Marcos Esteban -- who was born 14 years after the Dodger’s abandoned Brooklyn -- menaced the Los Angeles fan with a boxcutter for wearing the wrong ballcap to the eatery, which is near the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Skillman Street.

My favorite thing about the whole incident is that the dude threatens to kill someone for absolutely no reason -- wait, no reason would be better; this was for psychotic reasons -- and he’s freed on $750 bail the same day. I had a client who was once accused of embezzling money over the course of several years, had a family and a high-profile political job, and he had to pay, like, $250,000 bond. Which one would you feel safer to have out on the streets?

Anyway, if this guy is so worked up about a Dodgers cap in Brooklyn, don’t nobody tell him about the decline of big band music and the cancellation of “I Love Lucy.”