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Dice-K’s beatdown begins

A day after Dice-K declared the Red Sox’ training methods as the reason for his injuries (no word on whether he blamed them for his second chin and inability to throw a pitch down the middle), the team is striking back. And, as is the custom in Boston, they’re doing it through the media. First, Tony Massarotti hits him, relaying that the team is “downright angry” at him, and that “the truth is that the Red Sox were tired of Matsuzaka’s high-maintenance act a long time ago, but they kept their mouths shut and put up with it because Matsuzaka won games.”

Then Dan Shaughnessy, who has long been a trusted messenger for the Sox, says “the Sox are steamed. Matsuzaka talked out of turn, infuriated his bosses and his teammates, and unwittingly took the focus away from Hall of Famer Jim Rice on the night the slugger’s number was retired . . . It is reasonable to wonder if Matsuzaka will pitch again for the Sox this season. Or ever.”

One wonders if Dice-K fully understands the influence the Boston media has on what happens on that team (and what influence team management has on the media). It’s slow season in Beantown. The Bruins and Celtics are on hiatus and Patriots’ camp is not yet at full speed. Between that and the Sox struggling of late, there is no way in hell that someone who talks out of turn the way Matsusaka did yesterday isn’t going to be the subject of an epic beatdown.

Side note to all of this -- offered by longtime reader MooseinOhio: “I wonder if Scott Boras will continue comparing Stephen Strasburg’s contract demands to Dice-K’s as the evidence that is being put forth, and will continue to be put forth, on how Boston overpaid for his services continues to mount.”

Good point.