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Fan smuggles grass into Fenway Park

This is the kind of thing that makes the rest of the country look at the Yankees-Sox rivalry and shake their heads:

Ian Ferris, 30, a Bombers fan in the heart of Red Sox Nation, green-thumbed his nose at Boston by planting Yankee Stadium grass in the Fenway infield during a May 31 Phish concert. Yankee Stadium grass seeds went on sale this year. Ferris hid the seeds in his pants as he entered Fenway, filled the bag with water and tossed it onto the infield. “This is payback,” said Ferris, who manages a Hooters in Vermont. “If even one blade of grass sprouts on the field, I feel it was a success.”

Not that I can be too judgmental about this. I live in Columbus, Ohio, and this sort of thing -- and stranger things -- are par for the course in these parts when college football season rolls around. And It’s not even the weirdest thing in the article. Tell me: if I had bet you $1000 that there was a Hooters in Vermont, you probably would have wanted in on that action, wouldn’t you? As a kicker, if I had told you that a guy would bring a clandestine bag of grass to a Phish concert and that bag contained actual turf as opposed to something illegal, you would have bet the exacta, wouldn’t you have?

Anyway, three cheers for derranged fan fervor, even if the non-Yankees and Red Sox among us have a hard time understanding it.