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FOX to air Saturday night games

But . . . but what excuse will I use to get out of mowing the lawn now?

For the first time in the network’s 15 years of broadcasting Major League Baseball games, FOX has scheduled two nights of regular-season games as part of its 2010 Saturday schedule, according to a news release issued Wednesday by the network . . . Depending on the region of the country, fans will be able to watch Interleague matchups of the Yankees-Mets, Red Sox-Phillies, Cubs-Rangers or Tigers-Dodgers on May 22. On the June 26 schedule will be Yankees-Dodgers, Red Sox-Giants or Cubs-White Sox.

I’m cool with this. For as much as we all like day baseball, these are bound to get better ratings than the afternoon broadcasts which have to compete with pools and shopping and yard work and all of that. And since the games will be starting at 7:30 or so it’s not like there will be much of an excuse for missing the end like often happens during the playoffs.

Now, if they’d just get rid of Joe Buck and McCarver, we’d really have something here.