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Heath Bell also believes Rockies are cheating

The excellent Padres blog Gaslamp Ball points out that Heath Bell took to Twitter on Sunday night to comment on the Rockies’ juiced ball “scandal” that Tim LIncecum weighed in on last week. First, in a seeming response to Tim Lincecum’s unofficial allegations, he tweeted “SF are the nice people.” That caught the eye of a fellow by the name of “themayorpete” and he came back with: I assume by this you mean COL cheats. RT @HeathBell21: SF are the nice people And Bell responded to Pete’s comment with a much less cryptic: @themayorpete yes they do Now, for what it’s worth, Bell’s Twitter account isn’t verified. However, ithe assumption is that it’s written by the pitcher himself and it is followed by many in baseball. Since he’s the first to publically declare that the Rockies are cheating, he’ll probably be asked several times about the topic in future days, and it will be interesting to see if he elaborates further. We know MLB is taking an interest after the Giants’ complaint last week.