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It could be happening! Larry Bowa goes for a second interview with the Marlins

Larry Bowa

The worst thing about the Marlins isn’t that they were bad and undershot most analysts’ expectations this season. The worst this is that they were pretty darn boring doing it.

They replaced their manager with a no-experience guy and he . . . generally managed them at the same level as anyone else would’ve. No craziness. No notable episodes of incompetence. No apparent clubhouse strife. It was all so . . . unremarkable. So this pleases me to no end:

Bowa, the Phillies’ bench coach, managed the Padres in 1987 and 1988 and managed the Phillies from 2001 into the 2004 season. He’s coached lots of places. Competence certainly won’t be his issue -- he knows more about baseball than all of us yahoos combined and has done just about everything in the game -- but he certainly could bring some color to Miami. He tends to get into it with younger players or the press or someone eventually, and I imagine an environment like Miami will eventually push some of his buttons. And then we get . . . entertainment.

But will the Marlins get some wins? Possibly. Injuries weren’t their only problem this season, but they certainly had an impact. There is still a talented core in Miami and they should, reasonably, expect to be better next year even if they don’t make too much noise this offseason. That’s the hope anyway.

And no matter what they do in the win-loss column, Bowa, if he is hired, should at least make it more interesting.